HP Deskjet 2540: I can't find password wireless for the new printer!


I am very confused because I bought this new printer and I have downloaded the software application in my I touch, I went in wi - if parameters and found the printer but it requires a password I can't find it anywhere.  The manual says I have a find the password on the 'use printer wireless without router page' but I can't find it anywhere.

can someone please help as soon as possible

Thank you

Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

The information you are looking for is on page 53 of the User Guide:

Connect to the printer without a wireless router

HP wireless direct allows your wireless devices such as computers, smart phones, tablets and other

Wireless, to connect to your printer directly over the wireless network, using the method you

currently use to connect your wireless for hot spots and new wireless networks. With HP

Wireless direct, you can print directly to the printer wireless, a wireless router, of your

wireless device activated.

To connect to the printer without a wireless router, press the button wireless directly from the printer

Control Panel. If this is the first time you turn on the HP direct wireless, how Connect information

page will be printed. Follow the instructures on printed information page.

NOTE: HP direct wireless with security is enabled by default when you turn it on. The HP wireless

direct password can be found by printing information page.

NOTE: The information page are not available in all languages. It can only be printed

automatically when you first activate wireless HP direct.

To print information page, press in and hold the button wireless live for more than 3 seconds.

If direct HP wireless is enabled, the Direct wireless status light is solid on.


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