How to download sp3 on a cd and install it

I did a reboot (restore) on my computer... my computer came pre-installed with windows xp and I currently service pack 1. My problem is I'm trying to upgrade my computer to service pack 3...

When I go to download sp3 from this link it tells me 2 things... first of all, it tells me that I can't download it if I just update a computer "DO NOT click DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE UPDATING a SINGLE computer: a less bulky and more appropriate download for individual users is now available on Windows Update" then when I click on the link or the step by step instructions, it tells me that windows update or the support is no longer available... or something like that... I'm not sure of the exact words (I currently use a friends of such computer) basically, I can't get sp3 via windows update so I'm puzzled as to how I can upgrade my computer to sp3... Also my internet connection is very slow right now so my question is it possible to download sp3 on a cd from another computer and then install it on my computer without having to connect to the internet? If not, what other options are there for my computer to update to sp3?


How to obtain the latest Windows XP service pack

You can download the complete files (even for a computer)

For Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation procedure

Steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

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