HP 15 - F039: HP 15-f039wm Notebook PC HDMI Audio w7

W7 32 bit drivers vidio of operation fixed thanks, but when it is connected by HDMI, there is no Audio thru external hook toward the high peak is very good, no sound is there at - he a HDMI Audio Driver needed or knowledge to work with hp 15 race W7 32 bit


The driver that I gave you in your other post has a record of HDMI audio driver.

I hope that you still have the record of the driver, and in this folder, you should see a DisplayAudio file.

You may need to manually install the driver.

Under the category of audio, video and game controllers device, Manager there are two audio devices.

Audio integrated Realtek and a HDMI audio device and it may be missing the driver.

Anyway, find the audio device HD requiring the driver, click the driver tab.

Click on set to update driver.  Select her browse my computer for driver software option and navigate to your Intel graphics display Audio driver folder.

Make sure that the include subfolders is selected and the driver should install.

I also zipped and tied the record of the HDMI audio driver below if you want to use it.

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    Thank you

    You can check the mentioned link belowa and enter the product number, and then select your country, and then look for the parts. Among the listed parts check under "processor". These processors that are listed are the processors that can be used on this unit.


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    Hi there @Jrklingerman

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, so many other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff.

    I understand that you are looking for some guidance as to the mode technology for Intel processors. I'm happy to help you with this.

    I would recommend that you take a look at the next page, which is if it is supported and its operation.

    Understand the Turbo Boost technology

    I hope this helps.

  • Wanted M6 Notebook PC: Switch Audio Beats and graphic equalizer do not work after 10 can I upgrade

    My HP Envy Notebook PC sound M6 worked well with the IDT High-Definition Audio Driver 6.10.6498 (SP65196) on Windows 8.1.

    After upgrading the computer to Windows 10, a few weeks ago, the soft ON / OFF switch and the graphic equalizer on the experience tab listening to setting Audio Beats (in the notification area), seem to have no effect, while the computer plays YouTube or any other media source. However, music, voice, and the 3D film work, but if I switch the switch WE / OFF made drag commands of the equalizer, then close and restart the media source or restart the computer, the quality of the sound changes according to the changes I made.

    If I uninstall and reinstall the driver but does not restart the computer, the ON / OFF and Equalizer slide controls work, and I can hear the changes in sound quality that I do them (real time), until the computer is restarted when he's back as if the controls are disconnected from the source of the media.

    I also noticed that the controls were working 'real time' after update of Windows 10 Support Package KB3081438. For a moment I thought that Microsoft has solved the problem, until the second reboot, when it stopped again.

    I feel that Windows 10 is the substitution of some settings after restart, I would be grateful for assistance in this regard.



    I removed the HP biometric devices, wireless button and IDT Audio (SP65196) drivers and installed the standard MS Windows 10 drivers, then installed HP SP71886 "driver Audio IDT high definition (HD).

    Everything works now.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC, no audio


    After a few weeks with a sound of crackling on my soundsystem, there is now no sound at all. Quality video in Windows Media Player, as well internet videos is also very bad. My HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC is now three years old, and after working with him on a regular basis, I hope that is not a hardware problem. What could I do?


    Product name: HP Pavilion dv6-3170sb notebook PC

    Product number: CNFO36F7PM

    Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium (64 - bit), Dutch version

    Greetings with kindness,


    Hello Yannick,

    Take a look at this document, which provides troubleshooting for restore your drivers and software steps using Recovery Manager.

    Please let me know if this helps solve your problem.

    Good luck!

  • HP envy 15 notebook PC: Beats audio not available after update of windows 10

    Hi, I would like to know the characteristic audio Beats that isn't on my laptop anymore, after I've updated for Windows 10 he disappeared and now the audio on the laptop is not the same of course. The quality is worse.

    How can I get it back?

    Thank you


    Try the following.

    Download IDT Audio Installer on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.


    When finished, press and hold the Windows key and press R

    In the run window, type devmgmt.msc and press to enter.

    In Device Manager, expand sound, video and game controllers.  Right click on the IDT device and select uninstall - also, you should get a command prompt to delete the current driver, check the box allow this and then proceed to uninstall.

