How to synchronize

Hello everyone.

I can't transfer my music from 10 PC-window in iTunes.

Can someone help me please. I can't really. I don't know what to do.


PS I have an iPhone 4 and a window of 10 PCs.



So excitedd lol.

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  • How to synchronize groups of tabs between computers?

    Hello, maybe someone can finally find a solution to my problem...

    I already use FIrefox Sync option, and I love how it works. I like how it saves my bookmarks, passwords, history, etc., and it is easily accessible from my laptop.

    There is one problem that I have, that is how to synchronize groups of tabs between computers? I already know I can click "Tabs from other devices", but it will be either open them individually or you can select more than one, but in any case I see my tabs in groups. I have so many tabs and I have six groups.

    I tried to use other applications like Manager Session, tab Cloud, Session box, and they all do the same thing. They are great to save your tabs, but none of them save in groups. When I try to open all the links will open in a group.

    Does anyone know how to perfectly synchronize groups of tabs between computers? Thanks in advance.

    Hi vegsire, creating folders in bookmarks tab also is a good approach because it is much less fragile than tab groups in the session history data.

  • How to synchronize bookmarks in safari through devices

    How to synchronize bookmarks in safari across devices?

    Use iCloud

    at the bottom of this ref, see installation for each device links

  • I have the macbook pro (OS 10.6.8) and the iphone 6 s. The latest version of iTunes is 11.4. When it is connected to the MAC, I get the message that itunes must be upgraded. How to synchronize or import/export files(images/music)?  Fact is need to update

    I have the macbook pro (OS 10.6.8) and the iphone 6 s. The latest version of iTunes is 11.4. When it is connected to the MAC, I get the message that itunes must be upgraded. How to synchronize or import/export files(images/music)?  Fact is need to update itunes?

    Hi sonalnj,

    I understand that you cannot synchronize your iPhone as iTunes is requested it must be updated. I can help you with that.

    According to the technical specifications for a 6 s iPhone, you need a Mac running OS X v10.8.5 or later version with iTunes 12.3 or later. Because you are on OS X 10.6.8 your version of iTunes is up to date with this OS.

    iPhone 6 s Tech Specs

    Now to fix that, you need to update your Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion or OS X 10.11 El Capitan. If you want to go to the Mountain Lion, you can do it with the first link below. The cost will be $19.99 and a code will be delivered to you if you can download it via the Mac App Store. Once you have upgraded, be sure to make all software updates to go with him to get the latest version of iTunes.

    OS X Lion mountain

    Now the other option is to move to OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and is a free update that you can do right in the Mac App Store, if you meet the system requirements. Take a look at the following article for more details on how to do it.

    Update of OS X El Capitan

    Nice day!

  • I have the macbook pro (OS 10.6.8) and the iphone 6 s. The latest version of iTunes is 11.4. How to synchronize or import/export files(images/music)?  Fact is need to update itunes? Also you can sync ipod touch?

    I have the macbook pro (OS 10.6.8) and the iphone 6 s. The latest version of iTunes is 11.4. How to synchronize or import/export files(images/music)?  Fact is need to update itunes? Also you can sync ipod touch?

    iOS9 on a mobile device requires iTunes 12.3 or higher, which in turn requires a computer running OSX 10.8.5 or higher.  Update of the system only checks the updates for the current version of the system you run, but that itself can be updated.  It may or may not be possible to upgrade your computer to the system requirements. Find your computer on the web site of model and near the bottom of the specification of the system section, he will tell what versions of the operating system, it is able to run. If you can not run a newer system, you will not be able to sync this phone to your current computer. If she can run 10.8.5 or higher, you can either buy a download for Apple OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion code online, or you can try to install the free El Capitan OSX 10.11.  El Capitan can run slower on older machines and require the additional purchase of RAM.  Making a big jump in versions of system is also more likely to affect the old software.

    At el capitan Snow Leopard, it will make my macbook is slow?  -

    Mountain Lion 10.8 purchase link United States of America -

    Mountain Lion 10.8 purchase link U.K. -

    Course OSX Upgrade General information, including configuration required -

    If you have any generation of PPC software which works under OSX 10.6 it is not supported in later versions of the system.

  • How to synchronize passwords?

    How to synchronize or import passwords in safari on macbook air?

    Google Chrome (PC) for Macbook Air

    or Ipad Google Chrome for Macbook Air

    I tried everything not so lucky

    Help, please.

    Try to get a password that will be synchronized on your computers and peripheral Manager.


    Password Manager

  • How do synchronize you a phone if the screen does not work?

    How do synchronize you a phone if the screen does not work?

    Rstansbury wrote:

    How do synchronize you a phone if the screen does not work?

