I can't remove the time machine backups, I put it in the trash

My backup disk is almost full, and I want to take on a value of years of backup files until I can get a new backup drive to perform other files that I want to keep. I tried their erasure of the finder inside the time machine, but nothing happened. I sent them to the trash, and they seem to have disappeared from my external backup drive, but are now stuck in the trash. I left the machine running all night to see that it says it cannot remove these files because they are locked. Can you please tell me what I should do now?

Thank you

Hello Suzanne,.

Go to the trash and use "Put" place files back where they belong. Time Machine is designed to remove automatically the old backup when it is full.

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  • How can I remove a time Capsule backups I want to recycle?

    How can I remove a time Capsule backups I want to recycle?

    Reformat the disk via disk utility. This will remove all the contents of the disc.

  • How can I migrate a time machine backup external USB drive to time capsule

    Searched the forums and can't seem to find an answer. With the help of El Capitan 10.11.6. You want to transfer backups Time Machine 4 years on an external USB drive on my new Time Capsule. Any ideas would be MUCH appreciated.

    There is no official method because it has problems.

    There's no official way.

    Here see Q18. http://pondini.org/TM/FAQ.html

    We recommend that people not me there. It has not proven reliable long-term. Start a new backup on the TC and keep the USB stick in the form of archive. After a few months or a year you won't have it.

    You have to understand the Time Machine backup otherwise locally the CF network. It is easy enough to move the backup network local but much harder the other way around.

  • How can I restore mac Time machine backup to most recent?

    So, I recently met several problems with my old mac. He started acting upward with the blinking folder and question mark more often. So I did multiple time machine backups and have since then tried to reinstall the OS and many other options, but it looks like my mac middle of 2007 has had its day. So I bought a new mac and tried to restore the back upward on the external hard drive. I get the message that his back is an older version and it cannot be restored and I should use from the other mac migration assistant.

    So the question is: If the first mac is burned and I can not restore settings etc of the time external hard disk machine, how to restore the whole upward? Can I transfer files only?

    Very much appreciated.


    Hi Sir,

    You cannot restore data in time machine just like that. You use the data transfer assistant to recover your old records to your new Mac.

    The data that you used time machine made to your old mac are not available to your new mac. There is limitation of the system.

    Hope this could help you.

  • can I use a Time Machine backup on another mac?

    Can I use my backup Time Machine for a Mac Mini on a 2nd Mac Mini?


  • FTP settings can be retrieved from a Time Machine backup?

    I had to nuke my Mac and reload the OS, but I did not export the managed sites and FTP of Dreamweaver settings before you do; However, I have a Time Machine backup of the computer before I wiped the drive. Anyone know if I can recover the backup settings and copy them into the new installation? Two copies of the DW are the same and have been installed since the creative cloud. The only difference is the operating system where the old machine has the new El Capitan and Yosemite.

    I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, Mac, so a little extra detail on explanations will be very appreciated. Thanks for any help provided.

    Yes, they can.  In your time machine backup, you will need to go to the library: Application Support: Adobe: commune: {Version}: Sites.  Just take this file 'Site' Time Machine to restore and you should be good to go.

  • Cannot switch between multiple Time Machine backups

    I generally save my 2010 Macbook Pro to a 2012 Time Capsule, which is attached to my router via an ethernet cable (most recent) wireless. On a trip, I make the additional backups on an external hard drive. However, when I go home and try to return to the TC, my internal HD is now on the time Machine "Exclude" list and cannot be removed (greyed out). When I try to save, I get a message saying "no disks are available to back up."

    What has happened a few times, and the only solution I could find was to delete my original Time Machine backup and put a new (which took forever).

    Any ideas why my HD internal is added to the exclusion list after using Time Machine with an external hard drive?

    Time Machine backups on a network drive or a disc attached locally stored in different formats. Switching between them was not in the overall theme of the design of this service of OS X.

    I suggest that you set up Time Machine to use multiple disks.

    FWIW, in my case, I backup destinations, Time Machine on a Time Capsule and an external hard drive of 2 bolt of lightning. When both are available, the time goes 'take turns' Machine backup on each drive.

