HP photosmart 4780: my HP Photosmart c4780 has a hard drive

I'm about to throw a HP Photosmart 4780.  I used it for the scanning of confidential activities.  Is there a memory of these scans left on the device once its been turned off?  Y at - he no memory storage that I need to worry?


Welcome to the HP community @smo2016,

I saw your post asking about the memory of the printer on your HP Photosmart c4780. I'd be happy to help you.

The answer to both questions is no. The printer doesn't have any storage memory, so it stores any of your digital images.

Here is a link to the specifications of the printer.

Specifications for the HP Photosmart C4600-C4700 all-in-one printer series

I hope this helps.

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    The Photosmart 7660 has no internal memory containing sensitive information.  Make sure that all photo cards are excluded the memory locations at front as shown on page 6 of the manual user here.

  • DV7-7333 CL. : need help formatting has replaced hard drive in my laptop


    I received instructions from HP another volunteer on a bad hard drive replacement. I replaced the hard drive with a new and need someoe to please guide me how to format my new drive hard back to the WIN 10 I had installed on the former. I also buy a 22 pin adapter usb to SATA.

    Another agent said that Windows 10 can be reinstalled on a new drive hard if your installation has been activated before. The activation servers Microsoft just know your computer and will be reactive. You must Access the media creation tool and have it make a bootable DVD player or you need a usb thumb drive at least 4 GB.

    I am in Germany but still do not know the language well enough and could not find a tool for creating Windows Media version in English free repacement.

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    PROBLEM SOLVED (FINALLY)! I just wanted you to know that we have finally understood why the data on the computer with the media to WIN creation tool not was not download on thumb drive = Firewall! Not sure if everyone will have this problem but in collaboration with Windows agent, I happened to see a pop-up window saying something on the analysis of data not allowing not to download. It is therefore sometimes necessary to temporarily disable all firewalls and Web titles before starting the download.

    Follow the instructions of man Las Vegas thread above to create a bootable USB Thumb Drive to replace newly hard drive with OS Windows 10. HOWEVER, the following was not mentioned in his instructions, and not all computers can do this extra step so keep the following in mind if your USB key does not complete the upload.

    Again, to download data, I downloaded on the work computer, a USB key, I had to we need to temporarily disable all the security features on the work computer until you have completed the download of the WIN Media Creation Tool on the thumb drive process (this includes your private web anti-virus, we can use AND/OR the WIN Firewall and other security features available on the led computer. )

    I hope this helps those who have similar problems.

    Thanks again for all your help man Las Vegas thread!

    Kind regards


  • Pavilion dv7 E: abbreviated DST has no hard drive 1

    Product number: LW039EA #ABD

    My PC starts, but after a few minutes becomes extremely slow. The memory test was OK, but abbreviated failed DST pointing Hard Disk 1 if an error occurs. Failure ID: 9LNGGF-5K77S6-MFH14J-60QV03

    I have 2 HDD, each with 750Go and it seems that disk 1 is a failure.

    (1) how can I remove the disc 1, which seems to be the MAIN (System) drive and continue to use only disc 2? or

    (2) if I need to buy new HARD drive to replace the failed disk 1, please advise that you buy and please provide detailed replacement procedure, to keep my data and OS.

    Initially, my PC was purchased with Windows 7, but I recently ugraded to Windows 10.

    Thanks in advance!

    See page 56 of the manual here:

    Dv7-6000 series manual

    Since you have 2 hard drives, you have a built-in spare part but you will have to swap positions that only the hard drive in the Bay of primary is bootable and can be the operating system disk. If you have data on the secondary drive, you must store it somewhere if you want to keep it. Because you can always boot from the primary drive, I would say that your data is safe on this subject, but you want to stop using it as soon as possible. You try to use the wrong disc you will have problems. If your laptop computer has been upgraded for Windows 10 and it shows "activated" in the information system, you can reinstall Windows 10 as a clean install and it will show as "responsive" when you connect to the internet. You can use the media Windows 10 tool to do a full installation disc Windows 10.


