How do you remove the passwords I've used internet and this options does not alter it! What happened is I accidentally typed my password in my field of connection, and he saved!

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See if you have this place control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager.  There you should be able to remove the password via a drop-down arrow to the right of the topic.

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    What version of PES do you have?

    In PSE14, we moved the entry point for the function Photomerge in the guided view edits.

    In this bar at the top of the editor, click on guided, and then there will be a number of category tabs at the top. Click on Photomerge, and you should be good to go.

    See you soon


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    There is no parental control for firefox. You can however get a parental control as app of Google game store that applies to the system-wide.

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    Please click the button solved it next to the answer that meets or solved your problem of Firefox support, it appears when you are connected, so this thread is marked as solved to help other users who may have this same problem.

  • How do you add the password to the pdf format

    How do you add the password to the pdf format

    Hi helpwanted123,

    It is not possible to add the password to a PDF with Adobe Reader. You must use Adobe Acrobat to add the password to the PDF format. For more information, please see the link: passwords PDF, secure PDF, file permissions | Adobe Acrobat XI

  • How can I remove the password to unlock my iPad it does not give me the option

    I tried to add my email to the company to my iPad Mini. He forced me to set up a password to unlock the screen. I have removed my email of the company of my iPad, but cannot figure out how to remove the password to enter.

    You should not remove it as it for you data protection if you lose your iPad or if it is stolen. I recommend that leave him you alone.

    Tap Settings-> general-> passcode lock-> enter-> access code access code off-> enter access code again.

  • Satellite L - How do I remove the password?

    Hi, I'm looking for help.

    It's my laptop the girls, it's just more than a year. About 3 months ago it stopped working and I used to market information on the internet. In the process, they advised me to put a password when the laptop starts as well as having an administrator password.

    Which was fine for a while until recently. When the password prompt appears and enter us the password disappears as if an incorrect password has been inserted, you are then able to enter again. In this case 3 times, then the top of the Tower stops and he must start over.

    Now we must enter the password in anything up to 15 times before you can log on to the windows administrator password screen? can anyone tell how to remove this password?

    In addition, we cannot enter the start menu at the beginning, we are given the options press F2 or F12 and no work.

    I look forward to you help what can offer.

    Thank you.

    Hi shadeyjadey,

    I guess you mean the BIOS password, right?

    So the only option is in touch with an authorized service provider. Only these guy can remove the password because it of a little more difficult and complicated.

    Then contact ASP in your country, and they can help you! :)

  • How can I remove the password requirement?

    Original title: password of Windows 8

    How can I remove the requirement to enter a password to use my computer Windows8?

    If you connect with a Microsoft account then no, you cannot remove the password (AFAIK)

    If you use a local account, then you can remove the password through control panel user accounts.

    You need to consider the security implications and weigh those against the two or three seconds, to enter a password...

  • How can I remove the documents from my iPad added when it was running regular Acrobat, now that happened in DC?  The docs are not on the cloud, and DC does not appear to be a function of deletion for non-cloud docs.

    I use an iPad.  It switches me automatically in Acrobat outdated in DC.  How can I remove the documents that have been on my iPad with the old Acrobat?  They are not in the cloud, and DC does not appear to be a function of deletion for them.


    By default, Acrobat DC IOS shows the consulted files recently.  You need to switch to another file location (for example, Local, Document cloud creative) to delete, rename, move or duplicate files.

    You can switch to the Local, if you do not want the files and folders that are stored locally on your iPad.

    Do you want to take a look at the following document to see how you can switch to another file location and delete the files?

    How to manage files Acrobat DC for iOS

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you.

  • How do you define the password expirations in Windows 7?

    I need to set up the password for all expirations 90 days on all of our PCs.  I found, in the "help" on my PC, how to 'require strong passwords on computers', but it doesn't tell me where to start?  Is - this womewhere I don't think in 'control panel' or 'computer '?


    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Answers.

