How to install the recovery image?

I wanted to format the hard drive and re start the use of my laptop from the first day I got it. Whenever I start my computer, I get a message «...» Swith on your computer, press F8 and choose "repair your computer"... »

Okay, all right.

But I tried several times but I only see F2 or F12... I pressed F8 many times and I never get access to repair your computer or something else. The F8 key is denied and I'm done with Windows startup.

What I am doing wrong?




Just for your info: very good Toshiba document with a detailed description on installing HARD drive recovery you can find on

I really put t understand why you can not enter the advanced startup options. When you start your notebook F8 repeatedly press. Try again.

By the way: you have created recovery such DVD than recommended in the document of Toshiba s user manual?
You can use this disk for recovery image installation.

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  • How to install the recovery image on Satellite Pro A300?

    I have a Satellite Pro A300 and I need factory reset. I learned from my teacher of computers there is a unknown virus on this subject. Apparently, it has been downloaded when I downloaded Malware bites. I got the laptop free of Set - BC because I muscle Handi-trophy and get tired of writing.

    My teacher told me that I need to Factory Reset, but when I got the laptop, she had everything installed on, (kurzwell, Chrome, etc.) so I don't have the disc to factory reset. In addition, the virus has disabled everything that has anything to do with the internet, (Chrome, for example, Firefox, Outlook, malware bites, etc.).

    Y at - it all means I have factory reset the laptop without the need of the disc.
    Any suggestions will help.

    Thank you

    Hello Steve

    Portable, delivered without reinstall drive have recorded on the HARD drive recovery image and if you're still using an original preinstalled operating system you can try to install this recovery image according to the recovery procedure. How to this is described in the document s user manuals or you can do this following statement described on

    It works for you?

  • How to install the recovery image on Satellite A200?

    Hi all, I would like to do a restore to factory for my Satellite A200
    I checked their hard drive and confirmed that the recovery partition is still there

    When I want 0 and turn on the laptop, rather than the beep and the warning screen, need me only to windows Boot Manager page
    So I pressed F8 and choose repair computer, I read that I can also start the recovery process by choosing toshiba Recovery Wizard
    But when I press the Recovery Wizard, the cdrom eject and tells me to put in the recovery CD (which I did not)

    What bothers me is I checked the recovery partition is there but I can't find a way to start the process
    Someone knows the solution? Or there is another button to press when you start the machine?

    Thank you very much!

    In your case the drive HARD recovery isn't possible
    So in this case only the Toshiba recovery disc can bring notebook to factory condition.

    You have not created the recovery disc in the past well. Given that the recovery partitions seems to be available on the HARD disk, you can try this workaround

    It should be possible to create a USB flash memory key or a disc using image files which are available on the bootable recovery partition.

    In the worst case if this procedure is not possible, you need to install the clean Microsoft Windows operating system. Essential drivers may be downloaded from the driver page.

  • How to install the recovery on the Satellite A200-1VO image?


    I Satellite A200-1VO and want to give it its out of the box state, but it seems to have misplaced the recovery disk if it had one.

    Anone know how it reboot without it, or do I need?

    If you n t have original recovery disk, you can install the OS by using the original installation disc for Microsoft. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download from the Toshiba download page -

    Problem is that, with the original recovery image you n t need valid product key and pre-installed OS will activate automatically. If you use the Microsoft disk you need activation key.

  • How to install the recovery on 5200 satellite image using the DVD USB drive


    I have a problem with a 5200-902 Satellite that has the corrupted DVD - ROM, and I can't find the room to change. (model DVD: uj - 810 b)
    But I would like to reinstall the laptop with the recovery CD and I will not be able to enter the BIOS to change the boot order and start with a USB DVD - ROM.
    I removed the HARD drive and reinstall the WXp Prof by another machine, but when I restart the 5200 I read this message "error nel caricamento del operating system."

    When turning I press F2-F10-F12 but if I select another boot device starting the laptop by network.
    Can you help me get this book by an external USB DVD-ROM?

