How long should a computer be connected to the internet for activity at work?

I have the laptop of my son with a nonadministrator account set up in family safety.  My son rarely connected to internet (no wireless).  When it connects, it's usually to print her homework.  I know it's a network activity, but very little.  Family safety always reports that there is no activity (web, application, etc.).  I tested his account and I know that it works correctly.  My hunch is that it is not stay connected long enough for that follow-up activity to work right.  Please notify.  I have a similar situation with my daughter, but she spends a little more time on the internet.  His reports seem to be more accurate than my son.


Security for the family needs a consistent internet connection to make it work properly. The parental control client relies heavily on this so that the settings of the site and the activity on the computer are sent to both ends. Since your son is rarely connected to internet, settings and information from both ends cannot be synchronized properly. We are unable to determine how long you must be connected to internet for the parental controls work properly.

Thank you!

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