How to load all the data without uncheck Journalized data only option?

Hi all

Currently, I have configured an option only logged data for many game data and interface.

But I need to load all the data (once) without clear logged Data Only. After that it will work with the CDC.

Please help me on this.


Hi Eba

Another way is to copy the source data to another table (two copies).
If you have 10 source table and then create another 10 tables in doubles in the backend.
Now truncate these original paintings. Then insert the data in table duplicated in the original table. Now CDC will detect these are inserted.
But I guess you have more than 300 paintings, which is again difficult to manage.

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    You will have only the option "All the data Points" when you create a new total if there is a data point in the report. Unlike a crosstab report where you can drag an item in the crosstab table to a data point, in the report of the table there is no way to tell Scout that a calculation is a data point.

    Items (including the calculated items) in a folder can be changed to be a data point by changing the property to default to "Data point" position using the administrator of the Disco. If you add a data point in the report, then 'All the data Points' option will be available.

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    Rod West

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    I used a query as follows to display the data in a report:

    Select col1, col2 / / col1 and col2 are columns of tabale tab1
    of tab1
    tab1.Col1 =
    (case when: P_COL1 IS NOT NULL then / /: P_COL1 IS a USER SETTING to EQUAL COL1)
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    AND TAB1. COL3 =
    (case when: P_COL3 IS NOT NULL then / /: P_COL3 IS a USER SETTING to EQUAL COL3)
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    ( :p_col1 is null or ( :p_col1 = tab1.col1 ) )
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    ( :p_col3 is null or ( :p_col3 = tab1.col3 ) )


  • Smartphones blackBerry how to transfer all the data from my BlackBerry/Outlook to new computer

    Nice day

    I am currently using a Torch 9800 on my old Dell using Microsoft Outlook 2003.  I just bought a new Dell computer and installed Microsoft Office 2010 with Outlook.  I would like to transfer all my data from my BlackBerry Torch / Outlook to my new computer.

    Can I install BlackBerry desktop on my new computer and just sync with my flashlight or do I make a back-up to my old computer and restore the backup file to my new computer?

    Thank you.

    It depends on what everything you want moved. You can google for more information about how to transfer all your Outlook, including mail settings and all of your PIM data.

    If it's just the calendar, tasks and address book data, then if your BB has everything you want on it, then you can install BDS on the new computer and set up a synchronization one-way system your BB to Outlook to transfer everything in the new perspective. Once it is on both devices settings of two-way synchronization.

    I would like to make a backup of your BB before you do any synchronization to a new computer, just in case where you screw up the sync and removes the BB PIM data.

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    Can anyone suggest a fix to this script or a better method of script?  I think this must be tough, since everything what I found on the forums that are similar to this one have not been resolved either.  I enclose a copy of my form.

    In the case of exit of the 1st subforum.invoice, you will find the code to assign the value to his "brother" on page4.

    In addition, the Add button, I added the code to add a record to the subforum page4.

    To do this you will need to copy/past the code of the output event in all the fields that you want to copy and the xfa.resolvenode command ("XXXXXXX [] .fieldName") replace fieldname with the actual name of the field that you're there.

    I didn't ' t do anything for delete you "line" button because I know not how you want it to work, but if you want to control the p4 with p1 Subform subform, you should not allow for the lines to be deleted directly in the subform p4.

    I hope this helps.

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    You can make a backup of the device using Desktop Manager > back up everything first.

    Then, you can use JLCmder to reset to factory settings:

    Follow the instructions in this link:

    At last-

    This looks like what I've seen several times on a device with moisture damage.

    Even sitting on a countertop bath during a hot steamy shower or bath can cause the trackball and keyboard problems until this THAT well dry.

    Really, it is more common than you think.

    1 the battery immediately! Do not turn on your BlackBerry device.

    2. allow the device to dry in a warm, dry place for 3 to 5 days * (see below)

    3. DO NOT "check it every day" by placing the battery in. Leave what would to dry completely. It takes time. Replacing the battery to check it can damage only (humidity + power = disaster).

    3. If the unit is hot after the drying period, let it cool to room temperature before placing the battery in the.

    * Suggestions on your BlackBerry in a warm dry place (open, with battery):

    • Place the BB in a container of dry uncooked rice, and then you can also place it in one of the locations mentioned below.
    • On top of all heat dry emitting electronic components: TV or CRT, LCD, TV cable box / Satellite or plasma monitor
    • On the dashboard of your car on a day sunny
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    My current C: drive is completely filled and I'm looking for a method of transfer of all data, including the windows, etc. (basically just copy all of the entire disk) on a new hard drive bigger which is much needed.

    The fact that the operating system is on my drive C: adds also more problems IM don't know if I need to uninstall first windows etc.

    I am using windows 7 and have another hard drive internally and externally, to work with.

    How to move Windows 7 . disk a hard bigger :

  • How to display all the data to a database with the same name?

    I am familiar with the creation of basic website, but I want to learn how to create more dynamic Web sites.

    I create a Web site where a user can register on the site and counts there. Once into account here, there will be different options they can do.

    The new application form is in the section account it is configured for a user to submit a multiple application and save it in the database, that works, but the problem I have is during the examination of the application, it does show that one of them, not all.

    How can view the request of a user, sign in?datab.PNG


    I can get to the screen, but not all.

    Is it possible to do this or any suggestions on how to do?

    Here's the code for the ReviewRequest:

    <? PHP require Connections/Connections.php"?" >

    <? PHP


    {if (isset($_SESSION["fname"]))}


    else {}



    ? >

    <? PHP

    $User = $_SESSION ['Pnom"];

    $result = $con-> query ("SELECT ALL * from newrequest where Fname ="$User"" ");

    $row = $result-> fetch_array (MYSQLI_BOTH);

    $_SESSION ["FirstName"] = $row ["Fname"];

    $_SESSION ['location'] = $row ["Location"];

    $_SESSION ['description'] = $row ['Description'];

    ? >

    <! doctype html >

    < html >

    < head >

    < link href = "CSS/Master.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" / > "

    < link href = "CSS/Menu.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" / > "

    < meta charset = 'utf-8 '.

