How I see the amount of selected items in the Finder?

On my old MacPro when I selected a bunch of items in the Finder, it looks like "12 items selected' or whatever, but this new iMac does not - have I lost my money?" because it's about a function vital to me...


Choose Show status bar in the Finder's view menu.


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    And I also want to see the following info. in the trace file. For this, what are the settings I need to adjust to the right?
    SELECT * FROM emp, dept 
    WHERE emp.deptno = dept.deptno;
    call   count      cpu    elapsed     disk    query current    rows
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    SQL > show parameter dump;

    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

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    Try cleartype youre settings, follow this link.

    Also, look for downloads 'police' as you need...

    1, select "cleartype online setting" you will probably get a download popup, install the


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    Go to, then click on your iCloud drive icon.  I hope this is what you mean or what you are looking for.

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    If you ask about "old devices registered" on your Apple ID support profile, they must always be there.  This list is mainly for the purpose of support services.  You can check here

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    Separated from this thread.

    How to see the level of ink for a dell v515w printer?

    Hi Albert,

    I appreciate your time display. You can refer to the manual for more information.

    To better help, contact Dell technical support.

    Thank you.

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    You will most likely need remove the left side panel and look at the motherboard to determine the serial number.

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    Hi josepm26085232,

    Preview of thumbnails has been disabled in the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC due to security problem.

    If you want this feature, you will need to uninstall the latest version & reinstall the old version of the Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Distributiondrive.

    Kind regards

  • How to see the signature of a function/procedure stored?

    Someone changed the signature of a function I am trying to run. It worked before, but now one of the parameters has changed to a new type. How to see the contents of it? It is the output in Oracle sqlplus.

    SQL > exec: rc: = newcaselistforvalidation (to_date ('2010-01-01 ',' yyyy-mm-dd hh), to_date ('2011-01-01 ',' yyyy-mm-dd hh), 100);
    START: rc: = newcaselistforvalidation (to_date ('2010-01-01 ',' yyyy-mm-dd hh), to_date ('2011-01-0))

    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-01843: not one month valid
    ORA-06512: at line 1

    I suspect that this is the date which has been formatted into something new.
    SQL> desc newcaselistforvalidation
  • How to see the fn:trace() results in the newspaper and/or console workshop?

    Hello, all.
    So, I'm a new in ODSI, in advance, my excuse to basic questions.

    I would use the fn:trace () function. However, the following code does not send information either on AdminServer.log or Wokshop console. What is the reason?

    declare the procedure tns:test() {}
    declare $timeBefore as XS: date: = fn:current-date();
    FN: trace($timeBefore, "My First test"); -> How to see the trace output?
    Returns the value $timeBefore.

    Here's what I have in the console AdminServer.log and workshop:

    common/application {}
    user: weblogic
    name: testCase2
    EventKind: update
    Server: AdminServer

    performance of the query / {}
    compiletime: 93

    common, session, request, invocation {}
    time: Tue may 25 15:41:12 IDT 2010
    Duration: 0

    Update/service {}
    procedure: test
    arity: 0
    DataService: ld:Logical/over_files/testCase_OverFiles.ds
    script: declare ns0 namespace = "" ld: logic/over_files/testCase_OverFiles ";"
    {return value ns0:test() ;}

    {/ common time signature}
    timestamp: Tue may 25 15:41:12 IDT 2010
    Duration: 93

    Best regards

    Edited by: ygauchma may 25, 2010 05:59

    Because I'm not over your shoulder, it must be very clear on what you tried.

    Your first post show you a procedure using the trace. Well, I tried this, and instructions (ODSI set to debug and WLS logging of debug level log level) and it worked. Have you tried that? Doing a job?

    Now you're showing a function. Have you tried setting log levels?

    Where are you looking for results? The will NOT in the Console for ODSI Studio Test view (I guess that's where you're looking). They will be in the WLS log file if you have configured the log WLS-> Log level = debug file. They will be in the WLS (stdout/stderr) console if you have configured this Log level = debug.

    I believe that the trace function is implementation specific, then there is no such thing as a generic example.


  • Why is it not possible to remove the background in photoshop? I want to see the finder when I work in Photoshop.

    Why is it not possible to remove the background in photoshop? I want to see the finder when I work in Photoshop.


    I'm assuming you use PS CC 2015 and Mac

    Open PS, click window - frame of the Application.



  • How to see the TNT on Qosmio G20-129?

    I am a new owner of a Qosmio G20-129 with Tuner hybrid PCI DVB-T/analog.

    I plug the antenna cable and I see the analog TV.
    But: how I see dvb TV?

    Thank you
    Marco Molinari


    If you use a MCE, you must set up a TV signal. Go to settings and select general
    Then the MCE installation and configure the TV Signal.
    But not all areas, DVB - T have been supported.

    See this topic:

    Good bye

  • How to see the size of the file.

    With Win 7 Home Premium how do you see the size of the file and the file extension? The only solution is to go to properties?

    Hello JRHoo,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.

    In Windows Explorer change your point of view to Details.

    On column headers, right-click and select more > make sure the size and type are selected > click ok

    Hope this helps

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • F/change: how to see the whole spread?

    These screenshots show how f/change hides parts of the operation.

    How to maintain the straight path?

    It's a matter of preference?

    It is impossible to perform a routine check without continually change the view to fit in the window (but the next step that the mess starts again)

    A waste of time.


    There is, in fact, a plugin fantastically convenient on the Adobe Exchange website (window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange) called 'Always Fit Spread', by Bookraft Solutions *, which adds a menu item to the view menu: "always Fit spread in Window."

    Click this menu item to force InDesign to show the spread every time the selection changes (as when you have the spell check, or a conclusion/change).

    I use it every day and could not manage without it!


    * Disclosure: It's me

    PS There is a trial version

    PPS if you have problems with it, please send me an email to admin (at)

  • Gallery video lightbox - how to see the embed code?

    , I guess that you already know the gallery video lightbox. You can see it here:

    When it is used first there are images related to some videos on youtube. I was wondering how I can see the code that links to youtube videos to put my code for my videos.

    Any ideas?

    Click on one of the small thumbnails. Click on the blue arrow for this image circle. Select the checkbox for 'see the lightbox parts while editing' will then show the window of the light box. Control (mac), click on the area of the black light boxes and select "edit HTML". You can adjust the embed code.

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