How to extract the Moldavian calendar data in the application

in my application I call blackberry calendar

When I click on certain date I want to pick up his date, duration of the event and notes

How can I retrieve these values?

  MenuItem importCalender = new MenuItem("Import from Calender", 100, 11)
                public void run()
                    UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeAndWait(new Runnable()
                        public void run()
                            Invoke.invokeApplication(Invoke.APP_TYPE_CALENDAR,new CalendarArguments(CalendarArguments.ARG_VIEW_DEFAULT));
     protected void makeMenu(Menu menu, int instance)

     class MyMenuItem extends ApplicationMenuItem
            String text;
            MyMenuItem(int order)

            public Object run(Object context)
                int d=0;
                if (context instanceof Event)
                    Event event = (Event) context;

                    Date date = new Date((event.getDate(Event.START, 0)));
                    Date date1 = new Date((event.getDate(Event.END, 0)));
                return context;

            public String toString()
                return "Import Event";

I loved this n it workes

Thank you, the idea has worked

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    You are missing the tag of the ROWSET:

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    Hey girijamg,

    I asked that you try to open a page because snippet Panel will be disabled until there is a html page is open in DW.

    Excerpt from Panel will be ready for the job that after any html page is open in DW.

    Hope it makes sense.


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    Please check the recent threads or duplicate search before posting questions:

  • How to hide the application programmatically?


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    Thank you.

    Just to clarify this point, here's what you need to do to use the lines that I gave you:

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    The user can in fact do roughly the same thing by pressing menu and selecting ' Application Switch, if it appears in the menu.  And that's roughly the same by pressing the menu key and then selecting another application in the selector of the task.

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    for windows, you have downloaded an exe and a 7z file. put them both in the same directory, then click on the exe file.

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    I get the following response from the server.

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    "Chema-instance" xmlnsPAO - ENC = "" SOAP - ENV:encodingStyle ="" > ""<>
    tAdvertismentReturn xsi: type = "xsd: String" > {'MSG1': '1', "MSG2": "success", "DA..."}

    Now, I want to create a QVariantList using JsonDataAccess.

    If I manually extract the JSON string after that

    downloadData = jda.loadFromBuffer (data);

    so I'm able to get the data.

    Without extraction like that how can I take the response JSON data?

    Thank you.

    Thanks for your time,

    Here's my problem how to build a soap with the response object.

    I solved this problem with the help of the example of the weather.

    Thank you.

  • How to extract the date of birth of the employee Table

    Hi experts,

    I'm new to SQL, help for my problem Pls

    I saw an employee table
    (VARCHAR2 (20) "EMP_NO")
    "EMP_NAME' VARCHAR2 (100),
    VARCHAR2 (50) "EMP_DESIG."
    ) ;

    with data is as

    Emp_No - 203
    EMP_Name - Thérèse
    EMP_Desg - system administrator
    HIRE_Date - 10/12/2011
    EMP_SAL - 25000
    EMP_DEPT - 10
    DATE OF BIRTH - 09/02/1987

    Problem-1 - I want to show the birthday information to all users, because "it is today the anniversary of Mr.Upendran as - 25 years"

    Problem-2 - "today, Mr. Upendran is completed a year of Service in our concern" (this is based on the Date of HIRING)

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    Thanks in advance,

    913370, you are right in both cases. I have corrected my code for the raw material.
    The second question may be fixed, because there is no sex information in the table.

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    Thank you

    What error do you get?

    These two work for me:

    let $myDateTime := xs:dateTime("2012-09-28T21:49:45")
    return {$myDateTime cast as xs:date}
    let $myDateTime := xs:dateTime("2012-09-28T21:49:45")
    return {xs:date($myDateTime)}
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    How can I recover then the first day of these quarters, regardless of the year. The year can be any year.


    don't know exactly what you want, but if you want the first day of a quarter for any given date and then

    select trunc(sysdate,'Q') from dual;

    Sysdate obviously could be a valid date.


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    I am creating an online music player, simple Flash-based; the user clicks on a song in a DataGrid, and then he plays, simple. I displays the information of the song with the ID3 method in the class 'sound', but I don't want to hardcode all the songs in the ActionScript code, because I change them. I created a folder "tracks" in the directory of the site; How can I extract the names of the files in this folder without knowing how many there are by nature, and files without knowing the URL?

    Use PHP or another script server to read the contents of the folder and to deliver the names of files for Flash in the form of data (xml or txt).

  • How to extract the images filled in numbers?

    Hello community,

    I have prepared a file number for one of my clients with basic information and photos of products. I now need to export to Excel, but it does not keep the images which were filled in the cells of the numbers.

    Is there a way to extract the images of cells of numbers? I took these pictures on the internet directly, so I have stored them in a special place. I think, however, that they could be stored somewhere on my mac but cannot find them.

    I have over 300 images inserted in 300 cells, so I'll try to avoid to find their return and save them properly.

    Thanks for your help!

    I've tried in the past to extract numbers background images but never succeeded.

    I know that when you click on a cell and command + c to copy the content to the system Clipboard background images is included, because you can also click and command + v to paste the images follow the dough.

    But how the numbers stores the image to the system Clipboard when you copy and paste is not, as far as I know, documented.  It is so difficult to "get to work."

    If you are handy with AppleScript, you can try + command + c to copy and then run this script.

    the Clipboard as record

    This will list the contents of the Clipboard.  Give more information on how the image is stored in this folder could make it possible to shape a script to extract the images.

    But that is as far as I'm away.

    The folks at Mac OS technology discussions might know how.


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