How to install pictures from the laptop in I phone plus 6?

How to install pictures from the laptop in I phone plus 6?

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You ask how do I put pictures that are on your computer to your iPhone.

If so, you need to synchronize the photos on your phone using iTunes on your computer.

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    How to copy pictures from the laptop to an ipad


    Try the methods suggested in the article below and check after each method:

    iOS and iPod: syncing photos via iTunes:

    If the problem persists, I suggest you to contact the Support of Apple IPad team. 


    Kind regards.

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    Writing an effective question of communities of Apple Support

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    Cloud storage.



  • How to install Windows from the recovery in mSATA SSD partition?

    Hi all

    I intend to install mSATA SSD on my ThinkPad E420 soon. My laptop comes with the recovery partition in the hard drive. How to install Windows on the SSD drive?

    I am familiar with the WIndows installation of optical media, but never to the recovery partition (which I assume where is the installer of Windows).

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards



    Sorry, I have no idea on how to install directly from a separate to another drive, but you may want to check this . You will need 1 CD (start) and a 4.7 GB DVD (data) because Lenovo recovery adds all this bloatware in factory settings.

    That said, if you want a clean install, use the Windows disk (in case you do not have the same edition, you can download it legally from the net, google it) and your OEM key for activation.

  • How to download pictures from the camera to a folder

    Camera is Olympus SP590UZ.

    Does not seem to be recognized by Vista when connected.

    How can I download images to a folder on the computer.

    (Must be in a folder for the edition of Photodex ProShow)

    Hi Sean,.

    Thank you to contact Microsoft Community and we will be happy to help you with your concern.

    According to the description, it seems you are trying to download pictures from the camera to the computer.

    It would be great if you could answer this question in order to help you further.

    Do you receive an error message or error code?

    Refer to the steps in the following Microsoft article and check.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows:

    How can I get pictures from my camera to my computer?

    Keep us informed on the status of the issue.

    If you have suggestions/questions more related to Windows feel free to post and we will be happy to help you.

  • How to transfer pictures from the phone to the computer via a USB cable?

    I just bought a Tundra VA76r and universal mini-USB cable at a local store AT & T. I downloaded the "v3.9.0 USB driver for Windows 32-bit" on the Motorola support site, I have Windows XP SP2 on my desktop Dell. The driver is described as follows:

    This USB driver is used for connecting your Mobile from Motorola phone to a Windows® computer via a USB cable to charge your phone or to access the data on your phone. This USB driver supports most Motorola OS, Linux OS, Motorola, Motorola iDEN, Motorola Symbian/UIQ, Motorola Windows Mobile® and i-mode of Motorola phones.

    I installed the driver and the load function works. My phone USB connection type is MODEM. However, I am not able to "access the data on my phone" as promised in the description of the driver. The phone is not recognized in Windows Explorer. All I want to do is to transfer pictures from the phone to my computer. The price for Motorola Phone Tools ($50) seem expensive for such a simple task. An adapter for my desktop computer bluetooth is also in this price range. The tundra is incompatible with the feature of this driver? I'm doing something wrong with the installation of the phone? Please help me to get the driver to work... Thank you

    Best way to do this is to configure your phone USB setting of "memory card".  Go to Menu-settings-connections-settings USB online online online, select the memory card.

    Once this is done, connect the phone to the computer, phone will be recognized as a removable disk. Go to my computer.  Under devices you'll see removable drive F or G depending on your drives (can show two if you have a card as well.  Memory card is usually the drive at the top of the page.  The phone memory is lower by car).

    Click on the drive (IE. F, mobile - if memory card).  Here you will see audio, music, photo, etc.  Once here, you can get, drag and drop a file on your computer.  Make sure that you create one or more folders for your files on your computer.

    The same also applies if the transfer of files from your computer to your phone.

    I find that this method is better than to sync the phone.

    I hope it will work for you.  Let me know if it doesn't.


  • Have 5 Lightroom installed on the desktop but do not know how to install it on the laptop with windows 8

    Maybe I'm missing something but I don't know how to install Lightroom on my laptop.

    Lightroom - all versions



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  • How to install Vista from the recovery disk without defining partitions?


