How to transfer my music FROM Media Player to iTunes?

Hello, I have an iPhone and I want to use my iTunes.  When I used the easy transfer cable he put all my music in Media Player and iTunes not. I can't get Windows 7 to allow me to transfer my music and video from Media Player to iTunes.  How can I do this? And choose "Import a file" does not work.  Thank you!


Open iTunes, in the section of the library, click on music.

Open the folder where your music is stored, probably the standard place which is the library, my music.

Highlight all the music files that you want on your iPhone, just right-click on it, select copy, then back in iTunes, select Paste.  You can also drag and drop if you find that easier.

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    How can I transfer my music from Media Player to iTunes library

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    I plan to buy a Mac soon. I already have an iPhone and an iPad. My old PC has all my legally purchased music stored on it and I want to download on ITunes so that I do not lose and can be accessed on all my devices. There is an extensive library that runs through nearly 40 years of my life. It would cost me thousands of dollars to replace. I have set up iTunes on my PC and I'm converting it to AAC files. I'm storing all currently on my iCloud drive, but I still can't access it from iTunes on my apple devices. I can't find the files on these devices iCloud. Only the PC sees.

    Don't bother conversion from one format to another lossy. No gain to have there.

    See make a library of portable split. As long as your library is in the form of portable you can copy all on a Mac. You will need to use your network or maybe a temporary copy on an NTFS disk partition which you can then copy a disk of HFS + on Mac since the Mac can't write to NTFS drives natively.


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  • How to transfer my music from ipod nano to my apple mediathek? Lost all the music on my PC after the failure of the system.

    How to transfer my music from ipod nano to my apple mediathek? All the music was lost after my PC broke down.

    What is "apple mediathek?

    Depending on the context, I'll assume that you are asking how to unload files of songs from an iPod to a computer.  iTunes synchronization is generally in one direction, from iTunes to iPod library. You cannot use iTunes to transfer files of song from iPod to computer (with the exception of songs purchased from the iTunes Store)

    NOTE: Songs purchased from the iTunes Store can be downloaded again free of charge, on the iTunes Store purchased screen.

    Download your purchases past - Apple Support

    However, there are methods and third party utilities that can transfer from iPod to computer.  If you do an Internet search on something like 'ipod music transfer', you should get a few links (including a CNET article on the subject).  Once the files of songs from the iPod to your disk, add them to your current iTunes library.

    Further, you should backup your iTunes data.  Apple describes a way to back up your folder full of iTunes on an external drive.

    Manage and backup your iTunes media library - Apple Support

    This method should also be used when switching from an old computer to a new computer.  By transferring or restore your complete iTunes folder, it's the same iTunes library on the new computer, not a new iTunes library with your old songs.  iPods are not designed to be your data from iTunes backup.

  • How to transfer my music from Ipod to i-tunes on my PC without losing songs from iPods?

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    Your i-device was not designed for unique storage of your media. It is not that a transfer backup device and media has been planned with you keep a master copy of your media on a computer that is in itself independently supported against loss.  To use a device with a different configuration, you pass the old library from a computer or a backup directly in the new configuration, not the device to the library. Synchronization of media isn't a way, computer to the device, update the contents of the device to the content on the computer, update or restore the content on a computer. The exception is iTunes Store purchases that can be transferred to a computer.

    Redownload or transfer your iTunes Store purchases an iPhone, iPad or iPod to computer - - 'this feature only works for content purchased from the iTunes Store. From iOS9 is more apps that now need to be re-downloaded directly from the store.

    To transfer other items from an i-device to a computer, you will need to use third-party commercial software.  See this document in turingtest2: recover your iTunes library from your iPod or device iOS - even this method can fully recover what you originally had in the library. For example, in order to save space during synchronization if you had converted music files at a lower rate, or photos at a lower resolution, it is these lower quality files that will pick you up.

    If you subscribe to the Apple music, titles that are not part of the content that you have purchased or downloaded may not be transferred and must be downloaded directly from iCloud.