    Thank you


    There is no test in the past, but I guess you have to do on the track:

    Start your laptop by using the MS-DOS boot disk
    Load the MS-DOS driver for external DVD drive to access
    Boot the CD of facilities here in the hope that it will market

  • Deleted HP Recovery Manager, not the recovery image, with uninstall. How to get back?

    I was lot UN-installing some toolbars in an uninstall program. While watching uninstall them from my Sha I saw that somehow, I had checked the HP RECOVERY MANAGER'S of the uninstall. I believe that the recovery Image is still there, she shows on defrag programs and file manager.

    How/where can I pick up this Recovery Manager. Thank you very much! Jack ":-D.

    HP 23 Pavilion Desktop

    WIndows welcome 8


    Find thumbs upward, then click on to a KUDO
    Look to the right and see the OPTIONS to mark ACCEPT as a SOLUTION. Thank you!

    If the Recovery Manager is very convenient for some maintenance tasks, should not be required. You can still download the drivers for your HP support page if necessary. The F11 to perform a recovery should still work because the files are there in the D partition.

    However, if you burn your recovery disks before removing the Recovery Manager, it would be a good idea to order them from HP. Bribery of HDD or a failure requiring replacement you will need to start the machine to reinstall Windows.

  • How to reinstall the recovery Windows 7 image?


    I bought a new Toshiba L650 computer laptop,
    The day I bought the laptop, I installed UBUNTU on it and by mistake I used the entire disk for UBUNTU. And I lost the entire windows partition and I didn't even create a backup disk.

    Is there a way I can recover my windows. I have the windows 7 CD key written on the bottom on the laptop. Can I install using a few windows 7 CD and use my CD key and still use it?


    I hope my answers help you, then let's go:
    > Is there a way I can recover my windows.
    N ° after installing Linux or any other OS version clean there is no way to install the original Toshiba recovery image.
    > I have the windows 7 CD key written on the bottom on the laptop. Can I install using a few windows 7 CD and use my CD key and still use it?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. This key belongs to the recovery image you have with your laptop and it cannot be used with another version of Win7.

    If you have original Toshiba recovery image and use the laptop with the settings you need to order the new recovery disc.
    You can do it on

  • How to install the MS Office Document Image Writer

    original title: MS Office Document Image Writer

    How can I get the printer (MS Office Document Image Writer) to appear in my list of printer?

    Hi Ricky,.

    Follow the steps below and check, if it helps:

    a. Insert your Office 2007 installation CD into your computer.

    b. click on the "Start" menu and open the control panel.

    c. double-click "Add/Remove Programs" (Windows XP)

    d. scroll down your installed programs and select Microsoft Office 2007 (it will be labeled as 'home', 'Professional', 'Ultimate' etc., according to your version of Office).

    e. press the 'Edit' button at the top of the Add or Remove Programs window.

    f. click the option "Add or remove features".

    g. click the continue"" button.

    h. press the small '+' next to the heading "Office Tools" to extend the functionality are there.

    i. press the icon next to "Microsoft Office Document Imaging" and choose the "Run all from my computer" option.

    j. click on the continue"" button.

    k. wait for installation to install the Document Image Writer.

    l. restart your computer to complete the installation.

  • How to install the OS on Portege R100?

    I have a Portege R100 by the usual means. It has been formatted so it doesn t have something about that. I read there are three ways to install an operating system. PC with USB CD-rom card, I tried without success since the pc card is a 32-bit card.

    I ve tried to locate some computer dealers but they've all sent me away. Where can I buy (live in Trondheim, Norway) good CD with the specific pc card that would make me start the CD of Windows XP Home edition? Apparently Toshiba doesn't have a webshop with accessories. Is there another way to install Windows XP Home edition?
    Can I boot from a USB pin if I copy the CD of Windows XP Home edition for that?

    IM desperate please answer :)

    Lars cordially

    Hello, Lars

    If you want to use the original recovery media in this case, you must use external Toshiba card PC CD/DVD. The recovery image contains disk driver and because of this, the reader will be recognized correctly and start procedure will work automatically.

    If you want to use the own external device, you must use BACK pilot to first use and after use of the drive. On this forum, one user recommended to copy the contents of the full version of Microsoft on the second partition CD and after that start the installation from there.

