HP Pavilion g7-2240us: problem with WiFi


I had a few problems with the WiFi lately.

Whenever I turn on the laptop, the internet conection is limited. I have to run the troubleshooting of Windows everytime I turn on my laptop to solve this problem.

I've updated the Wifi drivers through Windows Update, but the problem persists.

What can I do to fix this?

Laptop model: HP Pavilion g7-2240us

Windows 8


There are many things that can go wrong with wifi.

Here is a good place to start your troubleshooting.

If the problem seems to occur when returning from Standby Mode, then you can move on to configuring power wifi Options.

Most wireless devices can be disabled by the system for saving energy. In some scenarios of sleep, the unit is unable to wake up properly when the system comes back from sleep or hibernation. To avoid this, set the parameters of the wireless adapter power management

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    Problem with WiFi connectivity with new Ipad Pro.  Unable to connect to the wifi at home.  My other devices (mini mac, iphone, iPad 2) all work fine on my wifi at home.  I am able to connect Ipad Pro wifi work.

    On the Pro iPad, tap settings > general > reset > reset network settings

    You will need to re enter your Wi - Fi password.

    Then try to connect to your Wi - Fi network.

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    -By doing a reset network

    -Do a reset total and restore my phone

    -To restart my phone twice.

    -Audit and third-party applications unnistalling

    Nothing works. I was in the apple store where they checked my phone and they say everything is ok with the phone. I'm not crazy, and I know when something does not work correctly. Also, I think it's iOS 9.3 update a reaponsible for my phone issues.

    Please fix bugs fast.

    Having the same exact problems since the upgrade. In addition, battery drains very quickly now, and sometimes the phone becomes very hot. It took to the Genius Bar and they told me everything was normal in the diagnostic tests. Restored, restarting, etc., and always the same problems. GPS locates me, but then don't follow my movement at all and told to go outside as the gps is not detected even if I am outside. Bluetooth connection to the car and watch grave intermittently. Signal WiFi is greatly reduced and falls easily.

  • Problem with WiFi adapter (RTL8187b) on the Satellite L350-146


    Problem with WiFi (RTL8187b) on the Toshiba Satellite L350-146 adapter:

    Exchange of packets of with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 3ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 4 ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 6ms TTL = 128
    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
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    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 128
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    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 2ms TTL = 128

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: sent = 50, received = 50, lost = 0 (0% loss)
    Estimated duration of admission, transfer to ms:
    1msek = Minimum, Maximum = 874 ms, average = 34 ms

    Win Vista HP, drivers last.
    This problem with different access points.

    Sorry for bad English may

    Need to check if theres no interferense in your plase, check also if the WiFi adapter is ok!... you can do this reinstalling the driver and check if it works if not you have to go with an ASP in your area to check the Wi Fi card...

  • Problems with WiFi from Toshiba and their lack of support - you're not alone

    For those of you out there problems with WiFi on a Toshiba laptop, you're certainly not alone.

    Over the past years, I have noticed a growing number of different brands and models of computers laptop toshiba and laptops with the same problem.
    Last year, 100% of the toshibas that came in my workshop have had this problem, it is about 75% of the laptops that I fixed.

    These models have all hardware wifi (Agere, Intel and Realtek)

    The wifi switch is on, on the same computer, some programs to detect as being market, others see it as extinct.
    What, it doesn't connect to a same wireless router when used to.

    Responses of toshiba were the usual non-professional form response from: it must be the router, try to flip the switch, you have updated the bios?, update the drivers et al.

    It is a software problem, and given the number of people on this forum talking about the same issue, it's a great.

    Often, I came across the issue of windows for communication services wireless disabled by software of Toshiba and I believe, that it is a conflict between tosh software and various other (zone alarm, windows and al.)

    In some cases, the software seems to intervene and to corrupt the OS from windows drivers and interfere with their implementation and enforcement, which is worrying, the software doesn't have to touch all areas. (if not, what is the point of a BONE in layers)

    I sometimes managed to force to work (for example manually restart the services), but these solutions are not a "clean way" of doing things.

    The most reliable way to solve this problem seems to be, backup your data and reformat back to the manufacturer's specifications, and then immediately uninstall the software from toshiba and update the drivers terribly old (even those on the site are about one year more up-to-date for the model I'm working currently on.) Unfortunately most of my clients is companies that need a LOT of data stored in different saved locations, then a ton of programs specialized to be reinstalled, which is slow and costly.

    Message from TOSHIBA:
    Please make it a sticky in this forum for all the REAL solutions, not one of the threads that I watched with your suggestions has been resolved.

    If there is little no support for your products in this regard, I will contact the ACCC, choices, and associations of trade fair with an open letter that I ask all customers affected to sign, and I will put a national call for people with the same problem to come forward.

    I would like to ask also if you encounter a problem where your wifi stopped working and it does not detect or work, please just post "bump" under here so that we can keep way reasonably clutter free.

