DV7-7333 CL. : need help formatting has replaced hard drive in my laptop


I received instructions from HP another volunteer on a bad hard drive replacement. I replaced the hard drive with a new and need someoe to please guide me how to format my new drive hard back to the WIN 10 I had installed on the former. I also buy a 22 pin adapter usb to SATA.

Another agent said that Windows 10 can be reinstalled on a new drive hard if your installation has been activated before. The activation servers Microsoft just know your computer and will be reactive. You must Access the media creation tool and have it make a bootable DVD player or you need a usb thumb drive at least 4 GB.

I am in Germany but still do not know the language well enough and could not find a tool for creating Windows Media version in English free repacement.

I don't know what to do to format my new hard drive... Please help!

Thank you.


PROBLEM SOLVED (FINALLY)! I just wanted you to know that we have finally understood why the data on the computer with the media to WIN creation tool not was not download on thumb drive = Firewall! Not sure if everyone will have this problem but in collaboration with Windows agent, I happened to see a pop-up window saying something on the analysis of data not allowing not to download. It is therefore sometimes necessary to temporarily disable all firewalls and Web titles before starting the download.

Follow the instructions of man Las Vegas thread above to create a bootable USB Thumb Drive to replace newly hard drive with OS Windows 10. HOWEVER, the following was not mentioned in his instructions, and not all computers can do this extra step so keep the following in mind if your USB key does not complete the upload.

Again, to download data, I downloaded on the work computer, a USB key, I had to we need to temporarily disable all the security features on the work computer until you have completed the download of the WIN Media Creation Tool on the thumb drive process (this includes your private web anti-virus, we can use AND/OR the WIN Firewall and other security features available on the led computer. )

I hope this helps those who have similar problems.

Thanks again for all your help man Las Vegas thread!

Kind regards


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  • Recovery disk failure after replacing hard drive of a laptop computer DV7 series

    I have a HP Pavilion dv7-4270us with Windows 7 64 bit and recently received a message on start-up indicating that the intelligent of my hard drive failed. I bought a hybrid Momentus XT drive. I bought the recovery discs, since I neglected to follow my own advice and did not have a game. Replaced the hard drive, and begun the process of recovery, after the disc of the Application, the system was declared finished, clicks the button, the system shuts down. Activated power, recovery took over for a few minutes, declaring that he was copying files, a few minutes later, he said it was over asking me to click done. After that I did it, the system has rebooted hung on the screen of the HP logo with the statement in the lower left corner indicating "press ESC for the Start Menu. My only recourse was to power down the machine. When I restart the computer, I get the message 'Bootmgr' missing

    I have already paid through the forums and tried to download the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit DVD of digital life. As it starts installing, it indicates that a driver is missing, I poured by drivers for this computer and see nothing for SATA, and none of the others would be required to start. I succeeded in my Windows 7 Professional on the loading system, but since I don't have an extra code to hang out professional, it's not helping right now.

    I also tried to partition the new disk manually using a device that allows me to see the drive using a USB port and my office, but he's not right. The good news is that the old drive still works to a point. I can read it via USB, and I can back up the drive, with the exception of the recovery partition. But when I put the new disk and set up similar scores for the original drive, it still does not start.

    I have tried many other things all pronounce the failure, I'm not used to failure when it comes to computers, so be gentle.


    The missing pilot is due either to a bad burn or use another brand of DVD. You must burn the ISO at the slowest speed possible file that you can.

    In addition, check the size of the ISO file that you downloaded. Sometimes you do not get the full 3. XX GB even if the download says completed.

    If you have 4 GB or more large USB flash drive, you can install W7 as it.

    Just follow these instructions...

    Download the MS of W7 USB installation tool and read the instructions on the page to use.

    http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/HTML/p bPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool

    You may also make this mod as I did if the flash tool-error.

    Download the bootsect file form http://www.everettsporting.com/bootsect.zip

    You will need to go into Control Panel, select display large icons, go to the icon of folder options, view tab, and select the hidden files and folders option.