    I have my recovery disk and I have installed a new 320 gb HHD.
    When I installed the recovery disc, it re done the 160 GB partitions in each (2 partitions more the 1 recovery partition)...

    But I want to dual boot with XP pro because of software problems and I prefer it sometimes...
    I redid my scores, 1 - 51 GB for XP pro(32bit), 2nd - 51 GB for vista (32 gb) and the 3rd - 210 gb is for storage

    How to install with Toshiba vista o/s and stuff that comes with it on the recovery disc, immediately to the 2nd partition without affecting how I configure the hard drive...

    I have about 100 GB of photos, music, and cam vids on storage, with nowhere to put them, so I can't risk, because some are copy only (so it might be a good idea to let me know how I save this s on my storage spread in the DVD please)

    If I can t, then can some1 please tell me how to get my Toshiba OEM vista off this recovery disk or a link for me?

    Hope all this makes sense lol... Thank you

    If you have so much important material best save is to buy an external HARD drive and copy all this stuff here. I recommend buying the small 2.5 external HDD and when necessary, you can take with you and connect to any computer, if you want to view or copy this file. External hard discs connected to other computers with a supplied USB cable.

    Return to your partitions.
    When you use the original Toshiba DVD facilities, you will have 3 partitions.
    WinRE - partition and it belongs to the Vista operating system. This partition is not visible, and this isn't some sort of Toshiba recovery partition
    -C for Vista partition
    Or-d/E to the DATA in the partition. This partition is recorded recovery image in the folder called HDDRecovery
    I don't know what model of laptop you have, but this configuration is on all new Toshiba laptops shipped WITHOUT recovery media.

    Using Toshiba recovery media, you will be able to get exactly mentioned structure of the partitions. Support to recovery facilities using you WILL NOT be able to install Vista on the second partition.

    So if you want to have the dual boot with Windows XP Home edition, you can do following:
    -At first, you are going to install Vista with support of recovery and on the second partition, you are going to install your version of Windows XP Home edition
    -At first you will be installing WXP and then you can install Vista on the second partition, but you must use the Microsoft facilities drive. Recovery media can not be used.

    That's all I can say from my experience with such things.

  • How to transfer pictures from the flash drive for PC

    Uploading images to a flash drive

    a friend gave us a flash player that has pictures on it. I plugged it in and it turns on but I get nothing on my screen says thast there download or anything like that. How can I get my photos once they are uploaded?

    They don't automatically upload. In some versions of Windows, when you insert any type of removable drive (flash disk, CD, DVD, etc.) you will get a dialog box asking what you want to do with the content. I find it quite annoying, but, in this case, it would be useful, because then you can choose from various options that may include any software you have to display the photos.
    As this did not happen, press the Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer, click Folders in the menu to display the folders pane, then click the icon that represents the flash player. You should see (depending on your display options), a list of the icons or thumbnails of the photos. Try a double-click on one to see if some kind of viewer opens (for example, if you have a recent version of the installed office and they are JPEG files, they will probably open in Microsoft Office Picture Manager). If this isn't the case, right click on one and choose open with. You can have a few viable options listed; If this is not the case, click on choose program... and select a probable from the list in the dialog box that opens.
    Note that this will only display the photos; they are still on the flash drive. To copy them to your hard drive, you will need to drag them from the flash drive into a folder on your hard drive.
  • How to import bookmarks from the laptop to the desktop using Firefox 38.0 on both devices?

    I am currently using Firefox on my desktop or portable 38.0 and need to import my favorites of the laptop on my desk which also has Firefox 38.0. Please provide details on how to perform this procedure.

    Thank you


    Pretty simple and easy, not only are there alternative methods, as is often the case in computing, but different methods produce different results.
    Aid articles have more complete explanations with step by step instructions and screenshots.

    You have the choice of four methods depending on what you're trying to reach. Ask you what set of bookmarks is the largest and most complex?

