How to reset the BIOS on Satellite Pro L300 password?

Hello world

I have a big problem with my laptop. I have a Satellite Pro L300, 1.50 insyde BIOS version Windows Vista 32, version of the system 6.0.6002 service pack 2 version 6002, so I have to re - install the system.

But there is a BIOS password and I ve lost, so I can't access my BIOS menu. I would like to know how I can reset the bios password.
It is very important for me. THX.


You can not reset the bios password if you can't remember. Contact the service center and ask them to reset it.

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  • How to reset the BIOS on Satellite A100-237 password?

    Hi, guys.

    Suddenly, I ended up having a bios password problem without putting a whole. I can´t seem to start my computer A100-237, because he wants a password just after I ve it starts.

    Unfortunately I don't have haven´t had the time to go to the nearest Service partner because it is 400km away. Can someone help me solve the problem (I ve read about KeyDisk, but I need a disk to be able to use it and I simply Dona´t have a).

    Maybe I can use a kind of bootable CD to reset the password or something else?

    Thank´s in advance for your help!

    No, no, no you can not make yourself the BIOS password is not easy to remove on the desktop PC by removing the RTC battery.
    Something like that is not possible on the Toshiba laptop and can damage the Board.

    The only way to remove the BIOS password is in contact with the ASP in your country.
    I think that it of a security option because before you remove the BIOS password, you have to show the invoice or delivery note.

  • How to reset the BIOS on Satellite C660D-18W?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C660D-18W, and suddenly I got the message that I need to enter the password when I start the computer, I tried to remove the bios battery, no luck, I try to find out how I can reset the bios, still no luck, can anyone help me?

    It is unclear to me that BIOS password can be set only and it is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    The fact is that the BIOS password can be removed by authorized personnel only. As far as I know there are several ways to achieve this, but it cannot be discussed in the public forum.

    Contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can do for you.

  • How to access the BIOS on Satellite Pro 4600 settings?


    I received a Satellite Pro 4600, unfortunately this laptop has 2 and a half proceeding on this issue. The first is MS2000, then XP then an incomplete installation of XP. When I start the laptop, it asks which OS I want to use. I have a legal copy of XP that I bought and I want to reformat the computer laptop and put on a new install of XP, the problem is how to enter the BIOS to change the settings to boot to a CD?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



    First of all you n t need to access the BIOS to boot from the CD.
    You can simply press the F12 key immediately after the laptop has been powered.
    It would show the available boot options.

    Alternatively, you can press the C button that would automatically allow the CD/DVD drive as the boot source.

  • How to access the BIOS on Satellite Pro A120

    Sorry for my English.
    But I need help:

    How to access the BIOS on my Satellite Pro A120


    If I m not wrong not the Satellite ProA120 is supported by the Toshiba BIOS and so you should be able to access the BIOS pressing the * ESC * key immediately after starting the laptop

  • Re: How to access the BIOS on Satellite Pro A120

    Can someone tell me how to access the BIOS on my SAT Pro A120?


    You must press ESC and then F1 key immediately after the laptop has been powered!

    The laptop seems to be to use the Toshiba BIOS and ESC key should be the right one!

    Good bye

  • Re: How to disable the BIOS on Satellite Pro A300 - 1 2 pass?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 - 1 2, some how the BIOS got locked and a startup password has been enabled, I tried to get in the BIOS to disable the startup password but without any job.

    What I need to send or take it back to Toshiba to take them off for me?

    Thank you for your time.

    If the BIOS password does not work for you, you need professional help. Contact the nearest Toshiba service and they can remove it for you.

  • How to enter the BIOS on Satellite Pro NB10-A-100?


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro NB10-A-100 and I want to enter the BIOS Setup and I can't.
    What is the key combination to get?

    Thanks in advance.

    Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8 -
    Restart your computer and try to use F2 or F12. If you use F12 there should be opportunity to enter the laptop configuration settings.

    Please test and send feedback.

  • How to reset the BIOS on Satellite P200D password?

    + Satellite P200D-12Z +.
    I forgot my BIOS password. Now I cannt use Toshiba HWsetup, certain characteristics using Toshiba and I cannt change boot priority because it is password protected.
    What should I do? Is there a software that can reset the password?


    I agree with Akuma.
    The best way is you go to the nearest ASP because they can remove a BIOS password.

    On the Toshiba site, you can search the nearest ASP: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good luck!

    Good bye

  • How to reset the BIOS on Satellite A110?

    I need a little help, somehow my phone came with the idea to put a bios password itself. So, I don't know what it is.
    I would really like Logging to my laptop once again if someone has a good idea?
    I have google on the internet and I tried already:
    -Play with the button start to try and bypass the biospass
    -By holding the SHIFT key left to try and bypass the biospass
    -Try the password for Toshiba / toshiba

    If the warranty is already expired, so I opened the laptop and the disamblled it. It is not possible to remove battery from the Bios its place without killing him, and I can't find any piece of jumper or bios.
    If anyone please an idea how to solve this problem?

    my laptop has no floppy drive also.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me solve this problem.

    Koen Loep

    Hello Koen

    This is a really silly situation. Problem is that BIOS removing the procedure is not the same for all models of laptops. Everything you tried is a kind of "normal procedure", but as you can see, it won't help you at all.

    I'm afraid that you have just one solution: contact the nearest authorized maintainer and explain the situation. They can help you and remove the BIOS password. Try to convince people of service believe you that it is not your fault.

    I wish good luck and hope that the service guy will help you.

  • How to reset the BIOS on HP Mini 2102 password

    I have not used this laptop for awhile because it is too slow.  I just bought a new SSD to use on this laptop.  I tried to start it in the BIOS, but I can't remember what password I used on this computer.  I wonder if there is a way I can reset or remove the BIOS password.  Thank you!


    Try to remove the battery from the RTC.

    Page 48 Chapter 4.


    I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your system using these services. Please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

  • How to access the BIOS on Satellite Pro 440CDT

    I want to see the system BIOS on my laptop, but touch that is it for?

    I'm trying with keys: Del, F1, F10, F2 ', ' but nothing happened!

    Sorry with my English.

    I put t know what BIOS was preinstalled on this very old unit but usually you have to press ESC then F1 immediately after starting the laptop. This will not work if the device uses the Toshiba BIOS.

    But if Phoenix BIOS has been installed you have to press F2 to enter the system BIOS

  • How can I fix the screen on Satellite Pro L300?

    How can I fix my screen Satellite Pro L300? I went by mistake about it.
    Although there seems to be nothing wrong with the external armor but there seems to be a few lines on the screen.

    The glass is cracked? You see the flow of liquid crystals when you move the screen?

    If the lines are perfectly horizontal or vertical, and then the glass behind the protective plastic surface is cracked, requiring a replacement LCD.

    An authorized service provider can give you a new LCD Module. Visit the Web from Toshiba for a list of the ASP

  • Compaq mini 110 [redacted]: how to reset the bios password...

    How to reset the bios password...


    The password screen, press enter 3 times and you will receive a 'code to stop' - enter this code on the site below.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite 1400 - how to reset the BIOS password

    Does anyone know how to change or reset the BIOS password in satellite 1400 series specifications?

    I have a laptop that comes up with a BIOS password (I did not define one, I suspect the BIOS battery needs to be replaced)


    You cannot remove the BIOS password.
    The unknown BIOS password can be removed by a technician of Toshiba ASP.

    Welcome them

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