How to search for an image Adobe Stock based on the number of files Adobe Stock?

Before I signed up for Adobe Stock, I took screenshots of the pictures that I wanted to buy. These plans include the official file Adobe Stock number. Now that I have a subscription, I want to buy these images. But it doesn't seem to be an option to search based on the file number. How can I get the image I want, by file number, without wasting hours of research of individual images through keywords?

Simply type the Stock number in the search. Be sure to have audited as well appropriate file types.

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  • HOW to search for an image?

    How to use an image to search for something or someone?

    Google images will allow you to do. Go to and drag the image you want to use in the search box.

  • How to search for "Mail (32-bit)" (Control Panel) on the Start Menu?

    I would like to be able to hit the Start button and type Mail and then be able to open the Control Panel item «Mail (32-bit)»

    Now when I click on start and type Mail I only search for items in the downloads section, but Panel does not appear. When I open the control panel and tap "Mail", I see the article of mail (32 bit).
    Thank you!

    As an alternative, go to Control Panel , and then change the view by [in the top right] the categories large icons or small iconsview.

    In doing so, the entry of mail will always appear when you open the Control Panel in the future.

    You can, if you wish, just right-click on the mail entry & select Create shortcut.  This is put on your desktop, but you can then move it somewhere else more convenient for you.

  • Search for vector images

    I have connected today and saw the new site of stock look and was horrified to see that I can specify is no longer I want to search for vector images.

    Has anyone found how do it now?

    If not it's horrible, I have to sift through the results more as much as I should to find what I want and be checking on the details page file formats to make sure it is the vector.

    OK I found it. You must click on the bit next to the search field settings icon and then there's a section called ' subcategory and under that, there is a button for the vectors. " Not particularly intuitive and certainly not as easy it was on the first page.

    Please correct Adobe.

    See you soon

  • The search for keywords in Adobe Bridge

    I have a few questions about the bridge and keywords.

    I was put keywords on a large amount of images on our server in the hope that others can easily find these images. There are about 30 files inside a folder root and within these folders, files more...

    Unfortunately, when I try to search for key words in the next day or from another computer, no image appears. I tried the search bar as long as Edit > Find... and by searching for "Key words" criteria (I have the checkbox "Include all subfolders" checked).

    When I go to a specific image, keywords are there, even when the results of my research do say no images found.

    My questions would be:

    I am able to search for keywords on a server (from any computer with access to the server)?

    How can I search for keywords attached to the images that are buried in the 2-3 files?

    Any help is appreciated!

    Hi Kim,

    Could you please confirm if you use bridge or bridge CC 2015 CC.

    On the local disk there is no problem if the images are buried under files.

    External drive or network drives there may be latency/performance issues, but you should be able to search for images using keywords ideally.

    Kind regards


  • You can search for your personal library with Siri on the Apple TV and if so, how?

    You can search for your personal library with Siri on the Apple TV and if so, how?

    No, and it's a real shame...

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    Could someone please help me with: how to find a Word document (1) and (2) where is the infamous "search"?

    I did the thing 'sweep to the right side of the screen"to get those things shadow to appear, and click on the magnifying glass (which I think the engineers forgot to change when they changed everything!) and if I wanted to search for apps, I'd be in great shape.  But his files I'm looking for, Word documents.  The designers of this 'new' version improved - well, new, in all cases seem to have forgotten those of use who use computers for productive work and not socialize or play games.

    Sorry for the hike and whining, but I'm very frustrated that the tasks that were once very simple are now extremely difficult to fill.

    It's pretty easy, at the beginning screen just type the name of your document and right it will bring the search screen and you select files (files, settings, Apps). Take a look at:

  • need help for where and how to search for apps you want in windows store 8

    I just bought a SAMSUNG ATIV TAB 3 (XE300TZC), it has WINDOWS 8.  I went to the store Windows on my windows 8 to start the download of all my apps that I like and I found some of the apps and downloaded. But many of the apps I want to I don't think because I've noticed that it is not an option or small box for me to be able to get all the apps... I guess my question is how a search for specific applications on my STORE of WINDOWS 8?

    Hi Brandi,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    Please see suggestions from HairyFool said on June 4, 2013 and check.

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • How to search for text in all of the PDF files on a mobile device?

    How to search for text in all of the PDF files on a mobile device?

    Not possible on mobile devices.

  • How to search for keywords by synonym (Lightroom CC)


    I use a hierarchical keywording for animal taxonomy, it is based on the "official" latin names, vernacular names in different languages are included as synonyms.

    Is there a a way to search for keywords using their synonyms? The search box seems to be limited to the only keyword and don't look for synonyms.

    Thank you



    Just to clarify what's doing with LR: when searching by keyword in the filter library bar or with a smart collection, LR search of synonyms. However, as you have noticed, when you use the keywords filter box in the list of keywords, synonyms Panel are ignored.  In addition, you can enter a synonym in the Keywording Panel (if you try it, LR silently will create a new keyword for you).  It seems that LR 2 had the ability to filter the list of keywords by synonyms and use synonyms to apply keywords, but that functionality has been removed in LR 3.

