I can't find the code to the printer for my Photosmart Wireless B109n-z

Just bought an all-in-one PC and could not use my original CD for the printer to install the printing functionality.  I found my way to the Web site of the ePrint Centre and attempted to add my printer but can't find anything in the different tests to print to my printer which refers to a "printer Code".


EPrint does not support the printer you listed.  It is possible to print to your printer using Hp ePrint mobile app.

HP ePrint app

Let me know how it goes.

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  • Hello help, Mac can't find the printer

    Hi all

    'BonjourPSsetup.exe not supported under OS X' I am puzzled.

    To create a roaming network, I added as an express to my Time Capsule airport and doing so changed the name of the network. (Original name was a little too identifiable) now MacBook WiFi can not find the printer, it allows.  (cause he's probably looking for the former name of network). Went to Apple's support for assistance. Found several posts with instructions. All direct me to download the Printer Wizard Hello.  When I do, I get the above error.

    Also, went to:

    Applications - printers and Scanners - add

    List of shows:

    Name: Series HP Photosmart C4385

    Type: USB

    Cannot change the type of USB to Hello


    El Capitan 10.11.6

    MacBookPro, MacMini, iPad.

    Express connected to the Airport via CAT 6.

    MacMini use USB for printer

    HP Photosmart C4385

    Thanks in advance,


    Resolved to my situation. Find the HP original installation disk. Uninstalled and reloaded. Fact

  • Satellite L300 - 13R PSLB0E - can not find the drivers for the wifi for Ubuntu Linux

    Hi, recently Ive instaled linux ubuntu as the OS second after preinstaled vista (my laptop: Toshiba Satellite L300-13R PSLB0E-02H00SEN), but as I can't find the drivers for wifi as the topic title says. Anyone know how and where to find them?

    Name of the wifi on vista driver is Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802. 11b / g 54Mbps USB 2.0

    All the best,


    Toshiba doesn't support Linux for this model of laptop, and you have to try find the driver somewhere on the net.
    Have you tried to search with Google?

  • Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200 - I lost my recovery CD

    Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200? Because there is none on the download page. The only drivers that you might find there are drivers for bluetooth, wlan and I think it is. Have no drivers for my sound card, my network card and all the other stuff.

    I need to download because I really really need to do a fresh install and my recovery disk is lost since the last time I moved.

    Naturally, I called Toshiba and asked if I could get a new one, or if I could download it some how, the response I got was "I'm sorry, neither we nor any of our partners have a.

    And because the windows license is only valid for the Windows XP Tablet edition with SP1 preistalled "Toshiba" and the only way I could get if I had such a drive.

    So the advice gave me support was to buy a new license windows and if I wanted to all work I must review the Windows XP Tablet edition 2005 or something like that.

    But since I already have XP pro license, I decided to install it because I almost never use the tablet properties more. And now when I did just that I can't find almost all the drivers my computer cannot function properly.


    > Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200? Because on the download page, there is no

    What page of the driver Toshiba have you checked?
    I visited the page of European driver of Toshiba and found all the necessary drivers

    Please follow this path and you should get the European driver from Toshiba site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/-> support the Dowloads & -> support home page-> download Driver

  • Where can I find the pinout for remote 8-pin Hirose connector?

    Where can I find the pinout for remote 8-pin Hirose connector?

    Pinout and wiring info is in Maintenance manuals (the same for all system cameras, series F, XDCAM, etc.),-ask at your local Sony Office if you want the info.

    The distance of 8 pins is for connection of remote control Sony RM-B150/170/750 panels.

    For the cameras on the system, the same protocol is used between CPR panels, MSU, CPU and camera heads.

    It is thus extremely difficult to hack numbered system!

    The B170 RM is the perfect Panel to work with the PMW-F5/55. It will give control of paint to paint base white & black R/B, Master Pedestal and Iris with the correct lens (Cabrio etc.). It can also control remote Rec stop start.

    Best regards, Clive. Sony ANZ.

  • Re: Where can I find the driver for the webcam for Satellite L300 - 17H?


    Now, I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 - 17 H laptop running Windows XP and everything works perfectly except the camera build-in the web.

    When I try to open the web camera, it's utility program does is display the message:
    "Open Webcam driver fail. Please restart camera or computer. »
    And restarting the computer makes no difference.

    I guess it might be the driver problem, but please can someone give me the link to download the necessary driver?

    On the support from toshiba at the following Web site: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/generic/SUPPORT_PORTAL/
    I can find the driver for model Satellite L300 - 17L
    but I can't find the model for my laptop which is 5 pm?

    Can anyone give me any idea where I could find the driver for toshiba satellite L300 17: computer laptop please?

