How will I know that I'm good at labview

I am Sarah, I learned labview of my second year, I attended numerous workshops directed by NOR, also made projects in image processing, signal processing plans also to Maxeye technology solutions, also associated with LabVIEW all possible aging gets solved by me and my friends wvwn of teachers to students, but still I failed to CLAD Exam so what can be the problem... I feel terrible to me... Please help me find what would be the problem...

Thanks in advance...


The CLAD review is entirely based on the content of the course 1 Core and Core 2 - If you have not done these courses you can have some gaps in your knowledge for what is required to pass the examination. Maybe you know how to solve the problems in LabVIEW, but your style is not the way of "NOT recommended." It also depends on many other factors such as the amount of preparation you have made under consideration - did you sample exams? Have you had those? To go through the preparation of examination materials?

The certification is only one way to show you are competent to LabVIEW - your experience and roles/jobs/projects earlier also count for a lot. I know many programmers LabVIEW which is good to LabVIEW, but have never sat all certification exams.

There are many experts LabVIEW on these forums - you can still view the code you wrote and maybe they he would see. They would probably be able to give you feedback on what level you are.

Edit: The jury of the certifications on the forums is a good place to discuss the examination for certification - you can post here if you have had problems with the sample tests or the parts of the exam and even begin a review CLD model (which is a practical review of LabVIEW programming) and post your control solution.

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