    I used to recommend Toshiba and Asus for laptops, now, this list is one.

    Greetings from the Australia (aus site sent me here for the forums)

    Damien Holley

    [email protected]+
    You can do what you want but as mentioned above; WiFi problems are not specific to a laptop manufactures, you'll notice WLan issues on computers (laptops, desktops computers) all manufactured products.
    I had 4 different books of four various manufacturers and ALL had problems of WiFi, but most problems could be solved by the driver update, change, or reset of the router are.

  • Problems with WiFi after put 10.11.2 up-to-date.

    Mid 2011 iMac.  Problems with WiFi after put 10.11.2 up-to-date.  No associated network.  Everything was fine before the update. All the pre 10.11.2 device works fine.  Anyone else having issues?  I have to disconnect and reconnect manually.  WiFi drops every 5 to 10 minutes.  Nothing has changed on the machine something of the update.

    Please do not comment on the age of the system.  Achieve a Mid 2011 arrived at a possible replacement point.  I have many other new Mac at home.  The Mid 2011 is spec'd with 16 GB of RAM, i7 and SSD.  It's always very fast.

    Thank you in advance for the answer...

    Hi Captainsniz

    There are a few things to try. Keep doing this until the problem disappears.

    First of all, if you have not already, shut down the computer completely, wait about 1 minute, then restart.

    Disconnect the wifi network either via system preferences, either by pressing the "Option" key and clicking on the wifi menu bar icon.

    Reset the DHCP lease by going to system preferences > network and show Advanced Options, and then click the button to "Renew the DHCP lease" TCP/IP tab.

    You can delete the wifi network of system preferences > network > network name... then close system preferences. Then reopen and add the network in.

    You can also restart your wifi router, it erases the old connections. Most of the routers you just turn off and wait a few minutes, then restart. You can also reset your ISP modem if you have a.

    Finally, you can try to reset the PRAM and SMC on your Mac. I'll get this info here on Apple Support KBs for your particular Mac.

    Be sure to back up your computer.

    Hope this helps, Greg

  • Problem with WiFi since 10.11.2


    I have some problems with Wifi since I installed 10.11.2.

    Before all work perfectly and since 10.11.2, my wifi will disconnect and reconnect it.

    Do you also have problems with Wifi? and maybe a solution?

    Thank you


    I had no problems with my WiFi since the update, but I'm sorry to hear that you are.  Have what you done on your end to fix this?  Have reset you your modem/router?  Have you contacted your ISP?

  • HP tm2-1010ea problem with wifi

    all start with replacing the battery, then replacing the ssd

    format / new drivers/windows /.

    and now problems with wifi drops and loose conectivity light is on and after a 30 min close by him self and no connection is any program to test if I need to replace it or?

    OK solution

    Download windows iso version that your computer link is originally (be careful)

    Download clone drive (feeware)

    mount the iso (diferent external drive)

    Start windows to install then start upgrading and connect on the net with an ethernet cable to find the latest files for windows start


    a few reboots approx. 1 hour

    for my problem was frame 4.5 has been corrupted and repair windows

  • WRT350N ver 2.0 problem with WiFi


    I bought ver2.0 WRT350N and I have problem with WiFi. WiFI is not working no signal and WiFi even not blink. I did the Firmware Upgrade to the latest version, reset several times 30-30-30, but it does not help. I'll be appreciate for any response.



    Thanks a lot for your answer. I have reset the router for 2 minutes, but it's not helping. It looks like this: after the power cord to the electric light taken router is green and blinks twice 10 seconds more late light output changes from green to yellow color twice safe. I can ping the router, I can connect to it via the web page, I can update firmware via the web page. I see all the options. I can turn on and turn off wifi but the router does not give any signal radio (wifi)... and of course wireless light is black. I tried to download the firmware via TFTP without success. I don't know what more I can do...

  • Problems with wifi, I have a wifi extension in my house and I can not connect

    Original title: Wifiproblems

    Problems with wifi, I have a wifi extension in my house and I can't connect it, I try with support but it did not work. It's a shame in a new tablet to have this problem

    It only happens with the tablet surface, not with other devices

    It's an easy way to solve

    I saw a similar situation in forum wireless, they have solved the 'limited' problem by disabling the Extender, and then turning turn it back on. He solved their problem, and it is easy to try. I hope it works for you.

  • Problems with Wifi on windows 8

    Dear Microsoft

    I report a serious problem with loss of WiFi connectivity on windows computers 8. Sometimes many different problems occur when trying to restart our system of windows 8, after that we had problems with our applications, we had problems with WiFi connectivity on our computer that shipped with 8 64-bit windows. Please take this issue seriously and solve this problem as soon as possible... Can you please do a few good deeds as the determination of the loss of WiFi connectivity on our computer?