    You need solve the problem first otherwise you do not have.

  • How to synchronize multiple devices (294 x) Rio usrp


    I'm trying to receive 4 channels using two devices USRP-294xR (USRP RIO) to synchronously and run the example for the reception of several device program.   Often, I receive the error message "failed synchronization.  If I run the example several times in a row, this error message occurs more often than otherwise, but for all the times that he does not, I am able to collect data that seems like synchronous through the channels of reception.  So, in a way that works for me, but with the annoying feature that I need to run the program several times now until I am able to avoid the "Synchronization failed" error

    My installation includes an Octoclock connected to the Ref connections in and PPS in the two USRPs.  In the example, VI, I selected Ref in, but it is clear to me what choice should I use for relaxation.  Possible options are: 'Software', 'Immédiate', "Digital Edge", "Rx Start Trigger" and "Tx Start Trigger.  I had assumed my previous experience using these devices with the FPGA Ettus I would choose an option indicating that I tried to synchronize the external signal of PPS.  "External PPS" is not among the options of trigger, I'm confused as to how the synchronization.

    I saw the article below, but it's not not clear for me if I should be able to achieve my goal without making changes FPGA. It is possible to synchronize multiple devices using the program by default FPGA and example (i.e., for example RIO, not the host screw using the Ettus FPGA image)?  If so, any suggestions to help me avoid this error "synchronization failed"?

    Thank you.


    rkossler1 wrote:

    Since we did not have a 6674 t, I thought I might as well try to connect PPS from a RIO USRP to PPS on the two RIOs USRP.  I just used a BNC - T to "distribute" the relaxation.  It did not work - maybe for the same reason you mentioned on the PPS USRP out is not strong enough for the Octoclock by car.

    Yep, that's exactly it. The USRP RIO is not output enough power on the PPS TRIG OUT line to drive the lines of PPS TRIG IN two USRP RIOs, unfortunately

    rkossler1 wrote:

    How can I know which USRP RIO is the 'master '?  Do I need to designate in the software?  I chose arbitrarily use the device for which I have connected the PPS on the BNC - t 'RIO0', but I don't know how the SW knows what USRP I chose to connect the power cord to.

    The USRP captain's exit a PPS TRIG OUT in PPS TRIG IN sound. then all the USRPs you set this unit as the * first * device in the table of features of RIO for the façade of synchronization with a cross screw.

  • How to synchronize a DSA Board (4496) with several S-series (6143) tips for PXI?

    I need to set up a data system that will require the measure to phase for accelerometers-locking and dynamic deformation signals.  How to synchronize my PXI-4496 Council with my PXI - 6143 s?

    I forgot that some DSA properties does not directly on the devices of the series S I have been able to find an article in the knowledge base that has addressed your specific issue.

    Synchronization Dynamic Signal Acquisition (DSA) with NOR-DAQmx products, this includes an example program synchronization a DSA device and MIO device to sample at the same pace.

  • How to synchronize the start of IT and relaxation the Scan list (DAQmx Switch)


    I want to measure samples of N to the AI0 of Council NI PXI 4461. The measurement starts on a rising edge of a digital triggering provided to the PFI0 of the same Board. The measure is configured with samples of N/2 pretrigged. So far, everything is under control...

    Using an NI PXI 2567 Board, the signal applied at the entrance the 4461 (AI0) switches between a V2 and V1 signal. I would like to synchronize the switch between the two signals with the trigger signal applied to the input of the PFI0 Governing Council 4461. In order to obtain samples of N/2 of V1 and V2 samples N/2. Synchronization of 1 to 5 ms would suffice!

    My question is how to synchronize the start of acquisition of AI pretrigged of 4461 with the switch control given by the Council of 2567?

    Thank you in advance for your help...

    PS: the configuration of the system is:

    -LabView 8.5

    -Chassis PXI-1044

    PXI-4461 on slot 2

    Module 4-slot PXI-2567

    Hi Frederic,.

    I came back to this recently and used the following examples to run the desired synchronization.

    PXI-4461: Acq & graph tension-Int Clk - dig Start & Ref .vi

    Samples per channel = 1000

    Rate (Hz) = 10000.00

    Start the trigger Source = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / PXI_Trig0

    Onboard start = fall

    Reference Source Trigger = DAQmx Device Name] / PXI_Trig0

    Reference edge = fall

    Trigger samples = Variable (100, 500, 900)

    PXI-2567: Switch Scaning-SW

    Advance the output terminal full = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / PXI_Trig0

    Scan list = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / ch0-> com0.

    Scan list = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / ch1-> com1;

    Hardware configuration:

    The PXI-2567 module controls an external relay that switches between the voltage of 5 V on ch0 and ch1 0 V.