    When you are finished, download and reinstall the Chipset driver at the following link.


    When the reinstallation of Chipset has completed, restart the laptop.

    When windows has reloaded, open your download folder, right click on IDT Installer and select "Run as Administrator" to launch the installation.  When he finished, restart the computer again and let windows to load completely for a few minutes before checking it in.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion Notebook 17-G012NA: Audio uses the laptop speakers and not a paired devices

    I have two devices paired bluetooth connected to my computer laptop, but audio still plays through the built-in speakers of Realtek.

    The device is introduced, my laptop confirms its she paired up and I do not see in the circles where I'm wrong.

    There is no problem with the associated devices because they work brilliantly with my phone and turntable.

    Everyone knows this?

    Thank you

    Hello @RG99,

    Welcome to the HP Support Forum's community!

    I understand your message that your Pavilion laptop - 17-g012na will only play audio through the built-in speakers and not the Bluetooth devices are paired.

    These speakers have worked in the past with this laptop? Have you verified that your system is up-to-date available throughout drivers and software?

    Microsoft has a background paper on connecting devices Bluetooth here and also a document of difficulty connections Bluetooth.

    I know from personal experience that some Bluetooth speakers and other devices, even when it is associated with, should click you on them to connect before it will actually start communicating with the PC.

    Please let me know how it goes. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button accept as Solution down below in this message.

    Thank you!

  • HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC: Beats Audio

    Hello, I was wondering where I go to reinstall the audio beats. After formatting hard drive and do clean install my speakers don't are not as strong as once, I already reinstalled the IDT audio driver but did not help. Thanks in advance.


    Not the product. is very good

    Try the following.

    First of all, download and install the Chipset driver at the following link.


    Once the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    When windows has reloaded, download and install the IDT HD Audio software on the link below: this must also reinstall the graphic interface of beats.


    Yet once, once the installation is complete, reboot the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • ENVY of HP dv7 NOTEBOOK PC: Beats Audio Control Console does not work!

    At the beginning I didn't know her and all of a sudden, whether.  Then, after checking the updates, I got a bit her back but Beats Audio (that's why I chose this particular laptop, as I watch a lot of movies and listen to a ton of music) does not work at all!  I can shoot to the top of the control Console Audio Beats, but I does NOT allow me to click on anything whatsoever.  So, I have sound I hear not well at all (my mini netbook has the best sound at this time and it's awful!) and the reason why I chose to pay a lot for this laptop was because she saw the Beats Audio, which it won't allow me to access more!  I need expert help to get this problem because what time this laptop is almost worthless for someone like me who has the bad hearing and need the best sound that beats provided!


    Try to download this driver: driver Audio IDT high definition (HD) - sp59654

    Uninstall your current audio driver, restart your system and then install it and let me know if that solves the problem.

  • No HDMI audio on TV - Pavilion dm4-1160us Entertainment Notebook

    I know there are a lot of post on this issue, but nothing works for me.  I have a Pavilion dm4-1160us entertainment laptop running windows 7 64 bit.  I uninstalled the drivers both graphics and chip and reinstalled (warning says that I was installing was older than the one I had).  Maybe I'm not find the correct drivers to install. There is no audio device HDMI registered on the machine. AUDO devices listed are: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC for speakers and headphones.


    My suggestion:

    • Go to this site to download the required driver.
    • Completely uninstall the Audio driver.
    • Install driver from the downloaded file.
    • Turn off the TV and the laptop.
    • Connect the HDMI cable.
    • Start by turning on the TV.
    • Turn on the laptop.


    PS many users have to do some testing and it turns ụp

  • HP ENVY m6-1125dx Notebook PC: "no audio device is installed" after refresh. (No sound)

    Hi, I've recently refreshed my laptop. It was a horrible mistake. All my documents remained where they were, but all my applications have been erased. I had to redownload mozilla firefox, google chrome, microsoft office, HP cool sense, Adobe and many many more. I'm drawn to believe that this update also affects my sounds. I lost him. I tried to solve this problem and discovered "no audio device is installed". I also lost my control panel of beats (my laptop came with audio of the beast). I went to redownload this on the site of HP but he said that there is no update or downloads for my device because everything was already up to date. I tried to download the drivers, but this was not good. Why a driver would help me a device that apparently is not yet installed.