    Import and export of the a.)
    This adds bookmarks. It spikes on the existing ones. (For example, if the laptop: unsorted, folder of bookmarks and bookmarks are now additional folders in the existing desktop bookmarks menu.)
    Useful to simply do what you asked: export the Favorites of the laptop and import those on the desktop.
    However, if the office is new and has only a few bookmarks on it, but the laptop has the major then consider

    1. Export of the desktop as a HTML file.
    2. Backup of the laptop to create a .json file
    3. Restore the .json laptop on the desktop file.
    4. Follow-up to import HTML file
    • Office has now all the bookmarks of the laptop, as well as his own originals


    (B) backup and restore
    This procedure by report written all existing bookmarks. He retained the structure of folders and bookmark labels. Ideal if bookmarks of laptop are the only ones that you care. Or combine the two methods, as suggested above.

    (C.) manually replace the bookmarks and the historical database.
    Not what you asked but that also gets the history information.
    This is useful if you often rely on the addessbar acting as the awesomebar

    (D.) sync
    An alternative is to use Firefox Sync. Who should ensure that the laptop and the Office have the same bookmarks.
    However if you do this save your bookmarks manually before the first sync bookmarks. I highly recommend that if synchronize you bookmarks you make regular manual backups too, because Sync itself can sometimes corrupt and duplicates of bookmarks. (If you do not notice this corruption quickly you can't have automated bookmarks that are free of corruption.)

  • My iPhone and Mac all have two Photos related to iCloud, same images appear on both. How to remove pictures from the phone without removing them from the Mac

    I've shared pictures between my Mac and iPhone using iCloud. Recently downloaded about 1800 brother SmugMug account family photos. Subsequently discovered that they had all been loaded on my phone as well. When I try to delete them from my phone, I get a message the suggests that if I do, the photos will be removed from my Mac was fine. How can I remove the phone and let the Mac intact?

    I've shared pictures between my Mac and iPhone using iCloud.

    What iCloudService do you use?

    • If the iPhone and the Mac are synchronized with iCloud photo library, removal of the photos from the iPhone will remove them from the Mac as well.  iCloud photo library is a synchronization service that will ensure that you see the same pictures on all devices. All change at will the timing and any deletion or any import.  To win the storage on the iPhone allow the iCloud Photos setting "Optimize Storage.
    • If photos have been synced with my photos and not iCloud library stream, you can remove them from the iPhone. They must stay in the library on your Mac. But before a massive deletion on any device, make a backup of your photo library, just to be sure.
  • How to install XP from the CD on a separate partition recovery?


    I installed Windows Vista on my laptop satellite. What I want to do now is install the original (with xp family) on another partition configuration. Is this possible using the recovery disk? Or is the drive recovery automatically any format the hard drive?


    Well, I think that this should be possible. The recovery CD Toshiba Windows XP should provide an additional option (IE expert mode) choose partition.

    First of all I recommend you create a new partition in Vista. This is possible in disk management.
    Here, you can reduce the disk HARD size (first size the partition where Vista is installed) and on the open space (rest size HARD disk), you can create and activate the second partition.

    After this procedure, you can boot from the Toshiba XP Recovery CD and try to install it on the new created partition.

  • How to move pictures from the library of Windows Media Player to the picture library or another user account

    animated media player images

    I'm trying to move images from windows media player library of images, or if possible to another account 'user '.

    Windows Media Player and libraries contain no files, you just tell him
    where to find files.
    For other users to access the same files, place them in a folder accessible
    to all, such as public folders.
    Dave N.
    MS - MVP (Mail)
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    "Kagomeofcourse" wrote in message
    News: 77e46867-c665-409-80ce-ab5416799f32...
    I'm trying to move pictures from windows media player to the picture library
    or if possible to another account 'user '.

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64

  • How to import pictures from the new Apple's Photos app to lightroom?

    The instructions in the Adobe tutorial do not work for the new application Photos of Apple.  Lightroom is also not locate my photos.

    Hi Thabiti,

    Photos app does not have any external editor to recognize directly.

    You will first need to export images from the Photos App and then import them into Lightroom.

    You can refer to this article:

  • How to retrieve picture from the Clipboard programmatically

    I would like to use LabView to grab an image from the Clipboard and the process using some of the graphics functions.

    I found some other threads, but the solutions were given in vi that are no longer available.

    Message 4:


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