How to click to exit the page?

How can I leave a page, when the screen is fully extended?

Press F11 to return to normal mode, or you can move the mouse on top of firefox, and the bar out

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  • How to send data from the Page with a form to fill out?

    How can I automatically include the page title or any text in my Web page when my client click on the Submit button in a form to fill out?

    This may seem obvious, but if you want to receive data from a form, and then place it in the form. A hidden form field with the title page and the text of your Web page will send these data on the form submission.



  • Explorer 8 resizes by clicking anywhere on the page

    I use a Toshiba A-205 with 2 gig of ram windows vista home preimium and all other standard periphierals and updates.
    Since I received the laptop everytime I use explore when I click anywhere on the page of the window will be low size itself or restore it's self without warning. The big problem is that it will not always it.
    I talked to Best Buy, where I bought it and they will be only reformat the hard drive (for a cost of course) but other than that the tech have no idea what the problem is.
    Someone outhere have an idea?
    I dragged the window to fit, but this does not appear to have solved the problem.

    Thanks in advance



    Have you tried another browser?
    In my opinion, Internet Explorer 8 is a bit slow so I m using Mozilla Firefox. I can really recommend this browser.

    Is - this alterative for you?

  • How can I return to the page newtabs with the panels of favorite site once it is taken over by a rogue site?

    A few days earlier, the page newtabs stopped showing Favorites panels that allowed me to click and go to my most frequently used site. It now displays a rogue site, for I have no use. I ran Malware Bytes (free) and let quarantine everything he found. Once I did, a second problem started when I open a program that I would get an error message saying that lacked some of the Solution Explorer. The program that I opened worked fine, so I considered as a nuisance. I was frustrated that it has not affected the problem of page newtab. I used a backup my Firefox profile since a few days ago, but that has not solved the problem either. Finally, I downloaded the latest version of Firefox (the same version I used) and installed it. Which seemed to cure the problem and I was happy until I rebooted my computer this morning, and the rogue page is back. How can I go back without a daily reinstall of Firefox?

    You managed to pick up the research you'll find browser hijacking.

  • HP Deskjet f-4272 all-in-one: how to disable printing of the Page number?


    My printer always prints the page at the bottom of the pages numbers. How can I disable that?

    I use Jarte - free version - which is like WordPad, but with more options such as the spelling checker and the number of words. By default, it is saved as a WordPad document, but by right clicking on the document before you open it (in the list of Documents), the option to open it in Jarte and vice versa.

    I found the settings to disable printing page number to this topic in WordPad and Jarte:


    In the WordPad document: file > Page Setup > Print Page numbers > (uncheck) > OK.


    In the document Jarte: file > Page Settup > header & foot > print header and footer >(Uncheck it) > OK.

    Thank you very much!

  • make image change depending on what the words are clicked without reloading the page

    So I got ideas for my web page laid out and I finally started to build it and got stuck in a field. I wanted to make two boxes side by side... a text and the other with only the large images that changes depending on what text in the other box is clicked. I wanted this to happen without the page loading in fact once again. I saw something similar to it on below the navigation on the left. I don't know this is a kind of script that I'm not familiar with, but if anyone has any ideas on how to do this please let me know. Thank you.

    Behavior of SetText of DW is a way to get there. By clicking on a word in
    the text box to rewrite the HTML code in the area of the image to load a new image.
    Perhaps more simply, this would also be very easy to do with Swap Image of DW
    behavior. Click the text, and this image swaps into another image.

    Do some homework by studying two of these behaviors and what you can do
    with them.

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    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you * MUST * write me, don't don't LAUGH when you do!)
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    "This is a test" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > Then I got ideas for my web page laid out and I finally started
    > construction
    > It and got stuck in a field. I wanted to make two boxes next to each
    > other...
    > with the text and the other with only large images which changes according to
    > what
    > text in the other box is clicked. I wanted this to happen without
    > the
    > actually load the page again. I saw something similar to it on
    > below the navigation on the left. I'm sure he
    > implies some kind of script that I'm not familiar with, but if someone
    > has it all
    > ideas of how to go about doing this please let me know. Thank you.

  • Home page and a few other Web pages have a vertical bar of 2 inches on each side of the page. How to permanently set set the pages to fill my screen?

    I have a HP - i5 with Win 7 and only use Firefox 35.0.5. Recently, I met some problems with my home page loading with blue text on the left side of my 2-inch screen and put it in the shop. Some viruses are removed and 35.0 FF was installed.

    Now my home page and pages loading with a 2 "empty bookmark bar vertically to each side of the page.

    Can I use zoom in on the view or the - + zoom and zoom to 100% to 133% increase, but this change is never permanent.

    Try to fix the problem I uninstalled FF 35.0 and installed FF 35.0.5 directly on the FF site. I also uninstalled AVG virus protection program. None of this has helped.

    How can I get rid of these vertical bars of 2 inches of empty space at all TIMES?

    I have a HP laptop with a processor AMD, Win 7 and Firefox 35.0.5 and he has never had this problem.

    Firefox should remember your level of zoom on a site-by-site basis. It is not "global browser" as in IE.

    Note: If you zap the history, make sure not to clear the Site preferences.

    If you need to adjust each site by about the same amount, you can use an add-on to set a higher level of the base line of the zoom. For example: Default FullZoom Level.

    Unfortunately, there is no unique zoom level that will work perfectly for all Web sites due to the preferences of individual positioning of their webmasters. But I hope you can find a good middle ground so you need not all zoom each time.