  • does anyone know how to transfer/copy music from a mobile phone to a computer

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    That is controlled by PC-phone connection software provided by the manufacturer of the phone.  If the phone is compatible with windows 7, they will provide pilots & an application to allow transfers that you want.

    If this software is not supplied with your phone then go to the support site for the manufacturer of the phone to know if everything is available.

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    I don't have iTunes on the PC to try it, but, from here -


    1 start your playback of the playlist

    2. then in the menu and save it as a. M3U file.

    3. import the playlist. (iTunes must the real air to be loaded first)

    Can not try it myself but it seems to have worked for some, but unfortunately not all.

    Some more info -

  • When downloading music from Media Player on a USB key, how to get music aired in the order I put them on the list of synchronization?

    I find that when I play the USB in my car stereo, all the parts play in the order in which I originally recorded my media player CD.  I drag synchronize them in the order that I want but they play seemingly at random, but I think it might be chronilogical order of their recording in Media Player.

    Hello Warner,

    The best way I found to do this is to create folders on the USB drive and then use a different folder for each album of the music.
    If you want music in a particular order, change the name of the file to include a 001 at the beginning, for example, 001 - songname.mp3 music
    Do this for all the tracks in the order you want and software of the car detects the number and play music in that order.
    I hope this helps.
  • How to transfer my music from Zune to WMP?

    I took all my music and deleted on WMP, but he left on my Zune software. How can I upgrade all Zune music WMP?

    Hi Pete,.
    I suggest you to follow the steps and check if it helps.
    By default, Zune will save all media files in the folder music (default music folder).
    You can add the Windows Media Player multimedia file from there.
    (a) click Start.
    (b) type in the box music search and open the music folder.
    (c) to add the files to the library by following the link.
    Add items to the Windows Media Player library
  • How to transfer my music from my iphone

    I want to add music from my iPhone to my reading list how can I do this?

    Hi, Carol AnnWhite,.

    If you try to transfer music from Iphone to computer or ITunes, you can consult the links below


    Managing content manually on IPhone, IPad and IPod

    ITunes Store: Transfer purchases from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to a computer

    To support more specialized on this issue, you can contact Apple support

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    I am trying to download songs from the computer to my Iphone 4 s, but im having trouble syncing my device from the media player

    If you're referring to WMP, you can't, is the basic answer.

    To synchronize an Apple product, you need iTunes. Download it on Apple's site, and then install sync years died.
    See you soon,.
  • Send music from media player ti iphones

    Hi do anyone knows if it is possible to music recorded on media player for iphone sync... ?


    IPhones are unable to be synced with Windows Media Player. You need to use itunes to accomplish the same thing.
    Here is the download link:
    See also:
  • How to transfer my music from music on my computer game?

    I have a few songs on my computer, but much more in the match of music software on my computer and I can't figure out how to put your hand under my music on my computer. I want that it there because I put an alarm on the computer and I want to a selection of my music to wake me up. I don't know how I got the music out there, in the first place. Can anyone help?

    Hello Jan Burns,

    Thank you for the Microsoft Community approach. I understand that you have questions about the transfer of Music game music file to your computer. I would help you to answer your question no doubt.

    The question you have posted is related to the Musicmatch Jukebox. I suggest you to check with the support of Musicmatch Jukebox for more information.

    If you have problems with Windows in the future, the poster in the Microsoft Community. We would be happy to help you.

  • How to transfer streams in Windows Media Player


    Can someone tell me how to transfer Napster streams to my WMP library

    Following the short answer above, you need to save to your hard drive, so will have one of two things:

    * an audio device that is capable of recording "What U Hear" - check into the mixer, if yours has this feature. Double click on the "speaker in the systray icon and go into recording options." If you do not have What U Hear or similar, then you can not record audio streams directly and must rely on the option below

    * You must configure an eCard its on your PC/laptop so that you listen to in the virtual device and then save its output in your real audio device. Google for "continuous recording sound" and you will find software solutions (virtual sound cards), even for free.

    FYI, if you have a Creative SB card you should be able to What U Hear. However most other manufacturers do not write this option in their driver.

    See you soon,.


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