    I didn t try so far and cannot give you more specific information how to proceed.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Equium won't start - how to access the recovery partition?

    Hi, my sister has a 2008 Equium A200-1V0 with Vista 32-bit, that no longer starts (probably due to damage of rootkit virus). It loads the BIOS but then goes to black screen with blinking cursor.

    F8 does not work.
    F2 goes to Phoenix TrustedCore Setup utility. The Toshiba hard drive and a CD-ROM drive are listed in hand and start in the right order.

    Using F12 I can get it to boot from a Win7 64 bit repair disc that I burned using my laptop.

    However, it does not recognize the operating system or any image or restore points (because it is 64-bit) but he will be responsible for command prompt.

    To * guest *, I can launch Notepad and when I click on file / open and double click on computer it shows 4 Hard drives as follows:
    Local disc (c :))
    Data (d :)) 42 GB free of 54.5 GB
    WinRE (e :)) 1.11 GB free of 1.46 GB)
    Boot (x :)) 29.0 MB of free space of 31.5 MB (which is used by the repair disk)

    So the C: drive is listed, but without ability.

    * CHKDSK *.
    CHKDSK c: /r and press return

    «The type of the file system is NTFS.»
    Unable to determine the status and version of the volume. CHKDSK is abandoned.
    Cannot transfer messages saved in the journal of the events with the 50 State.

    * Run TESTDISK *.

    Size of the partition start end in sectors
    1 P Windows RE (store) 0 32 33 191 89 26 3072000
    2 * HPFS - NTFS 191 89 27 7477 118 1 117051392
    3 P HPFS - NTFS 7477 118 2 14592 190 62 114307072 (data)

    * = Primary bootable
    When you perform a quick search, then P - list of files, the second partition it reports:
    "Cannot open the file system. Filesystem seems damaged. »

    So what I want to do is boot to Windows restore to drive E.

    My question is for Toshiba experts: If F8 does not work how to use the recovery partition?

    Laptop is:
    Part number: PSAF5E-002005KS
    Main features
    -Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor T2310
    -Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition
    -Drive DVD Super Multi (Double Layer)
    -2 048 (1 024 + 1 024) MB of RAM (667 MHz)
    -15.4 "WXGA TFT display 1 280 x 800

    I really put t know that should do better than to place the Microsoft sticker at the bottom.
    This product key and sticker on it's just proof that you purchased the machine with an operating system preinstalled and legal active OS version. This key belongs to original OS (recovery image) that you got with your laptop and it is not a kind of universal key that you can use for the activation of the operating system if you have made the decision to install the clean version of the OS.

    In General, this key is totally useless. While your computer you've got legal copy and this version, that you can install so often desired. It must not be enabled.
    > So my question still remains: can I recover my Toshiba laptop using this restore partition?
    If you want to recover using the Toshiba recovery image response is not. Cannot start HARD drive recovery facility.
    > Even with a dvd of Windows Vista is genuine, I can't reload the OS
    In my opinion you need make the clean OS installation using the clean installation or order original Toshiba Recovery disk on disc and install original (already active) recovery image.

  • H8-1447ez: problem with the recovery Image

    I have HP's ENVY h8 PC bought two years ago. Last week, I tried to update my OS to Win10 - in any case - I made the backup of the downloaded and installed on USB recovery Image Win10. Don't like it, then

    because win 10 deleted the entry of the new filming, I use my USB key to back to Win 8. After some problems, I successfully restored my old BONES, but it does not recognize the partition of

    the recovery Image - neither the original nor the USB.
    I mean, if I go to settings-> change the PC-> General settings-> delete everything and reinstal windows-> start-> Reset your PC-> next it says: cannot find the files needed

    Is it possible to fix this?

    Ladies and gentlemen: PROBLEM SOLVED...

    I have successfully restored my PC in its original configuration - if you want, I can write how separate article make (fix Recovery Manager and problem with Recovery Manager not seeing original missing recovery Image).

    @veilendank10: thanks for trying to help, but my problem is of a very different nature.