    You can also see this as a sign that it is time for one SSD drive. Tomorrow being Cyber Monday you will find the best opportunities out there on the semiconductor readers right now.


    This is just one example; a concert of 240 for $55. If it were my laptop I installed an SSD in the Bay of primary and run Windows from it. Normally, I would advise that you can clone the old drive to a new drive, but with errors on the old disk, it would not be a good idea to try to clone. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Microsoft asked me what kind of second hard drive, I.,

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    Microsoft said that my second hard drive could be used as a backup.and most of the versions of windows has a backup program built in.
    I could use this space as a storage with hard drive (c) 445 x 2
    If Yes, how can I when I finished my 465 GB of disk (c), it just would continue in the drive (k)
    Please more information on this second please.and by car because I am not computer mind could you explain in layman Lingo.

    Hi bobdunford,

    When you say that Microsoft asked you, do you mean that you have received a command prompt or you work with someone in support?

    Here is some information on the vista backup:


    Your post is a bit difficult to understand; do you mind rephrase?

  • Replacement has no HARD drive

    I have a T61 with the Seagate 160 G 7200 RPM HARD drive.  The HARD drive has failed which led to the infamous BSD.  I was unable to use the recovery & rescue integrated as it fails, likely due to HARD drive problems.  So I purchased and installed a WD 320 G 7200 RPM Scorpio Blue SATA HDD.  I also called Lenovo and bought a set of rescue & Recovery CD.  When I launched the R & R set, it reports an error on Disc1 and continues to run in the recovery process, but dies with the error "there are no file list of modules.  In desperation, I reinstalled the original disc of 160 G and re-run R & R.  He was running very well and turned on my T61.  But I trust is more than HARD drive since he already had bad sectors.  So, I put the new 320 G disk HARD back in and I tried R & R once again.  I had the same error 'there no module do list file.  So, the mistake of R & R is related to the new HARD drive.  Hmm, I thought that I could clone the old 160G for the new 320 G HARD drive.  So I put the old 160G HARD drive in a USB enclosure and the new 320G disk HARD in the Bay T61 and run Acronis to clone from the old to the new.  As you can imagine the clone fails due to errors of area on the old HARD disk.  So, I'm stumped on how to get the T61 running with the new HARD drive.  Any ideas why R & R fails with the error "there is no file list of modules?

    Well, I think I've solved my problem.  "When I was using the R & R disc set, an error will be generated on the recovery of the product 1 disk saying: ' the wrong volume is mounted" and telling me to reinsert the disk recovery & rescue original.  So, I then inserted the R & R disc and click 'Retry '.  The recovery process would then immediately ask product Recovery Disk 2 and start the process.  7 discs later, I would get the error "there is no list of modules file" and the process could fail.

    This time, on the first 'bad volume' error, I left Product Recovery 1 in the drive and clicked on continue.  Now, the process has continued and the rest of the product disc 1 (which it didn't when I followed the instructions in the error message).  After that, everything flowed on properly and moved to the Windows installation that is running now - fingers crossed.

    So, there's something funky in this error "wrong volume".  As to why it occurs with a nice new HARD drive and does not work with old HDD failure and why the error is not treated correctly by the resumption of the process, I have no idea.

    BTW, the docs that come with the unit R & R are quite sad.  They do not match the process at all.  For $50, Lenovo could have done better.

  • Printers HP Photosmart C4780 all a printer driver has no

    I uninstalled reinstalled went to the HP website have downloaded updated software, drivers, firmware and still get a message saying: install the printer and no driver

    I do what you asked, but just to let you know that I have already downloaded this software the only thing I did was remove this file you me too. Thank you very much

  • Tecra 8000: what name has the HARD drive connector?

    I need the name of the connector Hdd in Tecra 8000.
    Who can help me?

