How to remove pictures of a project?

How can I delete the unused photos of a project?

More precisely: I created a great photo book (200 + images).  I accidentally added an incorrect album project, but I already spent hours setting up the pages as I want them so I can't simply delete the project and start over.  I now have a hundred images that are cluttering the project library.  In order to remove them, I tried to right click photos and I also tried selecting and deleting the photos individually and as a group, but I always get error message saying "cannot delete the page: blankets and components cannot be removed books."  I don't even have a page selected just a photo.   GRRRRRRRR, does anybody know how to remove the unused photos of a project, because that remove just does not work?  Thank you!

I get this error when I select the flap. When I select the image at the bottom, it has a blue outline. I knocked and then remove and it goes.

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  • HP Photo Creations: How to remove pictures of creations photo files without uninstalling

    I need to delete some files in HP Photro Creations, I don't want to uninstall the program that I like to keep some files.

    As I use it a little bit the files are large and I need to create a space on my hard drive - and no longer need these special files.

    Can you please tell how to do this without uninstalling the program.

    Hi Nikelady.

    HP Photo Creations uninstalling will not remove your saved projects. Currently, you must remove the records of individual project manually.

    In our FAQ at (this FAQ is also available in the Help menu of the program):

    How can I delete a saved project?

    You must delete the project file from the directory where it was recorded. Once the project is removed from your computer, it can not be found. In general, the projects will be in your Documents folder. To find a project on your computer, try searching for the name of the project by using the Find command in Windows or on Mac Spotlight. Note: the project always appears in your panel of projects registered until you quit and restart the program.

    You can also delete the unused photos of projects. (Often, you will load more photos that you end up using. The program retrieves photos in the project folder when you add them.)

    How can I delete the pictures of my project?

    1. Click Add item , click pictures to open the Panel of the photo.
    2. Ensure that the Drag-n-Drop mode is selected.
    3. Point to the photo that is unwanted in the box of Photos not used; a blue triangle.
    4. Click the blue triangle, and select picture to remove from the project.

    Tip: change become not permanent until you quit and restart the program. Be sure to save your project before you quit or you reboot.

    We plan to add a button to delete the project in the next version of the software. Check the who's a new item in the Home menu for updates.

    Hope this helps,


    P.S. for @WAWood: where was the book that you read?

  • How to remove pictures from the library active?


    Can someone help me how to remove images of the current library?

    When I save the resulting code, it will keep all images and many are testing and then I don't want on the web.

    And I did not find how to delete in the active pane

    Hey there, LastTech.

    There is a very good reason we'll automatically remove what you use - if you have two files in the same directory, chances are you share the images directory.  If you make sure you delete everything in the images directory, you might remove something that has another project (or another HTML file) is dependent on.  It is very difficult for us to determine what is used in other projects, so just leave us the images / directory only.

    Thank you


  • How to remove the warning of project

    Hi all

    I use LabVIEW 8.6.1 here project window. How can I get rid of the warning displayed in the picture?

    The file has been moved as indicated. Refresh does not work, or save, I can't remove the warning tab 'Files' or 'Elements '. Any ideas?



    Martin.D wrote:
    [...] I can't remove the warning tab 'Files' or 'Elements' [...]

    The reason why you can not remove it is because the element is part of the dependencies. It shows little code in your application makes reference to this position in the file, because the file (DLL!) is not found.

    So to resolve the conflict, you have to find the node library function call that does not refer to the location of the DLL update. "Reroute" this COLD LAKE for the new position/name of the DLL and the entry should disappear.

    Note that this entry should not affect the functionality of the application since the DLLs are wanted in other ways if it is not found in the expected...

    hope this helps,


  • My iPhone and Mac all have two Photos related to iCloud, same images appear on both. How to remove pictures from the phone without removing them from the Mac

    I've shared pictures between my Mac and iPhone using iCloud. Recently downloaded about 1800 brother SmugMug account family photos. Subsequently discovered that they had all been loaded on my phone as well. When I try to delete them from my phone, I get a message the suggests that if I do, the photos will be removed from my Mac was fine. How can I remove the phone and let the Mac intact?

    I've shared pictures between my Mac and iPhone using iCloud.

    What iCloudService do you use?