    Go to start-> type mmc.exe and press on enter-> click Yes if UAC prompt-> in the window, go to file-> click Add/Remove snap...--> in Add or remove snap-ins dialog box, look for the local users and groups-> select and click Add-> in the dialog box, select the computer you want to control and click finish-> click Ok. Now, in the left pane, expand the local users and groups and you will find users and groups such as two records. Select users and you can find a list of the users in the right pane. Select the user you want to configure, and double click it. The dialog box has an option "password never expires", which will be activated by default. Clear the check box and click apply and then click Ok.

    If your computers are connected to your network (LAN), you can configure all computers using the same computer by selecting the option "another computer:" option which is present when adding local users and groups sanp - in, for each PC.

    Response if the issue is not resolved.

  • How do you know the password to use when you try to join a network?

    I have an iPhone 4S. Can someone tell me please how to join a network? I went to settings, my wi - Fi is on. I chose choose a network. But then it tells me to enter the password. But I don't know what password I'm supposed to put in. I thought it was my personal password that I use all the time, but she would not accept. What I am doing wrong? Thank you!

    The network administrator sets the password. Ask them.

  • Cannot connect to Windows after you remove the password to logon.

    Original title: remove user on xp.

    Ive just bought a 2nd hand laptop with the user info & passes his windows xp my son just try to change the password, but instead, he deleted the password and then registered so now, when you try to log on it has the original name of the users, but it won't with the exception of the original password please help!


    If your son has been removed and then the password should not ask password during logon Windows.

    See the article mentioned on the Microsoft Policy below we lost or forgotten the password.

    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords

    Reference: Keep passwords secure strategy of Microsoft on move passwords 

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.
    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How do I remove the password when signing

    Must I log in whenever I want to use my computer? so boring, and why do I need to create and use a Microsoft account?

    Hi Kathy...
    The password gives an element of protection and is worth keeping (and put up with) if someone you do not trust implicitly could gain access to your pc. If you think that it's really likely to be a problem, you can go to the control panel user accounts where you will find the option change or remove your password.

    Create a MS account facilitates the use of the online features of MS and once you you can ask your pc for remember and forget more or less to this topic, but again - no obligation, as far as I KNOW...

    Cordially - Ric.

  • How do you remove the watermark preset in the file > export dialog box?

    I'm new to Lightroom, but so far I like it. However, I'm trying to figure out how to remove the watermark preset in the file > export dialog box. I have some that are duplicates.

    Open the Preferences of Lightroom window and select the Presets tab click the button labeled "Show Lightroom Presets folder...". It will open a window of type OS containing folders. Find the folder named Lightroom and it contains, you should also find a subfolder named 'Watermarks'. Your presets watermark must be in this folder.

  • How do you remove the filter by the attributes of the Conrefs, but still conrefs display

    We use the FM8 Tech Comm suite 1 in a Windows XP environment.

    We have created a number of conrefs, and they do not display unless we had a filter by attribute > show all.

    Synopsis of the problem:

    We have created a conref, as we normally do and placed in the same directory as the map and the concept (target). In my case, the conref is a concept that contains a table.  We inserted the conref in the doc of the target and it appears correctly. However, when we save, it does not, unless we select special > filter by attribute > show all. We can save and reopen the doc, and it is still displayed. If she does not have the attribute filter > show all selected, all what we see at the beginning of the document is a marker of conditional text.

    When we created the conref, four attribute expressions are available. We tried to remove all of these expressions of the conref.

    In the target document where the conref is inserted, we choose special > conditional text > show/hide conditional text selected DITA Conref show. The conrefs are then displayed.  However, when we close the document and reopen it, we lost the conrefs, and the DITA Conref is more selected.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Mary...

    Modify application heading (and book) patterns structured and set the condition of DITA Conref to display by default. I don't know why that would have been defined to hide (hmm... maybe you have created your own applications and do not add these conditions?) ... but when you open a file DITA conditional parameters in the template are applied to replace those that the file has been saved with. Here are the typical location of the subject model...

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\\Structure\xml\DITA\app\DITA-Topic-FM\

    I think that this * should * solve your problem.

    See you soon,.

    .. .Scott

    Scott Prentice

    Leximation, Inc..

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