    ReviewRequest < title > < / title >

    < / head >

    < body >

    < div class = "Container" >

    < div class = "Header" > < / div >

    < div class = "Menu" >

    < div id = 'Menu' >

    < nav >

    < ul class = "cssmenu" >

    < li > < a href = "Account.php" > account < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "UpdateAccount.php" > update account < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "NewRequest.php" > new request < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "ReviewRequest.php" > Review Request < /a > < /li > ""

    < li > < a href = "LogOut.php" > sign out < /a > < /li > ""

    < /ul >

    < / nav >

    < / div >

    < / div >

    < div class = "LeftBody" > < / div >

    < div class = "RightBody" >

    < name of the form = "form1" method = "post" action = "" >

    < div class = "FormElement" >

    < label for = "FirstName" > < / label >

    < input name = "FirstName" type = 'text' required class = "TField" id = "First name" value = "<?" PHP echo $_SESSION ['FirstName'];? ' > ' >

    < / div >

    < div class = "FormElement" >

    < label for = 'Place' > < / label >

    < input name = "Location" type = 'text' required class = "TField" id = 'Location' value = "<?" PHP echo $_SESSION ['Location'];? ' > ' >

    < / div >

    < div class = "FormElement" >

    < label for = "Description" > < / label >

    < input name = "Description" required class = "TField" id = "Description" value = "<?" PHP echo $_SESSION ['Description'];? ' > ' >

    < / div >

    < / make >

    < / div >

    < div class = "Footer" > < / div >

    < / div >

    < / body >

    < / html >

    You would browse the information stored in the $result variable.

    $result = $con-> query ("SELECT ALL * from newrequest where Fname ="$User"" ");

    As below:

    fetch_assoc()) {? >}

    (I don't see a reason to assign data to a variable of $_SESSION?)

    You also probably would be well advised to select information based on a uniquie rather than a name id - if two people have the same name youre UNLESS you want to make sure that two identical Fname can be stored in your tabe stuffed.

    $result = $con-> query ("SELECT ALL * from newrequest where userID = '$userID'");

    userID |     Fname |     Location |                      Description

    8 the end of the road muddy and foggy

    11 this something, no idea

    8               the              rstreet                           rah

    8 is not a clue

    14 Hello Goodbye

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    I have a xml file, who like tags, code, rev_num, type... volunteers. I want to analyze the XML and save all data (code, rev_num...) the unknown tag in a text file. I tried to use a node matching vi, but I do not get the output I have need.attach is my attempt, can someone suggest me or help out me. (Sorry Cant join the XML so I recorded it in a text file.)

    Thank you

    Ankit G

    You must replace the instance of "resource" with "resource [type = 'unknown']." Did you do it?

  • After upgrading to 6.0, the Add-ons Manager will load all the data. It is said it loads, but nothing ever happens.

    After the upgrade to Firefox 6.0, when I click on tools, then on Add-ons, modules lance Manager and tells it to load. But nothing is ever loaded.

    This could be simply getting hammered at times as people are looking for updates of the extension as Firefox 6.0/3.6.20, Thunderbird 6.0 and SeaMonkey 2.3 was released Tuesday today.

    Simply select the Extensions or Plugins or appearance (themes) and it will open this Panel next time instead of modules to get Panel.

  • How to close all the browser without blemish?


    When my script fails, I want to close all open browser windows (in one (try /) catch).

    I tried:-browser.close(): it really does work. Maybe I'm not using correctly.

    I also tried a

    While (web.exists ("[web: window[@index='0']"))
    {web.window (web:window[@index='0']").close() ;} I use a loop because it depends, sometimes, more than 1 window opens

    This second solution seems to work better.

    But there are still cases where a window will remain open.

    Is there another way and the best way to close all browser windows? Perhaps with the browser.close () method?

    Thank you



    It seems that you are doing the right thing, if there is a browser open is because OpenScript is unclear on this issue. You can try using the following code

    Duration rt = Runtime.getRuntime ();
    String [] callAndArgs = {"taskkill", "/ F", "/ IM ', 'iexplore.exe'};

    try {}

    Process child = rt.exec (callAndArgs);
    child.waitFor ();
    getLogger () .info ("exit code is:" + child.exitValue ());

    } catch (Exception e) {}
    getLogger () .error ("ERROR:" + e.getMessage ());

    Who will use the windows taskkill command to kill IE.

    I hope this helps.



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    I need to know how to do all the dates in a date range in Oracle11g query resultset.

    It should be something similar to the following pseudocode

    Select "All DATES" of? where date between TO_DATE('date-val','format') and TO_DATE ('date-val', ' format').

    It may require a different logic, but if I give a range like 5 February 2011, March 2, 2011
    It must return me all dates in this range in the result set.
    IE resultset = February 5, 2011, February 6, 2011,... February 28, 2011, March 1, 2011, 2 March 2011


    You are looking for something like this?

    SQL> with a as (select to_date('05-FEB-2012','dd-MON-yyyy') start_date,
      2                   to_date('02-MAR-2012','dd-MON-yyyy') end_date from dual)
      3  select a.start_date + level - 1 dt
      4  from a
      5  connect by level <=  to_date('02-MAR-2012','dd-MON-yyyy') -
      6    to_date('05-FEB-2012','dd-MON-yyyy') + 1
      7  order by level;
    27 rows selected.

Maybe you are looking for

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