How to recover the iCloud address that was used to put in place the iPhone

Hi guys, I recently gave my old iPhone 5 (iOS 6 I believe) my sister, who accidentally broke the screen a few days after getting it. She brought to a store very questionable repair which fixed the screen but also blocked the phone. The lady who 'fixed', has said that my sister had blocked the phone until it is repaired (even though she was continuing to receive Facebook and SMS notifications), and tried to make him pay the extra money to have it released after payroll already nearly €80 to get the repaired screen.

She refused (obviously) and when she brought home put us in DFU mode and restore, however we hit a snag when it asked me to enter the address iCloud used to set the phone to activate it. I created an iCloud address when I first bought the phone (which was brand new) but I changed it to my hotmail for handling account because it is my main email account. I connected to this account using iCloud and removed the device to find my iPhone and then entered the hotmail address and password on iTunes to activate the iPhone, but it is still asking me the original address of iCloud activate the phone which I can't for the life of me remember.

Is it possible to discover an old address iCloud or is the phone completely useless now? Any help would be appreciated!


Do you recognize the mail electronic address/Apple ID? Are you are considering the updated merchant? What is blocked?

If there was no Apple ID connected to iCloud & locate my phone was activated, the merchant must know the password to be able to turn it off and then put in its own. It seems possible? The phone got txt messages and message of the book is irrelevant. They are not related to iCloud.

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