    Oxford Chris


    I found the info Toshiba has delivered two different Tecras 8000. Can you please write exact number of sticker for laptop? It must be something like Tecra 8000 (PAT80AE-xxx).

    It will be perhaps easier to identify which HDD is on the inside.

    Good bye

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    DC in / battery LED indicator
    Power light and
    Wireless communication indicator.

    Is that what you want to know?

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    I have CS5 (serial number [deleted]) installed on my old laptop - but HDD has stopped on this machine and therefore not able to uninstall.

    I want to reinstall on my new lapt top - can you help me?

    If you did install once, you should be able to install a second time on a second computer.

    If you already installed more than once, you must contact Adobe customer service to reset your counter of activation: http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=creative-suite

    PS please do not post your serial number in public places like this forum!

  • Re: Satellite U400-11 q with Vista has new HARD drive but no recovery disk


    Before starting a very important message: I do not usually work with pc... :-) At my work we have an IT Department for our PC :-))

    However, now I have to work privately with a PC / laptop and I need help: I'm sitting in front of a Toshiba Satellite U400-11 q with a HARD drive completely newly formatted and unfortunately WITHOUT recovery CD or DVD!

    So far I managed to format the new HARD drive and put a Windows Vista Home Basic (OEM software) from my old pc on this notebook. However, nothing works again (I want to get into the Internet, etc.).

    So, I now have to put on all the involved drivers as well as drivers TOSHIBA original, right?

    How can I do this? What drivers to I need? Do I have to download all the drivers concerned (total 113) one by one on the Web from Toshiba site?

    ANY help is appreciated as I see myself spend all night in front of the PC...

    Thank you

    For the benefit of mobile work, you need to install all the necessary drivers and tools and utilities.
    Each of them you can find on Toshiba download page under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp

    Any substance must be installed according to installation order. Here it is:
    Windows Vista SP1
    Chipset Intel module
    Intel Robson (Intel iMSM Driver)
    Intel Crestline-GM / UMA Driver
    AMD M82XT /M86 driver
    Audio driver Conexant CX20561
    Driver LAN Marvell 8040/8055
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
    Conexant Modem driver
    Wireless LAN driver
    Chicony camera software
    Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
    CIR Port driver
    TOSHIBA Value Added Package
    TOSHIBA hardware configuration utility
    TOSHIBA supervisor password
    TOSHIBA SD Memory utilities
    AuthenTec AES1610 fingerprint utility
    TOSHIBA ConfigFree
    TOSHIBA Assist
    TOSHIBA Speech System
    CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer
    Toshiba HDD Protection
    TOSHIBA face recognition
    TOSHIBA TRS driver
    Broadcom V2.14.4.0
    HDMI Control Manager
    ProtonPack for Vista

    Install all the stuff on this list. If there is something missing just continue with the next.

    By the way: this machine works perfectly with Win7 32-bit so I highly recommend you to use Win7 instead of Vista.

  • Only now has no hard drive, Windows 7 Home Edition Premium is not validated on new drive - HELP

    How to validate Windows 7 HP OEM's version when I had to move everything to a new hard drive?  Thanks in advance.

    Ahh finely review messages.  I get notified of posts but could not see them.  I sent help

    Check your PM

    If it is still a failure, you are positive that you have installed Windows 7 Home Premium?

  • Is it possible to move a hard drive between a newly built computer that currently has no hard drive.

    The old computer was a Dell 8200 demension.  It is the power supply is dead and its processor was 8 years, so I decided to build a new.  I have a backup of the system on a USB hard drive. I have also all my important files backed up.  I realize that the old HD and his backup, both, all dell settings and drivers.  I'm not trying to circumvent the licensing rules.  I'm willing to pay Microsoft.  Should I buy a new drive with XP SP3 pro/c.  I hesitate to switch windows 7 yet.
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    You must buy a new XP Pro and install it on the new computer. Transfer your data from the old disk to the new. You can then format the old drive and use it for extra storage if you wish. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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