    If a disk is not available, it backs up to that which is, and which ignores the backup of the other. When the two are connected again, backups continue on both.

  • Remove the Time Machine backups in a certain amount of time

    I have an iMac in the House which is not backup because I have just updated to El Capitan, then now it says that the time Machine doesn't have enough space for a new backup (no doubt because my 200 + GB photo library moved to the new application Photos). Therefore, I need to get rid of some my time Machine backup. My MacBook Pro has almost 1 TB of backup files and I want to delete some, but I don't want to delete ALL my files backup, just in case I need something from him. Is it possible to delete the backups in a certain interval of time quickly, in order to keep all my backups and delete the 'old'? I know that you can delete the backups one by one, but the first backup of my MacBook was in 2014, and I don't want to have to go through 100 backups one by one to manually remove all the...

    Time machine records differences, so delete a backup may stop all your backups made subsequently. Here are some tips on how do it safely for ti:


    Make sure that you create the new full backup after the removal of the 'old'.

  • You can use migration assistant to transfer the time machine backup external hard drive?

    Hello. I just bought a new macbook pro with a 256 GB flash drive to replace my previous macbook pro that had a breakdown of all the systems. My problem is that I have a time machine backup that is greater than 256 GB (it's almost 450 GB) and I try to find out if I can use migration assistant to transfer all the content directly on an external hard drive, then move the content I want on my hard drive from the external hard drive? My goal is to let my music and photos on the external hard drive and for all port hardware I need for work.

    I don't have access to another mac with storage well enough that I have the old HD so could potentially be installed in an external enclosure and extracted files directly from there if it's easier.

    What I intend to do in the long term is to buy a big external hard drive network and put all my photos, music etc over there and use the laptop as expected - that is for files from day to day - then it will be just a short-term problem.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.

    Thank you


    Migration Assistant is user to transfer data from one computer to the other.  If I read your post correctly, you want to copy your data from Time Machine on another HARD disk.  Thia may be useful:


    Pondini website covers virtually all aspects of Time Machine.


  • Cannot delete the Time Machine backups

    I have a MacBook Air and a 128 GB USB key that holds my library of photos, so I always make backups. My system - and I have recently made account how flawed it was - was to create backups on a 500 GB HARD drive, but to transfer them to a 2 TB HARD drive when it is full. So, I finally discovered that when I transfer backups in small quantities to the 2 TB, it takes more space because instead of aliases of files used to represent more recent backups, care of file just copied over and over again. For this reason, I put my 2 TB as a feature of time machine and imported all the old backups in the folder backups.db, that my Mac 'cleaned' and registered 135 GB. But 135 GB is not enough, I went and delete backups that I don't have anymore. When I looked in the trash to empty, I've seen 2 things: backups I have trashed and others who are pale sort out. I can't open the files, even if I right click and select "open in a new tab. When I try to "immediately remove" these paled-out files, I always get a message that they are "on duty." It is about 300 GB, so I must get rid of him. But it does not stop there, because when I try to "delete immediately" backups I had trashed myself, I get an error message! It is a total of about 600 GB, what I absolutely need to get rid of! If anyone has some tips, it will be greatly appeciated.

    You have probably sprayed your Time Machine backup database. The best thing to do is erase the disc with Airport utility. Then start again with a new backup.

    Good day.

  • What exactly does the Time Machine backup?

    What exactly does the Time Machine backup?

    We have a Mac Pro towers (NOT for sale) and Mac mini with several hard drives installed internally.   Time Machine backup all internal disks or just the boot disk?   This can be configured?

    Time Machine backs up your default boot partition. However, if you have more than one drive or partition on your Mac (and it is formatted in "Mac OS extended (journaled)"), you can set the Time Machine to save these drives too. You can do this by removing these drives from the list of excluded items in System-> Time Machine-> Options... Preferences, so that the next backup will include all internal hard drives or partitions that you want to back up too.

  • Time Machine backup to external drive connected to the TimeCapsule

    I have a 3 TB TimeCapsule, that contains the my iMac TimeMachine backup. So far so good.