    Please add your vote and opinion on this in the Adobe official feedback forum: Lightroom: search for the keyword by synonym

    My Tag no matter what plugin handles synonyms as you wish, but it was designed for a particular workflow and may not be to your liking.

  • How to apply for a code? I have a serial number. My computer connect to internet, but Adobe Acrobat XI will be impossible to activate the product

    How to apply for a code? I have a serial number. My computer connect to internet, but Adobe Acrobat XI will be impossible to activate the product

    Hi Kenneth Ofosu Barko,

    Please disable any firewall or Antivirus for now and try to activate Acrobat again.

    Ask for the Code is generated when you click on "Generate Code button Request" (see the Screenshot). Did you follow the link provided by Ana Maria? You see the screen below while activating offline mode?

    Kind regards

    Rahul Tyagi

  • Please, give me an advise how to search for a number in a file xml (as3.0)

    Hello! Sorry for the troubling.

    Please, give me an advice how to search for a number in a file xml (as3.0)

    Thank you!

    My answer was based on your question to find numbers anywhere in the data to an xml file.  If you know that the data is digital data and the names of the nodes that contains this data, you do not have to check the characters and can only check numerical data using string values...

    function searchXMLFile(Event:MouseEvent):void
    searchDisplay.text = "";
    var pageList:XMLList = xmlFileToSearch.receipt.number;
    searchDisplay.text = "false";
    for (var i: int = 0; i< pagelist.length();="">

    If (pageList [i] == searchInput.text) {}
    searchDisplay.text = "true";


    Even if you are looking for individual digital characters in the previous code that you would have always done by a false exit due having the line 'false' always cancel the real line...

    If (t.toString () .indexOf (m_sSearchTerm)! = - 1).


    searchDisplay.text = "true";


    searchDisplay.text = "false";  This will always overwrite the textfield

  • How to search for words and phrases in multiple pdf documents

    Dear Sirs.

    I need to search for words AND phrases in a huge amount of PDF files (over 5000). The problem I found by using the "advanced search" is that I am able to search for single words sentences individual GOLD, but I need to combine a lot of words and multiple expressions in the same search. For example, if I need to look for instances of the word 'Florida' or 'Texas' or 'United States', I can't search for each PDF file that contains the word 'Florida' or 'Texas' or the phrase 'United States', since if I put 'word' in the search options, I will receive all the files that contain the word "Florida" or 'Texas' but also 'solidarity' or 'States' and simple words. I tried placing quotes in the words I need to research such as phrases, but it did not work. I would like to know if there is a way I can search the way I need.

    Thanks in advance.

    Alejandro Araujo.//

    Hello Alejandro,

    Please see this KB doc. helps Acrobat | The search for PDF files, it will be a great help.

    Kind regards


  • How can I restore all images in a collection at the original imported proportions?

    In general, I select all images in a catalog, resize the first image to 640 x 480.  I then right click on the first image (all images are always selected) click settings to develop, sync and choose to sync only the proportions.  All images are then cut to 640 x 480 as the first picture, that I then export to a folder.

    Then I need to restore all the images in the original proportions for creating a slide show export to my Web site.  I followed the same procedure is selected all the images, click on the first image, change the original appearance, right click on the first picture and sync proportions for all images.

    The problem is that the rest images do not return to their original proportions, but return to the aspect ratio of 4 x 6 instead of the original size when they are imported.  I changed the lock open and tried both but still no result.  Now I have to select each image individually, open the dialog of cultures and choose custom to retrieve for the imported image format.

    How do I batch restore images from a collection to the image format when imported?

    I see, it is something you do at the end of your treatment, for the slide show to a Web site special... maybe you said it at the beginning, but I respond by e-mail and don't see any of these messages.

    In any case, what you can do is to export all your images with their existing to a subfolder (original) aspect ratio, somewhere and add those to the library using the parameter to the top near where you set the directory put them in, and then set a harvest of 4:3 on these imported JPGs and their re-export in 640 x 480 for the RMLS site.  If it is a unique thing for each collection, you could easily just delete both sets of jpg files to your library and the drive to keep the use of extra space, or at least those intermediate.  As you said, that it was a collection, perhaps from different folders, but if they all come from the same folder, to make the JPGs intermediaries and the jpg final 640 x 480 as subdirectories in the original in order to better RAWs keep track of them.

  • How big a file can I send with track and send? Is there a storage limit, to the extent where the number of files, you can download? How many times you send/download files are purged?

    How big a file can I send with track and send? Is there a storage limit, to the extent where the number of files, you can download? How many times you send/download files are purged?

    Hi pjvconsulting,

    There is no restriction on the number of files that you can send.

    However, for a free & buy account you cannot exceed a limit of 5 GB and 20 GB storage, respectively.

    The size of a file may not exceed 2 GB.

    Kind regards


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