How to set a text index in the Data Modeler


How to set a text index (indextype is ctxsys.context) in data maker?

The SQL command would be:

create index P1_TEXT_BESCHR_SPRACHE on indextype P1_PDM_MODUL_SPRACHE (DESCRIPTION) is ctxsys.context
parameters ("lexer global_lexer language format column FORMAT STORAGE PDMSTORE")

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi Monika,

After you create the relational model, you create a physical. In the physical model there is dialog box properties index, where you can set the properties of context index.

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    Thank you


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    Its actualization based on the query that you create in the data model.

    Hope this answer will help you. Please let me know it's what you are expected?

    Thank you

  • How to store the result of a query in a variable in the data model

    In a model of date I want to do something like this

    < name of dataTemplate = than one dataSourceRef "HURDetail" = "BRM_DATA_SOURCE" >
    < Parameters >
    < parameter name = "PARAM_THRESHOLD_VALUE" dataType = "number", defaultValue = "0" / >
    < / Parameter >

    < SQLStatement instance name = "Q1" >
    <! [CDATA]
    []] >
    < / sqlStatement >

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    Thank you

    Hey Shiva,

    If you want to use the value of the counter in the other queries in the data model, you can have an alias for the extraction of County and use it as a bind variable in other queries as


    and can use it in another query as


    Hope this is what you want.
    Thank you.

  • How to pass parameters to Date on the data model

    Hi all
    I try to pass parameters of date on the data model and unable to pull all the data. When I tried hard-coded in the SQL query, it works. Here is the data model, can I pass parameters directly to the dataquery?
    I searched a lot but couldn't find it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "WINDOWS-1252"? >
    < name of dataTemplate = "AIMS_VDIS_VALIDATION_REPORT" description = 'Invalid records in the GOALS and for the given date VDIS' version = "1.0" >
    < Parameters >
    < name of the parameter = "p_start_date" dataType = "date" / >
    < name of the parameter = "p_end_date" dataType = "date" / >
    < / Parameter >
    < dataQuery >
    < SQLStatement instance name = "T4" >
    <! [CDATA [SELECT pgw_custom. Account_Validate (acct_new) invalid,
    DECODE (pgw_custom. Account_Validate (acct_new), 0, 'ACCOUNT OF OBJECTIVES not VALID', 'VALID OBJECTIVES ACCOUNT') message
    (SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTR (acct, 1, 3) |) JE_CAP | SUBSTR(ACCT,8) acct_new
    (SELECT the jav.jav_hours hours,
    ACCT GCC.concatenated_segments,
    GCC.code_combination_id ccid,
    $ (bua.hourly_rate * jav.jav_hours);
    CASE WHEN (um.class2 IN (' a ',' B', 'C', d ', 'E', 'F', 'G', 'H', 'I', 'J', 'K', 'L', ',' n, 'O', 'P', 'Q', 'R', 't')) THEN '3201'
    WHEN (um.class2 IN ('Z', "ZA", "ZA1', 'W', 'U', 'V', 'X', 'Y',"ZA2","ZB","ZC","ZD", the from ')) THEN '3301 '."
    END je_cap
    OF pgw_custom.jems_aims_vehicle jav,.
    Apps.mtl_generic_dispositions mg/d,
    Apps.gl_code_combinations_kfv gcc,
    [email protected] uh,.
    BUA [email protected]
    WHERE jav.jav_glaccount = mgd.segment1 AND
    MGD.distribution_account = gcc.code_combination_id AND
    JAV.jav_vehicle = um.unit_no AND
    UM.unit_id = bua.unit_id AND
    JAV.jav_project IS NULL AND
    JAV.jav_task IS NULL AND
    JAV.jav_charge_date BETWEEN: p_start_date AND: p_end_date AND
    GCC.detail_posting_allowed = 'Y' AND
    GCC.enabled_flag = 'Y' AND
    NVL (gcc.end_date_active, TO_DATE('31-DEC-4720','DD-MON-YYYY')) > = SYSDATE AND
    SUBSTR (bua.billing_code, 1, 1) = "I" AND
    ((bua.eff_dt < = (SELECT date_fin)))
    OF apps.gl_periods
    WHERE period_name = (SELECT TO_CHAR(:p_end_date,'MON-RRRR') FROM DUAL)) AND
    BUA.end_dt IS NULL)
    (bua.end_dt >(SELECT start_date)
    OF apps.gl_periods
    WHERE period_name = (SELECT TO_CHAR(:p_end_date,'MON-RRRR') FROM DUAL)))
    ORDER BY valid, acct_new]] >
    < / sqlStatement >
    < / dataQuery >

    < dataStructure >
    < group name = "G_ACCTS" source = "T4" >
    < element name = "VALID" value = "valid" / >
    < element name = "NEW_ACCOUNT" value = "acct_new" / >
    < element name = "MESSAGE" value = "message" / >
    < / Group >
    < / dataStructure >
    < / dataTemplate >

    the parameter name must be


    And when the report is run, a value must be selected in the settings. Try this default sysdate.