    The PXI-4461 connects to the COM of the external relay and therefore reads 5V when ch0 is connected; 0 v when ch1 is connected.

    Procedure: The above examples are used in the following procedure.

    1. run the PXI-4461 VI.  A start trigger (falling edge) is necessary to start collecting samples before firing.

    2. launch the module, PXI - 2567 VI.  When ch0 is initially (and immediately) on com0, a trigger is sent to PXI_Trig0.  The PXI-4461 will begin to acquire samples before firing.

    3. - click on the "Connect to the next" button on the front of the PXI - 2567 VI module.  This sends a trigger to entry software for the PXI-2567 module and the transitions of the scan for ch1-> com1 list.  Once the PXI-2567 module remains (debounced), advanced complete relaxation is sent on PXI_Trig0 for the PXI-4461.  The PXI-4461 will begin to acquire samples after outbreak.

    Note: Instead of the trigger of the software entry, an external input trigger can be used (e.g. PXI_Trig1).


    > Before instant release of samples = 100

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    > Before instant release of samples = 500

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    > Before instant release of samples = 900

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    I hope that the attached screws and the explanation above helps you and/or other customers who have this problem.

    Best regards

    Chad Erickson

    Switch Product Support Engineer

    NOR - USA

  • How to synchronize clocks on USB-6009 and USB-6343


    Can anyone provide an example on how to synchronize clocks on USB-6009 and USB 6343?

    I checked the example screws, but it shows that we must use 2 counters, one as the clock of the source and the other as a trigger. But only 1 CLK 6009.

    I read the user manual and it is mentioned to use (AI/start-trigger) in order to use PFI0 as source.i am somehow confused about how to achieve this.

    Furthermore, what would be the physical connections?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately, you won't be able to completely synchronize your devices USB-6009 and USB-6343.  As you have seen, the 6009 has only a meter on board.

    You can certainly use PFI0 as an input to start your tasks at the same time digital release.  However, the 6009 is a strictly timed by the software.  There is no way to import an external sample clock.

  • How to synchronize the start time in the waveform graph

    Hi all

    I just find a solution in the forum to select the data you want in a grap of waveform with cursors, however, I don't know how to synchronize the time of beginning of waveform for the second graph. How can I extract start time of the waveform with the index data?

    Something like that?  It is a bit gross, but is what I think you're asking, should be able to use it as a starting point.

    The Max - Min is to make sure that the cursor is always valid.

  • How to synchronize the time with Google in windows 7

    Hello, I want to know how to synchronize time on my computer with the source time online so that I can keep accurate track, including seconds please help me to do it.

    See this tutorial

  • How to synchronize an exhibition of over 100 photos at the same time?

    How to synchronize an exhibition of over 100 photos at the same time?

    Hi Stephens,

    Please see the following article for the purposes of setting through multiple images: develop module in Photoshop Lightroom options

    Let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards




    Hi Luz... You have the track selected in the timeline panel puppet? You need to target the puppet that is controlled by the webcam/microphone/keyboard/mouse by selecting its track. That it arms for registration.

  • How to synchronize the complete catalogue with mobile phone

    I plan to update my old LR5 to Lightroom CC.  The idea of making all my changes and management of any of my devices is interesting for me, so I downloaded the demo to test the functionality.  I quickly discovered, however, that I can't synchronize my catalog, only the collections - and only non-smart who.  I don't know if the feature is really limiting as it sounds, or if I'm just not understand it.  So I came here for help!

    I always got my photos via a hierarchical directory... structure loosely, yyyy/mm/eventname.  If it is really only possible to synchronize collections static, all my pictures in this directory structure are prohibited to Lightroom.  It seems to me that if I want to change (or even see) my photos on my iPad and al, I need to import my photos in Lightroom, as usual and then manually maintain a collections structure that reflects the structure of my library.  Is this the case?

    Am I misunderstand how the synchronization works?  I put my catalog organized for editing with Lightroom Mobile online somehow?  Or I would be limited to only the photos that I manually maintain collections for?  (I say "would" because it is way more trouble than it is worth for me)!

    Help me get into this cloud thing!  I only 29.5 days left on my trial to find a solution!

    It is probably not enough space to put your catalogue online cloud and it would be very slow.   The synchronization process is for the initial edition more than the most recent shoot with the rest of the edition that happens on your desktop.

    I have two desktop computers and put my catalog and recent photos on a USB drive connected and who back up to another USB drive connected, in case I lost or destroy my external drive.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I downloaded Movie Maker live 2012 in Windows 7. I tried to save movies in all formats, but it plays only no video and audio. He played well in the preview, however.