    • If the iPhone and the Mac are synchronized with iCloud photo library, removal of the photos from the iPhone will remove them from the Mac as well.  iCloud photo library is a synchronization service that will ensure that you see the same pictures on all devices. All change at will the timing and any deletion or any import.  To win the storage on the iPhone allow the iCloud Photos setting "Optimize Storage.
    • If photos have been synced with my photos and not iCloud library stream, you can remove them from the iPhone. They must stay in the library on your Mac. But before a massive deletion on any device, make a backup of your photo library, just to be sure.
  • How to remove pictures double in iphoto

    How can I remove and delte duplicate photos in iphoto

    Assuming you use iPhoto and no pictures these applications will identify and help remove the pictures in double an iPhoto photo library:

    • PhotoSweeper - $9.95 - this app can search by comparison of the bitmap or image histograms finding duplicates with the dates and the names of different files.
    • Duplicate Annihilator - $7.95 - single application able to detect miniature duplicates of files or faces when an iPhoto 8 or an earlier library has been imported from the library.
    • DeCloner - $19.95 - can find duplicates in iPhoto libraries or folders on the hard disk.
    • DupliFinder - $7 - shows where the photos are in the events.
    • PhotoDedupo - $4.99 (App Store) - this app has a 'similar' search function which is like the comparison of bitmap to PhotoSweeper.  He found all duplicates

    Some users have reported that PhotoSweeper has done the best to find all the dups in their library: iphoto has reproduced a lot of pictures, how to...: Apple Support communities.

    If you have an iPhone and have to keep the normal when shooting photos HDR photo files two image created will be duplicates in a manner of speaking (same image), but there are some apps only twp that detected the iPhone HDR and normal as photos being duplicates: PhotoSweeper and Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto.  None of the other applications detected these two files to be duplicates because they are looking for the name of the file and other attributes, and both the iPhone files have different file names.

    PILM, however, is the best all around iPhoto utility as it can do so much more that a simple find duplicates.  IMO, this is a must have tool if you use iPhoto. Buy now qualifies you for a license for PowerTools, equivalent to the new application Photos iPLM.

  • How to remove other files of projection in music, library etc.?


    In my music, pictures etc, my other libraries make their appearance.
    So, when I open my music library folder, it shows my documents, photos and so on.
    Very irritating sound as if I click "Play All" in my music, he will go through everything, including the videos, that I don't want. In addition, is not large, because I have private folders on my system that I don't want others see if they are in my music/images folder.
    Here is a picture of what it looks like:
    I'd appreciate any help I can get like its really getting on my nerves.
    I tried to contact MS directly, but it wouldn't accept my PID, although I did exactly what MS was asked to do to locate: S
    Thanks in advance.

    OK, nevermind.

    I found the answer thanks to Ronnie Vernon...
    If anyone wants to know how to solve this problem, read what he wrote:

    Libraries should show only the files that are contained in the files that you add to this library.


    In Windows Explorer, select the Document library.

    In the window display on the right, click the link x sites in the top/left of the window.

    This will open a dialog box displays all the folders that have been added to this library.

    By default, the Library of Documents should show the folders My Documents and public records .

    If there is other records showing that you don't want in this library, Select the folder and click on the Remove button.

    You can also right click the documentslibrary, in the Part of Navigation and select Properties. At the bottom of the Properties dialog box, click on the button by default is restore to remove all additional files have been added.


  • How to remove pictures of the iphone but not on icloud?

    Hello, I have an iphone 6 and I have a backup to icloud. I need to free up space on my iphone, I noticed when I delete a photo on my phone its disappear automatically icloud. Is there a way to remove photos from the phone, but keep about icloud?

    Thank you!

    iCloud Libray Photo is not a backup service; It is a synchronization service. Whatever you do a device is synchronized with all other devices, including your computer and iCloud. That's how it was designed to work.

    If you are running out of storage space on your device, choose to use a local library optimized photos. This will dynamically adjust the size of the library based on how much storage is available.

    Otherwise, you will need to disable iCPL and return to the management of your image sync via iTunes.

  • How to remove pictures of 13 items and reload.

    I bought a new PC with WIN8.1.

    Loaded all my pictures of 32K.

    Bought and dnld had 13 items and there find photos.

    Upgrade to WIN10 deleted all the photos in the folder.

    I reloaded all the photos.

    Fixed elements shows old thumbnails but, when they are clicked on, I said "file not found".

    How sweeping the old data and restart?

    Help, please.