  • Re: How to install the backup software?

    I have Toshiba Recovery DVD for Windows XP of origin. But after the installation in backup softare avialble in system tools.
    I tried to install it from adding a program into the Panel control or extarct from the DVD. Also, I tried to download it from the Microsoft Web site, but there is no chance.

    Can someone tell me how to install the backup software?


    Maybe this article will help you.

  • Qosmio X 70-A - need help with the recovery image installation

    OK, so I recently bought a new laptop (Qosmio X 70 - A) which came with pre-installed Windows 8.1.
    First thing I did was to make a backup of the system, all good and beautiful image... installed a program for a better partition the HARD drive and the program dirty windows. It would not start (a blue screen appeared with the error 0 x 80070035).

    Searched the web for solutions and managed to repair using a recovery media, but the laptop was moving to slow down, the best thing that I thought was a restore with the system that I've done before image.

    I put the image on a blu - ray player and entered the recovery media, troubleshooting, advanced option, image system restore, choose the blu - ray and he went for one minute after this error appeared 0x8078002c and my HD is completely erased...

    Please help me
    Laptop did not come with any dvd/cd etc.
    I don't know the serial number of Windows (there is no sticker on the laptop with the sticker).

    Generally the recovery image installation should not be problematic.
    A few months ago I ve installed Win8 recovery image on friends laptop U940.
    If I m remembering well, I just choose recovery image installation (out-of-box) and the recovery image has been successfully installed.

    There was no some don't troubleshoot option.
    Start your laptop and press F12 to get into the boot menu. Put recovery media in the optical disc drive, choose the CD/DVD/BD drive in the menu and press ENTER.

    Just follow the on-screen menu and choose recovery image installation (State out-of-box).

  • I'm not clear how to use the recovery CD

    I added all the space using my HDD is it comes about 12 GB, I have 27.9 GB of disk space, but my drive has only 1.80 left disk space. I made clear to solve this problem. Basket is empty, I ran disk cleanup.

    A computer expert suggested that Windows might have become confused and cannot recognize what place I save, it might be because I ran a program called Cyberscrub often. His solution is to reload Windows XP home. My laptop came with recovery discs, everything else is already loaded. I have so much I don't want to lose on my laptop. If I use the recovery discs, I will lose everything on my computer, am I better off buying Windows XP home and re-load, in which case I will not lose my job?

    Also I am not clear how to use the recovery discs, I can't find instructions on what you are doing.
    The only person who could help me went to travel and not reachable.
    Any help greatly appreciated
    Lorraine Hart

    It of a very simple to recover the laptop.
    Just boot from the recovery CD and follow the instructions on-screen ;)

    I put t know what version recovery CD you have, but the older one provides the standard and expert mode. In expert mode, you can choose you partition where the OS is to be installed.
    So in this case only the selected partition will be formatted!

    But have you checked the size of the HARD disk in disk management?
    Simply click on the my icon my computer and choose manage.

    Of course, you could remove the internal HARD disk and it could connect to the external USB HDD controller. Then, connect the drive HARD to the second PC and you record data on another HARD drive.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L450D - 12 X - how to access the recovery partition?


    I've formatted Windows 7 with a Windows XP CD but did not setup. I wanted to know how to access the recovery partition to set it by default, everything exists on the laptop right now is Ubuntu, but I don't know, I saw an additional partition that must contain recovery files as laptop did not come with a recovery disk and unfortunately did not create a filter.

    How can I access the recovery partition on the laptop having in mind, I formatted the drive Windows 7 was installed on or should I activate or something like that?

    Any help much appreciated


    On the second partition of your laptop (data partition), you will find a folder named HDDrecovery and it contains recovery files. The problem is that you can use the HARD drive only with the pre-installed operating system recovery feature. It would mean in your case it s too late now and it s not in use anymore.

    You have created the Toshiba recovery disc as mentioned in the user manual? If Yes, you can use this disk to restore to factory settings. Just boot from this CD and follow the instructions on the screen.

    If you don t have the recovery disc, you can order it here:

Maybe you are looking for