  • SQL IN keyword does not not in the data model. ???

    I created a data model that extract codes window a table by using the IN keyword.

    < name of dataTemplate = "Enonce1" defaultPackage = "" than one dataSourceRef 'Flex' = > "
    Properties of <>
    < property name = "include_parameters" value = "true" / >
    < property name = "include_null_Element" value = "true" / >
    < property name = "include_rowsettag" value = "false" / >
    < property name = "scalable_mode" value = "off" / >
    < property name = "db_fetch_size" value = "300" / >
    < / properties >
    < Parameters >
    < name of the parameter = Valeurdefaut 'branchcode"="000"/ >
    < / Parameter >
    < lexicals / >
    < dataQuery >
    < name sqlStatement = than one dataSourceRef "Q2" = "" >
    <! [CDATA]
    SELECT branch_code from [email protected] where branch_code IN(:branchcode)
    []] >
    < / sqlStatement >
    < / dataQuery >
    < dataStructure >
    < name of the group = "G_BRANCHES" source = "Q2" groupFilter = "" >
    < element name = "BranchCode" value = "branch_code" / >
    < / Group >
    < / dataStructure >
    < / dataTemplate >

    I created a LOV named branches that hold the entire industry codes and have created a branchcode parameter and set its type from the menu and have assigned branches LOV. I've also selected the check box "Multiple Sélection" and "Can select all" for
    ' Can SΘlectionner everything ' I select 'pass all values '.

    Now I am faced with two questions.
    (1) when I select "All" from the LOV and try to view the report there is no counter code be passed as a parameter. When I select "All" in LOV the XML that is generated, that's how.

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >
    < Enonce1 >
    < / STATEMENT1 >
    As you can see he is just passing the value defined as defaultValue in the data model.

    (2) when I select several entries of LOV they demonstrate them as parameter in XML, but no data is returned. Resulted in the XML is like that.
    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >
    < Enonce1 >
    < BRANCHCODE '000 ', '001','002 ' > < / BRANCHCODE > (these are the parameter values)
    < / STATEMENT1 >


    you need a lexical parameter in your query:

    SELECT DEPTNO, DNAME, LOC FROM DEPT * & deptwhereclause *.

    This glossary can be defined in one before the report according to your setting of multiple selection

    If p_deptno is not null then
    deptwhereclause: = ' WHERE DEPTNO IN ('| p_deptno |') ' ;
    end if;

    This complete example is here:

    It's in German, but the screenshots and code may help anyway.


  • "Deploy the data model for LCD screens" period


    My Jboss is time-consuming while deploying the data model for LCD screens and it's initially Flash Builder 4 to display the error "Read Timed" out. How can I increase this timeout value?

    Thank you



    Please follow the steps below and see if it helps:

    1. in your Flash Builder click on the item in window menu, click on Preferences

    2. in the Preferences window, select Adobe-> RDS configuration

    3. Select your configured server and change/set Timeout

    I hope this helps.

  • Is it possible to make the condition depending on the sql statements in the data models

    Hi all

    Is it possible to include the condition based on sql statements in the data models.

    For example
    if (some parameter is not null)
    <sqlstatement name="STATEMENT_1">
    <sqlstatement name="STATEMENT_2">
    Is something like this? Also, the good doc is available for ' how to take full advantage of the "data models" in BI Publisher?

    Thank you

    Hello Sookie,
    I couldn't find the time to get a data model of demonstration of work for you, but I'll try to explain.

    First, write a PL/SQL package. Make sure that you set all the parameters of model of data such as a global variable in the default PL/SQL package.

    package as employee
    function BeforeReportTrigger return Boolean;
    query_text varchar (2000);
    number of p_DEPTNO;

    package as body employee
    function BeforeReportTrigger return Boolean IS

    IF (p_DEPTNO = 10) THEN
    query_text: = select col1, col2, col3 from HR.
    elsif (p_DEPTNO = 20) THEN
    query_text: = select col1, col2, col3 hr_history.
    on the other
    query_text: = select col1, col2, col3 hr_history1.
    end if;
    Returns true;

    Use this package in the default package in your data model. Check the "defaultPackage ="employee"in the following data model header.

    Sample data model


    Before running the query SQL, data engine reads the "before the release of the report" and all the texte_requete argument based on the p_DeptNo value. When executing the Q1, engine sqlQuery analyze the query ' & quert_text and replace it with the actual value. For example if the p_deptno = 10, the query will be "select col1, col2, col3 from HR.

    Try it...

  • Hide button in the data model of bi publisher apply

    Hi all

    According to the oracle documentation, we can hide the button apply in the data model in OBIEE Version. However, I checked the version, there is no feature in the data model to hide the button apply as shown in the figure below. Is available in latest version only?

    Thank you


    I think that is in with settings in the "Apply" button. You do not have the ablility to show the button apply or not. You can set it in the display options settings page-> show the button apply.

    I work with the version of Oracle Business Intelligence and I am able to set this property.

    Thank you

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