    Once downloaded, copy the BootSect.exe file in the same folder that contains the file of Windows7-USB-DVD-Download - Tool.exe installed. This file in Windows 7's default installation directory is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Apps\Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool\

    Run the application from the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool as described on the Microsoft Store website. The end result will give you a boot USB flash drive that contains everything you need to install the 64 bit version of Windows 7.


  • Re: Need to format an internal hard drive in FAT32, how?

    OK, this is no playstation forum but bear with me.

    I bought a new samsung 1 TB drive HARD internal to my playstation 3 but it can't recognize him, probably because it is not formatted in FAT32. I need to format this drive. I tried to put in an old laptop and do it, but the connections are different. I put in my Satellite A500-12W and thought using an old windows XP cd and find a 'format' instead of the installation option. However, the computer would not boot from the CD with the new drive in. I got the error message:

    "PXE - E61: media test failure, check cable for.
    "PXE - MOF: exit Pxe rom.

    The drive is new and should not be defective. I had created satellite before recovery discs so I put the number 1 and then I reached the installation process, but it seemed that I had no choice but to install all of the thing which is 4 DVD and when I did it before that I remember it being a working day (formatting often is with all OK that must be pressed) and I work a lot these days , I would like to avoid making a complete installation just to be able to felete it again and format it to FAT32. Since we are talking about the internal drive I can't do it just Windows because there is no windows on it...

    The user manual has nothing useful to contribute, I looked through the installer looking for a 'format' option but does.

    Can someone help me? For example can I enter in MS-DOS without an OS istalled and do it from there? What I want is a FAT32 HDD is empty...

    If possible, connect the new HARD drive to a computer as a external HARD drive and try to change it to FAT 32.
    PartitionMagic application of best and powerful enough to do this.

    Googling around you will find NTFS to FAT32 converter. Something like Aomei NTFS to FAT32 Converter. Check it out.

  • I need help to retrieve my hard drive using the recovery of Neosmart disk (it takes days)

    To get a better perspective, I'll tell you the history of what has gone wrong.

    What happened is that the computer has a virus and it changed some coding on the computer. When this happened to that my computer wouldn't let me enter my account and the only account that I could go on was the administrator account. I tried on a few websites and the other microsoft Web sites told me to do something with the command userinit or something like that, which led to the black screen of death that I managed to fix it on my own.

    Another website told me to use the recovery disk but like a lot of people that I don't have a recovery disk, I only had a reinstallation disk that said I could fix the computer, but it would delete all hard disk that I didn't, I need the intact files because they are important to my family.

    Then I discovered on the recovery disk that you can buy from Neosmart.com and this disc is made like the original Vista recovery disk. Anyway I bought it and I clicked on "Automatic repair" and it comes up with 2 dives eligible for recovery (it says at the top) a player is 10 GB and the other is 288 GB (it says active is the 288 GB we) I clicked on repair automated on one of them, but I don't remember. Apparently fixed it (coding I guess) and I restarted but no consideration was there. He says "Please wait" for a long time, then it comes up with a single account that says "User" I click it and it says user name and password you will need to connect to a computer at school or something. I put my username and password anyway and it does not of course and it comes up with "the specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted.

    So, I went back on the recovery disk and I so I click on system restore to get my stuff back and I can put it on a previous date until the virus has arrived and I click on it, then it is said that his recovery, files, but just like that, I let him recover and he was recovering for 3 days before I came on this site and tried something but it did not work. Like I said before it is 288 GB so I guessed it would take a long time to recover only the amount of data, but it seems just silly.

    Could someone please help me with this with words that I can identify the disk recovery Neosmart.com please

    Important additional information

    I said before that I don't remember what I have fixed drive, the thing is that there might be I have set the wrong drive, but to be honest at this point, I feel like if I do a movement without knowing what it will do, im going to lose what's on that hard drive

    Important files are not for work, they are files containing family photos of many years we couldn't print on paper of good quality printing. There is no other copy of these pictures and I really want to keep them, even with my parents.