    Simple: the Organizer cannot work without an open catalog. Catalog Manager (menu file/manage catalogs, shortcut Ctrl Shift C) allows you to create a new, empty catalog. Once this is done, the same catalog Manager allows you to select an old and you click on the button 'delete '.


    The organizer 'storing' no pictures, only their paths on the drive, your title is a bit misleading. You simply delete catalogs.

    And since the catalogues contain small thumbnails, these miniatures are deleted with the catalogue. It's like the catalogue of a Museum of painting: If you take the catalog, thumbnails in the catalogue also disappear without doing any harm to the actual paintings...

  • How to remove pictures from the Finder duplicate?

    I accidentally duplicated several copies of all my images.  I want to remove duplicates, leaving just a copy of each. Is there a quick and easy way to find and remove duplicates?

    This works... https://www.hardcoded.NET/dupeguru_pe/

  • How to remove pictures of synchronization that were not sync to my laptop

    My sister gave me his old IPhone 5 c and I restored it again her photos which she sync are still there and I can't delete them. I don't want to sync my phone to my laptop. Photos take a lot of my storage. Help, please

    Restore as new iPhone

  • How to remove photos from my iPhone without deleting icloud photo library?

    My iPhone is full and I wanted to remove some photo to release some spaceso I supported the up to iCloud and I started to remove photos. ***? They are endangered to iCloud! Now, they're just gone. It's crazy! Image capture you can import to everywhere, but the function "delete after importing" seems to have disappeared. I'm sure this question has been beat to death, but how you remove photos from their phone without removing them from their photo library iCloud?

    So frustrating.

    Does anyone know of a solution to this?

    iCloud is a synchronization system, not just external storage.  Once you turn on photo library all you do with a photo is on ALL of your devices (including remove them).  See the last section in this article on how to recover pictures that you inadvertently deleted:

    iCloud: use iCloud photo library on your iOS device

    It is also here:

    Get help with your photo library - Apple Support iCloud

    How to remove pictures and videos from a camera using iCloud photo library?

    If you want to delete the pictures and videos of all your iOS, Mac and iCloud.comdevices, you can delete them in the Photos app.

    When you delete a photo or video of your Photos app, also will not delete your photo library and iCloud iCloud storage. You can retrieve your photos and videos from the album recently deleted for 30 days.

  • There is no project manager how to remove image

    All, morning

    I managed to add a non-existent image for the project manager. Well, actually RH8 did for me. Now, I need to know how to remove it.

    I use a drop-down hotspot and wanted to use images other than what was available RH8. So, I added the hotspot and chose a random image to appear at the beginning of the text. Then I edited the default.css to (among other things) to change the name of the image file on the line:

    x open-image: url(image-name-goes-here.gif)

    I have badly spelled the name of the image, saved the default.css and went back to work in RH8, creating and previewing of content. When my image, I tracked down the misspelled name image and corrected.

    So now I have an image file that appears in the project with a misspelled name Manager, and this file never existed. There is a red X on the icon of the image and the command delete is not available.

    How can I get rid of this file of project manager?




    Paste a picture with the same incorrect name in the directory and delete RoboHelp.

    Take a bow




    Hi, Katby,

    Place your cursor on the image you want to make a picture, so that it displays in the preview window.   Then it spread, as an 'image' on your desktop.  File > share > Image.

    Another way is to take a screenshot of the image in the preview window, which will place a .jpg of the framework file on your

    desktop computer.     You can do with this pressing command + shift + 4, and who will turn your cursor cross

    You can expose the pic with pressing your pad mouse or track that you drag in the photo.

    I hope this helps.


  • How to remove all the pictures imported from my I phone 6

    How to remove all the pictures imported from my I phone 6

    Imported from the place where?

    If they were imported from your computer, you remove the same way that you put on there: by syncing with iTunes. to remove them, you need to synchronize an empty folder, or simply turn off the Photo in the form of synchronization option summary pane when the iPhone is connected.

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    Hello Why is my bounce size 68.4 MB mp3 when the original song, I imported into Logic Pro X is only 8.2 MB? (original file has an extension .m4a) Here's what I did: -file imported into logic .m4a -cut at the last minute of a song by 3 1/2 minutes -tr

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    All generic smartlists - recently added, most played, top 25, videos etc etc, who is here as part of iTunes, have all disappeared. Not the end of the world, I know, but why this is past and I restore them (how?) or just continue? Thank you very much.

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