    Need help! Help, please.


    Thanks guys, but I solved the problem. When I went to the HP support page to download my audio driver, he told me that everything was up-to-date. It's because I entered my operating system like Windows 10. When I said that my operating system is Windows 8.1, it gave me a list of drivers so I can install it. Even if it wasn't under my operating system (Windows, 10), I was able to download drivers for my laptop that is operational. I downloaded the correct driver for my audio devices that solved the problem.

    Thanks anyway,


  • Pavilion dv5234us Notebook: Win 7 audio driver missing

    Recently on the hard drive reformatted and loaded Windows 7 Home Basic Edition.  I can't find an audio driver.


    You should be able to use the XP driver.

    You may need to install manually if auto installation does not work.

    This package contains the driver Conexant high definition Audio Chip in the operating systems listed.

    File name: sp33443.exe

  • HP Notebook: Wifi and Audio does not work after update of the 10 victory

    I updated the OS to win 8.1 to 10 and it was somthly, but after this recent update to win 10 all at once the wifi has ceased to recognize all the networks around it... also the audio has stopped working. I tried the two troubleshooting and found the audio starts to work after you troubleshoot but wifi does not work. This happens everytime I turn on my laptop, and whenever I have to solve an audio driver to fix it but the wifi doesn't work every time... Please help... I also tried to update the drivers of these two, but he said that the drivers are updated every time... Please let me know if anyone can guide me through this problem...

    Hey @Riken_HP,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! This is a great place to find solutions and help our community!

    I understand that you are having problems with the wifi on your HP laptop. I'd be happy to help you.

    What is the exact model of your laptop? If you do not know who will find it here: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers

    The following pages are useful for troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems.
    Troubleshooting wireless network and Internet (Windows 10)

    In addition, you can watch the the power management of your wireless adapter:
    Turn off the power to the adapter:
    1. open Device Manager. (Win Key + R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)
    2. expand the network adapters.
    3. right click on the Ethernet adapter / wireless, and then click Properties.
    4. click on the power management tab.
    5 remove the check mark next to allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
    6. click on OK.
    7 test cycle.

    Forget a network (Windows 10)
    Forget wireless network profiles in Windows 10

    Reset TCP/IP on your PC:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" without the quotes and press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    It can also help to reset the Winsock Catalog:
    1. go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.
    2. right-click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.
    3. in the window that opens type "netsh winsock reset" without the quotes, and then press ENTER.
    4 restart your PC and test.

    Reinstall the NIC drivers:
    1. download the drivers from here, but do not run them again.
    2. go to your Start menu/screen and type Device Manager.
    3. expand network adapters.
    4. right click on the wireless adapter and choose uninstall.
    5 install the drivers downloaded in step 1.
    6. restart your PC and test.

    Test an ethernet connection:
    Not call explanation. Test if the problem persists on a wired connection to the adapter hardware troubleshooting wireless can be directed to the appropriate areas.

    Test another connection:
    Many people excluded their home network as a problem if another device working on the same network. Networking is not as simple as that. Each device interacts differently with your router or modem and it is impossible to exclude the settings for this device until the laptop has been tested on another network.

    Please hold me.

    By pressing the Thumbs Up button below, you can always say thank you!

    See you soon.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC: HDMI Port does not

    I updated my Windows 10 operating system and since that time the HDMI port did not work to my TV. This worked fine before the upgrade. I deleted the Intel drivers and installed the chipset as recommended on a previous post.  I tried another cable. It did not work.  The message on the TV is No Signal.

    Hi @Saxnot, @muzza180,.

    HP has worked closely with Microsoft on the development of Windows 10 and drivers for graphics cards. Currently there is no driver available for your system. You can try and check at a later date, because I see new drivers all the time.

    Thank you.

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