    The recovery of Neosmart disk contains the following options

    • Auto repair
    • Score editor
    • Browse/Backup of files
    • Internet browser
    • Launch the command line

    Within the Automated repair is where you can get the system restore. The others you can kind of guess, if you want to know so just ask.

    Help, please

    Thank you

    To recover the photos, you can remove the drive and it slave on another computer (you can get very cheap external envelopes) and remove your data (you have just learned an important lesson in why you need to have backups).

    Once you have saved your data, your best bet would probably be to reinstall. A good Web site for the removal of malicious software is that one.

    Good luck!

  • Need help to share a hard drive in vista

    How do you share a hard drive in Vista on a home network that the other network users can back up their music, photos, etc... I have 3 computers vista and and 4 Xp Pro on the network computers and all that I get a message saying "F:\ is not accessible. Access is denied. " CANY anyone help


    The hard drive is missing on the permissions that are required.

    What are the permissions?

    Permissions are rules associated with objects on a computer or network, such as files and folders. Permissions determine whether you can access an object and what you can do with him. For example, you can access a document in a shared folder on a network but only be able to read the document and not to make changes. System administrators and users with accounts of administrator on computers can assign permissions to individual users or groups.

    To take possession of a hard drive.

    1. make a right click the hardrive / partition you want to take control and then click Properties.

    2. click on the Security tab, click Advanced, and then click the owner tab.

    3. click on modify. Need administrator permission if you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    4. click on the name of the person you want to give to the property.

    5. If you want this person to be the owner of the files and subfolders in this folder, select the Replace owner of subcontainers and objects to check.

    6. click on OK.

    For more information, see the article.


    Do us it if it can help


  • need recovery osx, after replacing hard drive

    replaced the hard drive in our mid 2009 Macbook pro.   Bustbuy said we have just led connect our external hard drive that we used with time machine, but mac is not initialized.  We have a disc of snow leopard, but were running mountain lion. can we reboot with snow lepard floppy then redownload mountain lion or will be this goof things up?

    Your Mac is too old to use the Internet version of recovery and steady recovery was on the disk that you took.

    You will need to install your drive 10.6 snow leopard, upgrade with software update until you run 10.6.8 and only THEN the Mac App Store will appear and you can re - download and re - install any system (10.7 or higher) you are running. Your 'Purchases' page allows you to download again.


    I would just add that they are SCUM does not start the installation for you in the store when it would be very easy for you and get you through these hoops. The Apple Store generally won't do that - they will make sure that you got your re - install before you leave the store, except if you decided not to do it here. And the Apple Store Wi - Fi is really fast and downloads are buffered on the computer store in the back.

  • Need help with a new hard drive in pavillion wiring elite M9400

    Hello fellow owners HP,.

    I recently bought a 1 TB hard drive for my Pavilion Elite M9400T.  I done my share of reading about installing to a new hard drive to another former post office and know how to physically install the disk in the slot, but my question starts with the wiring.

    I have a M9400T and saw the video of the installation here in this post.  I read to the bottom when he talks about the installation of additional hard disks into the empty Bay and had questions about the son in photo 5 on the photo below. I realized that I needed a Sata cable, so I bought one today, but I wonder if I can use other cables inside the case already for power. And who will be all I have to do to get this properly installed disc? I took pictures so that it would be easier for me to ask for help.

    A and B belong to my main hard drive and I want to know if I can use D (unused but looks like B) and a Sata cable bought my 2nd hard drive. I also noticed that B is related to C, which leads to the motherboard, so I didn't know if I needed to do the same for the 2nd drive.

    Connectors SATA 1 and 6 are taken by my hard drive and DVD drive (I think) cannot so I just put my 2nd hard drive on one of the remaining of the caps of 2-5?

    Thanks in advance for any and all tips and suggestions.

