How change the default resolution for windows to use when the monitor is not connected

Hi, how can I set the resolution by default that windows uses when the monitor is turned off or not connected at all? My problem is that normally I use 1920 x 1080, but when I put the pc to sleep or just turn monitor and leave it like that for a while with a few app maximized, when I get back and turn the monitor on the resolution is correct but the enlarged window is resized to 1024 x 786 resolution. I tried to change in the registry DefaultSettings.XResolution a DefaultSettings.YResolution in all instances and it worked fine for a long time. Then some update that happened and now it no longer works. I reinstalled the system, but it still does not. How can I force windows to use always the 1920 x 1080?


It seems that TMM disabling did the trick. Maximized windows are not yet moved to the left edge of the screen, well, those who have been maximized is maximized correctly as they should. I had to disable TMM through registry as I had no MMR in Task Scheduler.

If anoyone is interested I've followed the instructions described here:

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