How to transfer music from iMac to an Android phone?

As much as I'd love an iPhone, I have enough real phone use to justify the cost of services Verizon etc.  I need a phone only for emergency purposes.  Recently, I bought an Android phone that will play music and make some photos.  It also works on Tracfone, which is the service that works best for me financially.

How transfer music from my new iMac (coming tomorrow) with OS X El Capitan on my phone Android of Samsung Stardust?

My next question will be: how to transfer photos from the iMac to the phone Android Samsung Stardust?

I've never tried one of such a transfer so I'm probably in the 'tech for Dummies' in this area and would appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you

Click on the link below.

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    See this-> sync iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes on your computer via a USB - Apple Support

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    You use iTunes on your computer to synchronize the contents of the computer and iTunes to your iOS device. See this support document for further assistance. Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes on your computer via a USB - Apple Support

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    Hi treksie,
    Check the following Nokia Support positions and see if it helps you:
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    To know the mode of transfer, contact The Forum Nokia's Support because they are the best people who can guide you on this issue.
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    You typed "Windows 10" in your subject line, but you have selected the option that you are using Windows Vista... which is?

    In any case, the easiest way is to open the 2 folders: your music and your Flash drive.  Then just drag - move the top songs.

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    Hi Appyva,

    The link below will help you to add music to the media player library. You must know the location of the songs to be copied.

    Add items to the Windows Media Player library

    I hope this helps.

    Bindu S -Microsoft Support

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    Where is the music? If it's on the iTunes store and then with the same AppleID on Mac, you can download it again. There is no easy way to transfer music from iPhone to Mac, and you're not supposed to do anyway.

    If the music on the iPhone has been transferred from another computer, you cannot connect your iPhone to another music library without erasing music on the phone.  Give us more details.

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    Hi johndeere,.

    Copy music from the external hard drive to record music and make sure that this folder is set to be monitored by Windows Media Player.

    a. to add or remove folders follow these steps:

    b. click on tools in Windows Media player

    c. then select Options.

    d. click on the Library tab

    e. and then click monitor folders.

    f. to add a folder to the folder list, click Add. Navigate to the folder of your choice.

    g. click OK.

    Windows Media Player keeps track of the files on your hard drive. It monitors new files, renamed files, deleted or moved files. When it detects changes, it updates automatically the media library. Windows Media Player watches my music, my videos files and default recorded TV.

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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    Hi shin men,.

    Unfortunately using ITunes is the best way to transfer music from Iphone to computer.

    However there are some third-party programs available online that can also help.

    You can communicate with ITunes to check if they have an easy way to transfer music from Iphone to computer.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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    can someone tell me where can I find the private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music parameter in order to transfer music from my iphone to my computer?

    Thank you


    I suggest that you post your question under Iphone support.

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    Original title: gregg

    How to put music in an ipad from a pc


    I suggest you to refer to suggestions provided by Jetta48 replied on 12 June 2013 in the following link:

    Please let us know if the problem persists. We will be happy to help you further.

  • How to transfer music from my old hardrive itunes library?

    I am trying to transfer mp3 files that have been in my old laptop to my previous hardrive library iTunes on my new computer, without having to transfer all the mp3 files on hard drive across and hoping someone might be able to advise me how to do this. I want only the music that has been specifically on the iTunes of my previous laptop. I already bought a caddy HHD and implemented so that I can access the files on the hard drive. When I go to the iTunes library on the hard disk directory and go in itunes there is no record of music so I don't know otherwise how can I access my old library. Can someone tell me if there is a way to do this?

    Music from your old library would usually be in \Users\ < user > \Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music. Is that when you're looking? See make a library of portable split. You might consider the old library running from the external hard drive, or make a new portable library that contains all your media. Anyway you should also do a backup.


  • How to transfer music from the PC to the ipod library. Everything has disappeared from the iPod and sync doesn't seem to work.

    iPod Touch ios 6.1.6.  Library and reading lists seem to be ok @ end of pc and I can listen to music. I don't know how to transfer or sync of the iPod to the PC.

    What exactly happens when you try to synchronize?

    ITunes sees the iPod?

    The previous iPod was synchronized to an another computer/iTunes library?

    Have synchronize you successfully from this computer/iTunes library before?

    If so you did anything like updating iTunes on the computer since it synchronized last successfully?

    Play the songs in iTunes?

    All the media he now syncs to iPod?

    You have the right boxes checked for synchronization?

    iTunes: synchronization of multimedia content for iPod and iOS devices

    Try the synchronization using the manual method

    Managing content manually on iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Finally, the restore feature

  • How to transfer music from Windows Media Player to MP3 Sony Reader

    When I try to transfer music to the library media player to a Sony 4 GB MP3 player with 3.00 GB of free space, it comes back with an error has occurred. What should I do to fix this problem.

    Yes, but his advice to help get rid of the error. From your brief question, nobody can guess that you are a "dummy computer." In addition, you don't say what model of Sony, so you can't see how to use it to help you!

    Unfortunately, there is no easy cure for wave-the-magic-wand. You will need to go under the hood and get your hands dirty or ask someone to do it for you.

    So, without being facetious, here's the long version. If anything is not clear re-don't post, no problem for re - explain:

    (1) read the manual supplied with your Sony device. If it says install software Sony provided on a CD or DVD with the unit and you did not and that yet, then install it...

    (2) use said software Sony for transfers - it works? I ask because I had a Sony camera a long time ago and it necessary/best worked with Sony software. Their video cameras are another example of this. But that is besides the point.

    (3) if the manual says you need or can use WMP to the sync'ing, then that's where we get dirty hands.

    (4) do the following: right-click on my computer (on your desktop) > click Properties in the menu dropdown > left click on hardware > left click on Device Manager.

    (5) glance to see if there are yellow asterisks against one of the entries in the Device Manager. If there is, note to the bottom of the unit in question, double left-click on it and a small window will open. Note the exact error. Re-post with the said error.

    (6) If no error: disconnect your Sony USB device > left click on the sign against the penetration of USB Controllers + > make right click on each entry to tour who turns and selected 'delete '. Not re-start your PC until all the hubs/USB controllers are removed/UN-installed... This will unfortunately be uninstall all your USB devices (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.), but don't worry, the driver software will always be on your PC. See paragraph after Phew!

    (7) re-boot.

    (8) let XP re - install the USB software necessary for all USB devices you may have connected (keyboard, mouse).

    (9) once things are settled down, grab the manual Sony. Check to see if you need to install the drivers for the device from Sony. If necessary, then pop the installation in your drive disc and install it there. If its so-called plug-and-play, then XP will install generic drivers and you do not have to do a thing. Whatever the option, when XP says your device is ready to use, open WMP (or the Sony software, if its necessary) and transfer away.


    If you have a USB printer (or other device) turns on / them one by one. XP will ask you if he can look for the drivers. Let him do his thing, as the necessary files are already on your PC (see end of point 6). and he must know where to look. If there is just one problem, you need to reinstall the driver, XP will overwrite all of the files that is already.

    Listen, if you're not happy to do the above, ask someone to help you or do for you.

    Re-post if the problem persists, but please give references of full model of your Sony Reader so I can take a look at the online manual.



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