    BTW, I I was able to install the sticks of memory 2x2gb today without any problems for a total of 6 GB today but no matter what slots? I added the 2 slots of the fan and it seems to work very well.

    SO, Yes, you can use power connector would be ' for your new hard drive.  If you look closely at the image of a ' and follow the Red wire, it runs directly on the white molex (P4) beside the PSU connector.  He doesn't have to go to the motherboard.  Is not feed all the other components.

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  • Need help to choose a hard drive of my iMac desktop backup

    need a recommendation for at least a desktop hard drive 3 TB to use with Time Machine.  with Thunderbolt 2 or 3 USB my iMac is 10.10.5 Core i5, 16 GB of memory. In view of the Weston Digital my passport Pro 4 TB or LaCie2 6 to

    There are many choices, and they are all good for use with Time Machine or may even come with their own such as My Passport templates backup software. You will also find very competitive prices on amazon.com.

    If you plan to use Time Machine, so be sure that your backup disk is 2 or 3 times more capacity than the drive on your computer. Time Machine can use the space quickly.

    Time Machine deletes the old files if they have been deleted from the source when he needs space on the backup to a new incremental backup drive. Time Machine "Jules Destrooper" its backups. over 24 hours, old backups, except the first of the day; These "dailies", old more 30-day backups, except the first day of the week. The weeklies are kept as long as there is room.

    How long a backup rest file depends on how long it was on your Mac before you deleted, assuming that you do at least one backup per day. If she was there for less than 24 hours, it will be maintained for at least a month. If she was there at least a week, it will be maintained as long as there is room. By default, Time Machine backs up every hour. This can not be changed in Time Machine. There are third-party utilities that will modify the as Editor of Time Machinebackup interval.

    Time Capsule sparsebundle grows in size as needed, but not descended. So, from the point of view of the user of the time Capsule, it seems that no space was released, although there may be space in the sparsebundle.

    Once Time Machine finds he can't free up enough space for new backup it reports the disk is full. You can erase the backup disk and start over or get a larger drive.

  • Need help to remove the hard drive from a Satellite Pro M10

    Hi, a good will would point me in the right direction. I am trying to remove the HD from a satellite pro M10.
    I discovered the net without success.

    A diagram with being usefully etc.

    kind regards J


    I can't give you a diagram or something, but I can give an indication to take a look on the front left side of your machine. On this corner of the left side under the volume control is a small blanket where the HARD drive is in. You need only to unscrew the 2 screws that are accessible when you turn on your machine and and look at the bottom of your machine. Do you know what I mean?

    When you remove these 2 screws, you need to remove the HARD drive by taking some screwdriver flat-blade and paste between the disc cover and HARD case. Then carefully remove the cover of the HARD drive and you can recover the HARD drive with the cover and exchange it.

    Voila, your hard drive West. It s is not difficult at all.

    But if you still have some questions then request.

    Welcome them

  • Need help in choosing external hard drive encryption tool (Windows Bitlocker)

    Hello friends,

    I have an external hard drive (model capacity - STBU1000303, - 1 TB Seagate) and I'm looking for a disk security tool so I can encrypt my external drive and protect the password.

    I found a tool Microsoft Bitlocker, so please suggest can make the backup encryption and password for this external hard drive? Or should I try another third party tool?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello friends,

    I have an external hard drive (model capacity - STBU1000303, - 1 TB Seagate) and I'm looking for a disk security tool so I can encrypt my external drive and protect the password.

    I found a tool Microsoft Bitlocker, so please suggest can make the backup encryption and password for this external hard drive? Or should I try another third party tool?

    Thanks in advance!

    See the following link.

    Getting started with BitLocker Drive Encryption:

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd875544 (v = WS.10) .aspx

    "You can use BitLocker to encrypt fixed data (such as internal hard drives) drives and removable data (such as USB and external hard drives, flash drives) drives. To encrypt a data drive, it must be formatted by using the FAT, FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS file system and must be at least 64 MB in size. »

    Use the menu on the left side of this page to view other items all the information on the use of Bitlocker.


