How to place an image inline with the text using InDesign CS4?

I'm writing the first draft of an instruction manual how two for some software.

I'm writing the manual directly in InDesign CS4 and making screen shots that I'm making progress. I format the screenshot in Photoshop and export it to a JPG file.

In InDesign, I double-click in the text box where I want to insert the image, go to file > place, get the picture, then press on open.

Usually InDesign inserts the image at the cursor flashing in the text, but sometimes what happens is that no picture inserted and everything after it disappears. I get several empty text boxes and need to Control-Z to get back to where I started.

Now I can put the image outside the text box and then manually move it to the text where I want to go, however when I export the file as HTML, then I need to manually move it to the appropriate area in Dreamweaver (when the image is placed inside the text box to the flashing cursor, the HTML file shows the image in the right place).

I was able to insert the line in file with the text to a new paragraph mark, but sometimes InDesign doesn't let me do. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

I don't know what I'm doing to prevent it from placing the paragraph mark and the blinking cursor (which is where I want it to appear).

This is a recording of screen 54sec of my actions:

Steps to follow:

I double-click inside the text box

I place the image

everything goes

I have a few pages scroll, and then return to the starting point

I have to scroll through a page or double-click inside the text box then press return a few times, and the previous image, I put in this way is automatically pushed to the next page.

I go back to point of original departure, try again, and it does not work.

I've done it before, but now it does not work. I don't know what's happened prevents him from online to the location of the cursor.

Help, please.

Thank you

It seems to me that the image is too wide for the frame. You can place it on the editing table, scale in the size, then cut to the Clipboard and paste it into the flow of the text.

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    You can insert and to scale an image of your choice, set its object Placement and dressing of your choice and then do a placeholder image. You save then this as a model. When you create a new document based on this template, any image that you copy/paste or drag/drop on this placeholder image will now have your preferences of positioning of the object and the skin. Other that that, you cannot change the default settings of v5.6.1 Pages.

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    Create your text as symbols of MovieClip and then assign them headphones for the MOUSE_OVER events.

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    Any time the program starts to behave strangely like that, the first thing to try is to replace your preferences

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    You can have a floating table in v4.3 Pages ' 09 that moves before the text typed before it, but this feature has not been added to any release of v5 Pages. Simply set the table in the Wrap Pages ' 09 Inline with the text Inspector, and object causes the film if you wish.

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    Anything you can do to help would be appreciated, Internet.

    The Baron

    I'm under v5.6.1 Pages on 10.11.3. Table and image in the screenshot below have wrapping of text around the value and purpose of investment for both is stay on the Page. Get a text wrapping. Is this your goal of flow?

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    ReemaPuri wrote:

    in the workspace image:-resign.jpeg

    As a button? Seriously?

    Ok. First of all, because the image already contains text, there no point in including the same wording in the form of text on the button. Accessibility requirements can be met using re-sign as alternative text. 4.2, create an image button:

    Tag/Alt text: Re-sign

    Static ID: re - sign

    Style button: Image

    Button Image: & WORKSPACE_IMAGES.resign.jpeg

    To make the image looks more like a button, add the following CSS to Inline CSS property page:

    #re-sign img {
      margin: 0 2px 2px 0;
      border: 2px outset;
      border-radius: 4px;
    #re-sign img:active {
      margin: 2px 0 0 2px;
      border: 2px inset;
      border-radius: 4px;

    Finally, there is a bug in 4.2 that generates the incorrect URL for the button images, which requires dynamic action of Page Load to fix.

    Event: Loading the page

    Action: Run the JavaScript Code


    var resignImg = $("#re-sign img");
    resignImg.attr("src", resignImg.attr("src").replace("/i/", ""));
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    OK, Bob. This give a try.

    First, open a new file and make sure the background is white, not on Transparent that I suspect you have currently defined.

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Maybe you are looking for