    Best regards

    Your laptop is part PSLB0E number and when you search for the drivers on Toshiba support download page and you must put the exact model name and number of this piece in model n ° short option.

    Check it out please.

  • Can not find the driver for my Satellite M40X-161 WLAN


    I have a problem, I have the new system installed on my laptop - windows xp and I can't find a CD with drivers. I tried to download the drivers from the internet, but can not find the drivers for my laptop. I am looking for the drivers for the wireless card and it is not on Toshiba s page.

    There are only drivers for windows vista - I tried, but it did not work. The other problem is that I don't know is my wireless card. At the back of my laptop it has the info that I have peripheral radio ar5bmb-43, but I can not find the drivers for this device.

    Can someone help me to find drivers?
    Thanks in advance

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out what WLAN card is inside, but it must be Atheros or Intel, so I recommend you try to install the two drivers for Windows XP Home edition.

    Two of them you can find on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/?page=downloads Portal Toshiba WLAN
    Try to install Windows XP Home version for Atheros or Windows XP Home version for Intel.

    Please post comments.

  • Anyone knows where can I find the drivers for satellite M45-S165?

    Anyone knows where can I find the drivers for satellite M45-S165?

    I think that it is an American series and therefore you must find compatible drivers on the Web from Toshiba site us.

    It's the Toshiba page we:



  • Can not find the driver for my Satellite L555-10U display


    I can't find the driver for 4500/5100 hd graphics card to upgrade my PC
    It is pslw8e by Satellite L555-10U

    Thank you max9z

    I put t know what OS do you use, but all the latest drivers for the supported operating systems you can find on http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp

  • HP 15-f009ca: can not find the drivers for my PC after downgrading to Windows 7

    Hello world!
    A few weeks ago, I bought a Hp laptop of type 15-f009ca. Because I didn't like windows 8, I downgraded to Windows 7. The installation was successful, but I could not find the driver for my PC wireless LAN.
    Anyone know where I can download it?
    Or is it still possible to find the driver windows 7 for this guy?


    You should be able to use most of the W7 x 64 drivers and software from the HP 255 G2 on your model except the BIOS and firmware files.


    Your laptop is the Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bg / n 1 x 1 WiFi adapter, this is how the wireless driver you need.

    In addition, you need these drivers usb3.  Install both and restart.



  • Pavilion p7-1254: can not find the drivers for my hp keyboard ku-1060

    Can not find the drivers for my keyboard, the printer or the infrared transmitter/receiver anywhere. I tried hp support and they want the money because my warranty ls model.

    If you use the keyboard that has been deilvered with the PC, there is no driver required. It's a keyboard usb standard. It there no you can replace it easily.

    Simply plug into a usb port before starting the desktop computer.

    Windows will recognize it and use built in drivers that are part of the operating system.

    For a printer, simply use the printer product number and the word support. Suport page should have the full features drivers that you need for most operating systems.

    Infrared transceiver.

    You need to be more specific on this one here.

  • Where can I find the user for HP HDX18-NK148AV guide

    Where can I find the user for HP HDX18-NK148AV guide?

    I just want to know so-called ports and what they are for.

    Hi @bigmutt

    Thank you for your request, I am happy to help you!

    I understand that you want to know what are the different ports. Here is the link to HP HDX 18 Entertainment PC Maintenance and Service of Guide. Please note Chapter 2 page 7 for a description of the external ports.

    Good luck!

  • The simple question is "where can I find the installer for the HP Quick start?

    The simple question is "where can I find the installer for the HP Quick start?

    BESR regards


    And here's one for W8...


  • Can not find the drivers for a Thinkpad X 08-73060

    I searced the site and can't find the drivers for this thinkpad.

    This is a thinkpad to friends and got drivers or manuals for it, and he can't go on the internet without a driver.

    Need some other driver than for, hope someone can help me to direct me to where I can download them.

    Thank you

    X 08-73060 is a number from Microsoft for your Windows sticker.

    We need the IBM/Lenovo product name or product number to be able to help you.

    The name of the product is normally under the screen (for example X 60, T61).

    The product number is normally on a sticker on the bottom and four-digit dash three letters and/or numbers (e.g. 7668-6UH).

  • where can I find the chassis for the import file in MAX to draw the circuit diagram before you buy

    where can I find the chassis for the import file in MAX to draw the circuit diagram before you buy

    chassis: NI SMU-1078

    ini file to import into MAX

    See attachment


    Hi again Koen,

    Unfortunately, you can't simulate a complete PXI system, so we do not have the ability to simulate a PXI controller unit. The simulation, you can do is to set up the cards you want to use in you.


Maybe you are looking for