    Thank you for the problems I have with windows 8.

    To avoid confusion and duplication of effort, please post all further follow-up replies to your original-online http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/ie10-windows_8/ie-10-issues/c0ac0ed8-ddc0-4a7c-8f08-7f84f2ddcded thread (March 8, 2013 & ff)

  • Pavilion p256ur: problems with Wifi after waking up (only)

    I have a problem with my new laptop Pavilion p256ur. After he wakes up (only) the wifi (Broadcom BCM 43142) adapter does not. turned on in device management, it can not find any network. WiFi button (in the system settings menu and status bar) don't respond - it seems that the wifi is turned off. I try to:

    1 power off and power on this card in Device Manager

    2. turn off power off (to save energy) option in the settings of the adapter

    3 (default) old uninstal and install the most recent drivers

    4. install the latest driver for chipset

    5 control wlansvc service-, she strives to after wake up

    but his do not solve the problem.

    If I try to reinstall the drivers wifi after last stride upward of his works, but until the next morning to the top.

    In an event list management device devices there is a message:

    Bcmwl64.inf_amd64_0f3430bbd776c163\bcmwl64.inf installation driver for device with ID PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & REV_01\0000E2FFFFCDD85D00 & SUBSYS_2230103C, supplemented by the following condition: 0x0.

    After the system restart wifi works correctly, so if I want to use the wlan I must not sleep notebok. but restart it every time (or reinstall the drivers) is not comfortably. can you help me please?

    Hi @Medvejo,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your 15-p256ur HP Pavilion Notebook and Wifi problems after wake up. I see that if you change the balanced power plan options option in the book will help. Here is a link that will help you. Go to your power options. Select balance, then click on change plan settings. Click on change advanced power settings. Click on choose what the power button. Figure: 13 choose what the power buttons. -Uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device to save power under the management of the power supply of the wireless adapter.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking on the Thumbs Up below! .

    Thank you.

  • Pavilion 15-n234sl: problem with the installation of the driver WIFI RTL8188EE

    Hello world.

    I encounter some problem with my wireless card since the new driver is available via windows update.

    The installation seems to be ok, but after that the card no longer works.

    The key of the keyboard wifi light. lit red guard if it is set to the aero mode.

    The card works fine in rolling back to a previous system configuration, it goes back to work, until the new driver is installed again.

    Any who have experienced the same problem or does anyone have a solution?

    Can someone tell me the other compatible wifi cards in case of substitution?

    Thank you very much and sorry if my English is not perfect!



    Please read my recommendation about what to do on the link below...


  • Problem with WiFi with my HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC running Windows 8

    I have a problem with connecting to WiFi networks in my house with my laptop HP running Windows 8.

    I have this problem on every single network, I've already tried to connect to this laptop too. Sometimes it does even not detect my wireless network but it see others in the apartment complex. Otherwise, the error message 'Unable to connect to this network' is displayed. My other laptop of HP that has windows 7 has ever of connection problems.

    Not the product. is B1K80EA #ABV.

    The BIOS Setup: F.25 - 29 - may - 2013

    Driver-manufacturer: Broadcom 4313GN

    Driver date: 26 - October - 2011

    Driver version:

    Please solve this problem.

    Thank you.

    Hello safin_nazar,

    Welcome to the HP Forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!

    I understand that your computer cannot connect to wireless networks. I will do my best to help you! For help, try the procedure described in this document from HP: troubleshooting wireless network and Internet (Windows 8)

    The document contains steps useful such as resetting the connection, by adjusting the various settings and much more. I believe that these steps will help out you. Whatever it is, please provide your results.

    Thank you for choosing the HP Forums. Have a great day!


  • Problem with WiFi connectivity in windows 8.1


    I have problems with my Wifi on my HP Pavilion 15 Notebook (product number: G2H02PA-#ACJ)
    I have Windows 8.1 as well as Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn Wi - Fi adapter.

    My Wifi connection says LIMITED connectivity. I've already complained about my problem on the HP support by phone. But I don't have any solution for my problem. Technician a driver wifi re-installed and the Bios but did not get any solution. Customer support sent me some links to update the driver but not got any solution again.
    I tried to install different versions of drivers for card Ralink WLAN ! Still without success!
    I am writing this post from my other laptop that my wifi router running on other devices!

    Pending a solution so that I can use internet on my new laptop computer.

    Thanks in advance for any solution.

    I also had this problem and corrected.

    To correct the problem of wifi... open charms bar... in the search window, type device manager in Device Manager... double click network adapters, right-click right on... Qualcom Atheros QCA 9565802.11b/g/n wifi adapter... right click and click on uninstall.

    A pop window should open asking you to confirm. Confirm by clicking on... Ok.

    After that, restart your laptop.

    Your wifi should be visible in the networks. You can then connect to your network of your choice.

Maybe you are looking for