    Now, I would like to connect an external drive to the TimeCapsule via the USB port to allow access to this drive of my iMac as well as other computers on my network. I would like to than the external to include in my Time Machine backup drive. Is it possible - by accepting that the backup of obviously only runs when the Mac is on? If this isn't the case, other methods of backup to an external drive, connected to the TimeCapsule, may be recommended?

    You can do it. Time Machine it will support up to a separate folder on your backup disk. Don't forget to remove it from the exclusions list in Time Machine preferences. I don't know if others cannot see the drive connected to your computer is turned off. They may be able to mount the drive on their computer as you do on yours. Try it because I could be wrong on this matter.

  • How to transfer Time Machine backup to the new external hard drive

    I'm upgrading to a 1 hard external to the Western reader to with 5 TB of Seagate.  This is because Time Machine has used the 1 TB drive.  How can I transfer the files from backup Time Machine from the old to the new drive so that backups continue to have access to the old files.

    Although the documentation Apple says you can copy Time Machine backups in the Finder, it is very slow and sometimes does not.

    This technique works only if the volume that you copy to the same size or larger that that you are copying to.

    First of all, please open the Time Machine preference pane and click the Select Disk... button. You may be able to unlock the settings first, by clicking on the padlock icon in the lower left corner of the window. Log in as administrator.

    Remove the volume you want to copy in the list of backup destinations. Then turn off Time Machine.

    Launch disk utility, open the built-in Help and search for the term 'Double '. Follow the instructions. All existing data on the destination volume will be deleted. That shouldn't be a problem, because you do not want to mix non-sauvegarde and backup data on the same drive anyway.

    If the volume you are copying has been encrypted by Time Machine, you must first unlock it. Click the release button in the toolbar of the disk utility window.

    Turn Time Machine back on and select the new volume as a backup destination. Alternatively, you can continue to use the old volume, if you wish. Both will be alternated when both are available.

    ATTENTION: If you copy the volume is corrupted, as shown by the ERD or first aid in disk utility, while corruption is copied to the new drive. Do not copy data from a damaged on a faulty disk volume. Put aside the reader and do not use until you don't know that you no longer need the data. Then securely erase it and bring it to a recycling center. Do the same if the restore operation fails with "disk errors."

  • Time Machine - there was an error preparing the Time Machine backup drive (could not mount the drive)

    I have a new HD but cannot set up encryption with system preferences. After ten minutes, I get the following error message:

    "There was an error preparing the Time Machine backup disk (disc name) - could not mount drive"

    Apparently, I need to set up the HD in this way:

    • If you are using an external drive connected to your Mac, use disk utility to make sure that your backup disk is formatted in HFS + extended (journaled) and is the partition type GUID Partition Table (GPT)

    It is not an option for the HFS + and so I used; OS x EXTENDED (journaled). GUID is ok.

    Can someone let me know what I need to do.

    Thank you

    Formatting: GUID Partition Table, OS X Extended (journaled).    (it is HFS +)

    For TimeMachine at best to a partition only.

    Do it again if necessary, then disconnect, reconnect, Start Time Machine preferences and "select disk".

  • Restored HD from a Time Machine backup of my old iMac (stolen) from my new MacBook Pro.  Not all the files have been restored.

    My iMac 27 "(2011) so my wife 13 '' MacBook Pro (2011) were recently stolen after our House was robbed.  My wife got a new MacBook Pro and I restored it successfully its data (selected "backup restore Time Machine" during the installation of its new MacBook Pro).  However, I also got a new 15 "MacBook Pro in lieu of the iMac 27".  I have, once again, selected "Restore from Time Machine backup" (selected the iMac as the backup source) when installing my new MacBook Pro.  When it was finally over, I told Time Machine to inherit from the backup.  Unfortunately, none of the files in the My Documents folder or the photos in my photo library have been restored.  Was it a bad idea to try to use the backup of the iMac as a source for the MacBook Pro (both running El Capitan)?

    is it possible that your documents are stored on another drive which was not part of the backup plan? or is the HD in the big enough MBP to inherent the old backup.

    If you open the time machine with the original backup disc, you should be able to browse the content

    If the files are found, you can restore by right-clicking (or CTRL + left mouse)

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