  • HP G56 Notebook: Replacement hard drive on a laptop G56

    The hard drive on my G56 died. "No HDD found", said currently, a 500 GB Sata 2. Can I put a 1 disc? There are a lot online that claim to work with this laptop. They are not formatted, and I know I have to buy windows again, but will I need to install the HP software also? In the affirmative. where can I find it?

    Thank you Gary

    You can put in a 1 TB drive. I recommend a model at 7200 RPM, something like this:


    Actually, you do not need to buy Windows again. Your laptop has an OEM license. Can you still read the key Code label inside the battery bay or at the bottom of the laptop?

    HP system software or drivers and utilities can be downloaded from this page. You may have the original recovery disks that the laptop has asked you to do when you first pulled it upward? If this is not the case, these discs can be ordered from HP, for much less than new windows.

    Please respond so we can provide additional assistance. Do you need directions or a video to replace the hard drive?

  • Windows Update does not not after replacing hard drive in the laptop

    I had to replace the hard drive in my HP Pavillion DV6911OM. Everything works except Windows update. I tried all the recommended fixes I could find on any site without success. Any ideas anyone?


    (1) you get an error message?
    (2) what exactly happens when you try to update Windows?

    See the methods mentioned below and check if that helps

    Method 1:
    Problems with installing updates

    See also:
    Updates: frequently asked questions

  • I need to formate a new hard flow

    I need to format a new hard drive do you recommend to make for the same drive partition

    Yes, you must format the drive when you install a new copy of Windows on it.

    Boot from the Windows 7 DVD

    Click Install now

    Accept the license agreement

    When the option is displayed to select a type of installation, click (Custom advanced)

    Click on drive Options

    Select the disc/s click on Delete

    Click new

    Click on apply

    Click OK

    Click Format, and then click next to proceed with the installation

  • Satellite Pro U400-153 - replacement HARD drive


    I need help with a new hard drive for the Satellite U400-153. My wife and I have a laptop (canada) U300 as well with a hard drive of 160 GB and a laptop U400-153 (europe) with a 120 GB HARD drive. I wanted to put the larger HARD drive in the U400 but the screws that hold the HARD drive in the laptop are closer together on the 160 GB HARD drive as this 120 GB HARD drive and so I can plug the HARD drive, but I can't replace the casing on the bottom of the laptop. I want to upgrade and put in a new HARD drive, but I can't seem to find any info on weither all readers will be the right size. will be the screws on this form? How will I know

    MK3265GSX Toshiba 320 GB 2.5 "hard drive SATAII 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache - OEM

    Does it matter what company it comes? I thought I got it was weird that the Satellite U300 would not transfer more easily.

    If anyone has any ideas please let me know...

    Thank you


    Theoretically, you can install each HARD drive with SATA 2.5 form factor interface in Satellite Pro U400.

    If you install a new HARD drive in Satellite Pro U400, you must use the old disk cover/case HARD to install.
    I put t know what you mean exactly with that, but maybe you can upload a photo to make it clearer.

    Finally and above all it doesn t matter what company it comes. You can use a Toshiba or another company HARD disk too like Western Digital, Seagate, etc..

  • A100 replacement hard drive

    I saw the other posts on this but no definitive answer.
    My HARD drive is dying and needs to be replaced. I see the posotion from the LHS is under the Palm drive and there seems to be one removable flap - other posts say there is only one screw to remove, but there is no visible screws under the machine.

    I've changed hard disks on other Toshibas with absolutetly no problem - someone at - it ideas?


    Replace HARD drive on this laptop is not simply the procedure. I'm not 100% sure, but the entire Palm rest/Touchpad should be removed first. HARD drive cover is fixed with a screw, but you'll see him only if the Palm is deleted.

    When this screw is removed, hold the HARD drive tab and pull the HARD drive bracket. Next step is to detach the HARD drive from the HARD drive support.
    The device is quite new and first of all, check if the warranty is still valid.

Maybe you are looking for