  • Had to click twice on the page of the ADF

    I have a page in the ADF in which are some text entry fields and selectBoolenRadio fields, select a choice to enter the list of values. This form starts with all the fields in the disabled state and the user must click on a button to activate the fields to change the data. When the user clicks this button, nothing happens, when you click it once again, the action is call. I followed the beforePhaseEvent to this page and I noticed that at first (when the user makes the first click), the ADF jumps directly to RENDER_RESPONSE and when the user makes the second click, the ADF pass for all the steps correctly. I don't know what else to do to solve this problem. Please help me.

    First of all, why not use af:commandButton instead of the toolbar button?

    and the method that you use reload the entire page which is not a good practice to load the page everytime

    Place just partial relaxation on the form fields to refresh the fields (no need for this method)

    have you tried true immediately on the button?


  • CS6 fluid grids - how images to resize when the page is resized? [was: Hello]

    I am new to fluid layouts in Dreamweaver cs6 grid, I want to insert a GIF file on my index page but I don't know how to make when the page shrinks the GIF or image shrinks as well. The only code that I found is

    IMG, {}

    Max-width: 100%;


    But this code already exists in the css file when you create a new fluid page layout grid in function

    IMG, object, embed, {video

    Max-width: 100%;

    can someone help a newbie please...

    I fixed it thank you all for the answers





    This fixed thank you

  • How to display data when the page loads

    I use JDeveloper/Oracle ADF

    I have a jsf with a table page that was built by a named query. I chose the research with the table option when you drag the query named on the page.

    The named query uses a connection variable which is not set with the loading of the page. Therefore, no data is display even if the query is executed.

    But, I can then click on the button Search and display of the data.

    I tried to set the default value of the variable binding '%' in the OV, but that did not work.

    So, is it possible that I can get all the data displayed when the page is loaded. Perhaps by the calling program the by clicking the search button?

    Thanks for your help.

    Open the criteria to view that you defined in the t for your group, "indication of interface user" tab and check the box 'automatically interrogate. "


  • How to pass values to the page to the Page target?

    Hi all

    I want to pass values from the 10 column to a report page (page 1 of source) to a target page 2 HTML region and 10 fields.
    These 10 fields held values that are passing in the report.

    Please suggest a solution here!

    Thank you and best regards,

    source page IE 1, since I can navigate to page 3, and also on page 2, I can navigate to the target 3 page, when I click on the back button Go it will navigate page 1 only.
    That is why I want the Go back button must redirect the target page, hence it is called.

    Create an application called PREV_PAGE, item in the link of the page 3 col page 2 * 3 * as a parameter of the element PREV_PAGE.
    So when you're on page 2 you will know the previous page is the value of the point of application PREV_PAGE 3
    So would be the url in your Go Back button


    There is something really need it please send your comments to this requirement. It will be really useful.

  • How to configure Jdeveloper for the page from right to left - Arab

    Dear all,
    I'm using Oracle Jdeveloper 11 g, how can I display the page from right to left (Arabic language)
    and also the built in message for validation and errors, how to display it in the Arabic language.

    The best and best wishes,

    you use Trinity - config.Xml... and mention
    chk for righttoleft

  • Synchronization of audio text more user click to advance the page

    (CP 5.5) I have pages with separate text elements that I want to synchronize with audio. I want users to go to the next page in a click at their own pace. Here's my dilemma:

    1. I can synchronize text CP with the audio objects, but timing page seems to be dictated by the time of page, and is not an option "click to move"; OR
    2. Can I import PPT slides, for which there is an option "click to move" page set of CP, but I can't handle PPT text lines to fit the timeline audio, as lines of text PPT are not recognized as separate objects. Actually, my PPT hours previously synchronized are ignored in favour of a cascade of delay of 1 sec.



    If you only want to pause after all audio slide is over and the text captions appear? Just add a button (or click box) on the blade and make sure you have his suspension point, after the appearance of the last text caption and after the end of the audio clip. It's your choice: a button will be visible to the user, sometimes I add a click box covering everything from the slide and ask the user to click on the slide when you are ready,.


  • Type the cursor when I click anywhere on the page (this is not in the other, probably something I changed the subject: config)

    There is a screenshot:

    Hello, please press F7 to exit the caret navigation mode - then the behavior should be back to normal...

  • How get control back to the page when OAException is raised


    I am facing a problem where I need to get control back to the page after the oaException has been lifted on the page for a scenario (with custom Message).
    Because we have some javascript validations to be run on the same page, even if a warning is lifted through OAException for a few reasons.

    Please suggest me if there is no function to take in charge control once after the exception is thrown with the personalized message in the page (or) is there another class or function can be used to send a message with the symbol 'WARNING' that returns control to the page once it is made to go ahead with the postings.

    I appreciate your valuable answers.

    Thank you


    I think that since this is a warning message, you can use the API putDialogMessage on the code of the controller, then you can do this by using:

      if (test_warning) {
          // Warning condition, adding a warning display to page
          OAException warning = new OAException("APP","MSG_NAME", tokens);
          // Since putDialogMessage does not stop processing,
          // we can call App Module logic or further processing
      } else {
          // Process without warnings

    In this way, you can put a Message of dialogue as does an OAException, without harming the javascript validation, I think. Pay attention to the fact, however, that although an OAException stops the treatment at the time wherever it is thrown, a call to putDialogMessage does not stop the code below himself to run. If you need to stop treatment, join this call in an IF block so that it is running and then jump at the end of the processFormRequest or processRequest method.

    It will be useful,

    Published by: Thiago on December 26, 2008 11:48

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