How to create e-commerce site using adobe muse from the beginning to the end, please

How to create e-commerce site using adobe muse from the beginning to the end, please

Mylenium, why comment you on the forums of Muse? I've never seen a useful comment on these forums. You seem to just upset against Muse all the time.

in any case, definitely go with widgets Ecwid and J-26. They are the best.

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  • How to open your Web site on adobe muse cc

    I have a website (kurdistanlatestnews) I want to edit this Web site using adobe muse cc, how?


    You can open .muse file in muse. If you have html pages you want to change using Muse, it will be impossible for the moment.

  • How can I send my site map of Muse for the approval of the customer?

    How can I send my site map of Muse for the approval of the customer? Thank you.


    There are many options for a file sharing - you could copy it to a company network server, or send the file back, or use a service like Dropbox, SendThisFile, Adobe SendNow file sharing or Creative cloud sync, among others.

    What is right for you depends on the size of your file, how many times you send the file back and personal preferences

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    Thank you.

    Sent by Cisco Support technique iPad App



    Luis Silva

    "If you need IDP (planning, design, implementation) assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Get a site online Adobe Muse. The site is one of the five that come with the package?

    Get a site online Adobe Muse. The site is one of the five that come with the package?

    The portal you are looking for is "the free partner portal" link: , where all sites are listed. However, specifically for free creative cloud sites, you delete the site via the site management option in the administration.

  • How to create a video slideshow in Adobe Muse


    I'm new to Muse and have a general question about creating a slide show using video instead of pictures.  More precisely, if my live videos on an external site (youtube or vimeo, for example).  In an ideal situation, I see photos of each video within the grid to slideshow.  When one is on, the go into slide show mode and the video begins to play.  'Next' or 'Previous' buttons serve as navigation to play other videos.  I would really like, the slideshow widget to do exactly what he does with images, just with videos.


    I am running the latest version of Muse CC strengthened on Mac with Snow Leopard.

    Thanks in advance,



    You can try the following work around with composition: -.

    Video tube 1 page) Add a you.

    (2) drag the video to the target of the widget of composition.

    (3) resize the video to get the size of the target.

    Triggers can have images related to the videos to photos to videos.

    Kind regards


  • How can I upgrade my site Web adobe muse on my new computer


    I have a site on my old computer and I now downloaded adboe muse on my new computer.  How can I get my site that I built with Muse on my old computer in my Muse on my new computer?

    Thank you.


    lol Yes he is Peter.  In fact, I had a thought and I sent the file to myself, worked very well.  Thank you.

  • I have more than one partition on my hard drive, how to create a shortcut to a particular drive from the desktop?

    I fitted with a 1 TB drive to my macbook, then partitioned several times, all good so far, everything works.

    I use two connections, staff and work. My 'work' connection I have one partitioned drive named "work" which I use as an archive / storage for all work related data, far from any current activity. How to create a shortcut for just this partition to 'work' on the desktop?

    I tried Finder > Preferences > general - show these items on the desktop, hard drives of ticks. But it shows then all partitioned drives.

    The partitions must be included in the side bar of the Finder to choose. You can also click with the right button on a volume and select 'add to dock '. I don't know how to add an alias on the desktop.

  • Designed a website at home on the latest version of Muse... and the need to put on the College computers that use an older version of Muse.  How can I make my site opened on Muse at the College?

    I also exported my Web site in HTML format, so I can download it on the servers of the College through Dreamweaver.  But even how to open these files exported to Dreamweaver?  Because at the present time all the individual HTML pages for links are there, as well as images and CSS, but not the actual website in one.

    Any help is appreciated

    See you soon

    Because at the present time all the individual HTML pages for links are there, as well as images and CSS, but not the actual website in one.

    It's just what it is. Muse container format can be seen on the web, so your published files are bog standard HTML and CSS. If the relative folder structure is chosen, you should have no problem opening your pages in DW. For the ease of use you can create a site definition in DW to point to your published root folder. Otherwise, you cannot mix different versions of Muse. Your new file does not open on your older version at the College.


  • Edit the Web site using Adobe Muse CC (was: my web site)

    My site was designed using Muse. I want to be able to edit my site, but I thought that this will mean me download the program, is this correct. I'm not a computer fundee but could certainly change my site if could get.

    Thank you


    Ask your designer if the "browser edition" feature is available for the parts that you want to change.

    Sites of muse aren't very well transferable in another edition of web programs. Muse is designed for coders and so its code is complex sort.


  • How do I create a store locator in Adobe Muse?


    Does anyone know how to create a store locator in Adobe Muse?

    I created a Web site, and now my client needs a store locator, so user can put the zip code and can see the nearest store.

    It's beyond the Muse only. Not sure, but I think that Google Maps can be a way to do this. If so, Google Maps offers include the code that you can add to your site. There are many third-party vendors also that may or may not provide the embed code. But a third party who provides include the code to add something to your Web site can be added to the Muse.

    Try a search on Google for 'Store Locator widget' and you will find a certain third party providers.

  • Create a flash video using adobe media encoder cc 2014

    How to create a flash video using adobe media encoder cc 2014?

    export FLV and F4V removal characteristics of Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects and Premiere Pro

  • How to pay to continue using Adobe Muse?

    Good evening! I ordered that a plan for the Adobe Muse.I year made a payment for the first month. Now, I want to expand and pay for the next month. I went to my account. I pass the plans and products. Then view the order history. No history of orders. How can I pay to continue using Adobe Muse?

    CC plans renew automatically, so you should not have to do anything. For anything else contact service web chat or by phone.


  • How to do a 301 redirect in Adobe Muse?

    Nice day

    I use Adobe Muse to the website of our company. I get a notification of redundant names on my Google Analytics. How can I solve this problem in Adobe Muse? What are the steps to follow?

    Thank you

    Hi janv59073762,

    See the solution in the redirection in Adobe Muse Page

    Thank you


  • How to remove .oam file in Muse after the end of the animation?

    I recently searched this forum and answer to some than others and I can not find how to solve my problem. All similar topics are still 'unsolved', often left unanswered. I made contact with the authors of this topics, but they cannot always solve this puzzle.

    I create my Web site in Adobe Muse and leading edge. I want an intro animated beginning (when it is loading for the first time), and if it is possible - in a full screen mode. After the end of the animation, I want it to disappear and reveal the content of the site, which should be clickable. It would be the best if the animation could be created as animate, but if there is no other choice, it can be gif or mp4.

    Here is an example of Web site and my problem.


    I tried to solve my problem of all the ways that I know. After the end of the animation and transformation to the alpha 0, it is still covering the menu and making it unclickabe. After that, I tried to put in the edge layers animate in stop mode after the end of the animation. I also tried to minimalize the scene at the end of full hd 1 x 1 px. I tried all methods do not work.

    And this is ZIP that contains the whole of the site. Muse and edge file.


    My knowledge of programming, it's just basic Basic, a down-to-Earth answers please.

    To the moderators:

    If by chance somewhere in this forum you can find answer to my question, please don't brand just my problem "solved" with no response to the left. If you know the answer, please give it to me. Marking of the subject as "resolved" does not at all help.

    Thank you!

    Hi Michal,

    Have you tried selecting display: no at the end of the animation?

    Kind regards


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