How to sync my IPAQ with Windows XP when my PC Media Player version is not compatible with Windows Media Player 10

I'm trying to sync my IPAQ with my pc. It is said: this version of Windows Media Technologies is incompatible with this version of Windows.


Hi shawnwhite,
-What is the model number of the IPAQ device that you are talking about?
Media Player 10 is supported by the following models (h1930 and h1940) of the IPAQ device:
For more information, see the section "what version of Windows Media player iPAQ Pocket PC h1930, h1940, and models are supported?' from the link below:
Check if this link helps you:

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    I realize now that I saw "IPAQ" and read "iPad."  Ridicule me.  Sorry about that.  I'm glad you sorted.

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    I hope these steps will help out you :)

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    Anyone working on a way to have a Clip + synchronize automatically whenever one connects the Clip + to Windows 10 computer via the USB cord?

    I can always find Panel | Material and audio | View hidden devices and printers. But I can't find a way to do the sync to behave as it did before (so far).

    I can also find Windows Media Player. But I can't do it (so far) find a way to do auto-sync. In particular, it does not appear to remember the folders to synchronize.

    Thanks a lot for any assistance.


    WMP usually communicates with the Sansa through MTP mode.  If parameters system/settings/USB Mode is automatic and the Sansa is WMP (10 or higher) on your computer, it goes in MTP mode.

    Sync Toy probably wants mode MSC, the standard USB connection, see the Sansa as two flash drives.

    You can change the modes in Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. But your computer will see a mode at the same time - that is to say, all of the files you sent by MTP mode will be invisible on your computer if you switch to MSC.

    It's a pain to make the transition, but if Sync Toy turns out to work better for you, you'd better get all the files you need copied off the Sansa, mode MSC and Syncing over to hide.  I think - but you should googled around - you can always use WMP in MSC mode.

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    Kind regards.

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    How can I do?

    I found a lot of different and old ideas.

    I do not use the server of the company.

    I tried to add Email as a new account, but I got an error as to tell.

    And, after an e-mail from Gmail than someone / a device tried to connect - but a misuse, it was forbidden.

    So I can´t add the account.

    I have can´t add a calendar.

    Old ideas, using google mobile sync no longer.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Yes correct,

    but now on this weekend, I found the problem - gmail blocked Blachberry.

    I configured the security of gmail again and now its works.

    Thank you

    tezytan wrote:

    Hello, in fact this should be broadcast on BlackBerry 9900 section and not BlackBerry 10

    So, let's see if I understand the situation:

    (1) you have a Google account with emails and calendet

    (2) you want to synchronize

    (3) access was denied by Google when you tried to authenticate your account


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