I get error message libraries does not properly. the sound on my computer doesn't work do not at all.

Sound on computer not working do not at all.



1. don't you make changes on the computer before the issue started?
2. what operating system are you running on your machine?
3. were you able to hear the sound of your computer before?

Follow the steps in the articles below and check if this solves the problem of noise.


Please provide us with more information about the issue of libraries so that we can help you to fix.

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  • Error messages - rundll does not - occurs on my new Equium

    I have a new computer satellite phone on Vista - about 4 weeks - and I get the error messages: rundll is not working, Windows graphical desktop does not work.

    Should I return to the retailer or ask for help on this site?

    Help appreciated - thank you.

    Before contacting the retailer I recommend you to use recovery media supplied and reinstall the OS. I hope once this laptop will work fine as before.

  • Dungeon, error message "Thunderbird does not' SOLVED use different antivirus CAUSE: MSE (Microsoft Essentials antivirus)

    As soon as I connect on Thunderbird, with any action I take, immediately I get the message "Thunderbird does not respond.

    It is and will always be a problem in Microsoft. I got exactly the same problem with MSE and Thunderbird at the time of Thunderbird 3. I've spilled the Microsoft Junk and have not looked back.

    There are a lot of free anti virus alternatives of MSE. Almost all of them offer more features and better success rates when catch bugs

  • Get error "this application does not work without Google play services"...!


    I use google maps in my application and be able to install the apk from file in the BB device. But after installation when launching the application, I get an error "this application does not work without Google play services.

    How can I get google game services to the BlackBerry device.

    Kind regards


    The BlackBerry Runtime for Android applications does not support Google Maps (or Google Services play). If your application uses Google Maps, there are two ways that you can support mapping in your application. One option is to replace the library card theGoogle with a WebView that integrates the web version of Google Maps.

    For more information on this process, see using a WebView to view Google Maps.

    Another option is to replace Google Maps with OpenStreetMap, which is a free card all over the world.

    For more information on this process, see Replace Google Maps with OpenStreetMap.

  • Impossible to delete the two files and shows me the error message windows does not properly


    can't delete two files that actually a song file VLC webrib exdr video...
    cannot select the option to delete the time I click file tht it shows me the message "windows doesn't work maybe not properly" and the file stops immediately once that I close this error message... Please give me a solution to this

    Hi MakPatel,

    You can delete these files via the command prompt, if your window closes...

    (1) open the command prompt. (Click the Startbutton .) In the search box, type command, and then prompt in the list of results, double-click command prompt. )

    2) navigate to the download folder where the video file is present, using the "cd"command.

    For example, if your file is present in the "C:\Users\user1\Downloads".

    Type cd C:\Users\user1\Downloads and press enter in the command prompt.

    (3) Delete (Remove) the file name using the "del" command.

    For example, if your video file name is "sample.mp4.

    Led sample.mp4 type and press enter in the command prompt.

  • Not able to open Web sites, get a message like does not

    original title: each window does not

    Connect to wwhen fine I'm going to open the page IE hotmail, facebook etc all I get is unresponsive? all this

    Opens a fine but that is as far as it goes

    Hi pattscarpenter,

    Thanks for posting the request in the Microsoft Community. Looks like you get the message not responding when you try to open multiple Web sites.

    Answer these questions that will help us provide a better solution:

    1. where exactly do you get this error message?

    2 have had any changes made to the computer before the question?

    3. what browser do you use?

    Try the steps if you get the message of Internet Explorer:

    Method 1:

    If Internet Explorer stops responding on a regular basis, common causes include the presence of spyware, an add-on, a computer virus, or a corrupt file that tries to access Internet Explorer

    What to do if Internet Explorer stops responding


    Method 2:

    Try the steps mentioned in this link and check if you are able to open Web sites.

    If Internet Explorer crashes, stops working, or closes immediately after opening, you might get an error about Internet Explorer don't works do not or that it has encountered a problem and needs to close. The problem may be with low memory, or corrupted or missing system files. Restart the computer to clear the memory and then open Internet Explorer by itself.

    Tips for solving problems when Internet Explorer hangs or stops working


    Note: Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.

    Respond us if you have any other questions, and we will be happy to help you.

  • Cannot install Silverlight, get error 1503, CPU does not support the SSE instruction set that Silverlight requires to run

    Original title: silverlight

    I tried to install Silverlight on my computer running Windows XP 32-bit with service pack 3. My question is, it downloads and then when I try to install, it appears that my CPU will not Silverlight support. I get the Message 1503, CPU does not support the SSE instruction set that Silverlight requires to operate.

    So here's my question... How can I fix it? And what is the problem? Any help would be appreciated... Is it a I need a new operating system problem or just a cranky computer problem?
    Thank you

    I tried to install Silverlight on my computer running Windows XP 32-bit with service pack 3. My question is, it downloads and then when I try to install, it appears that my CPU will not Silverlight support. I get the Message 1503, CPU does not support the SSE instruction set that Silverlight requires to operate.

    So here's my question... How can I fix it? And what is the problem? Any help would be appreciated... Is it a I need a new operating system problem or just a cranky computer problem?
    Thank you

    This means that your material is not up to the task.

    If you search the Forums Silverlight 1503
    you will find that you are not alone.

    Silverlight .NET forums

    The following article explains what is a CPU.

    Central processing unit

  • I turned on my computer and found this error message, windows does not start because the following file is missing or corrupt, config sys files

    I turned on the computer and this error message was the first thing I saw, and I had to spend the next half-hour reinstall windows xp. I want to know why I had to do and what can I do if this does not happen?

    Hi Lady of shadows,

    ·         What is Windows now reinstalled and perfect work?

    If so, you can see the following article for future reference.

    How do I recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP startup

  • Bridge CS4 error message and does not open

    When we try to open Bridge CS4, either directly from the office or go in Photoshop CS4 or Premiere Pro CS4, it tries to open but then we get a "bridge has encountered an error and needs to close."  We have restarted the computer, re-installed Photoshop CS4, ensured that we are current on updates of Adobe, all to nothing does not.  Photoshop and Premiere Pro both work, but not bridge.  We're at it short on a laptop from Sony with Windows XP.  We have enough free space and meet all of the qualifications program Photoshop & the body.

    Please notify. Also, can we just uninstall and reinstall bridge only?

    Bridge is not a stand-alone product, so it cannot be uninstalled separately.

    You need to reset the preferences.  Hold down the CTRL key and click the start Bridge.  You get a reset window, choose all 3 options.  He'll get over the default settings.

    To reinstall not will affect the preferences file, so if you had a file beofore comtaminated, you'll then also.

  • When opening a zip file, get error message file is not in zip format or file is corrupted

    I downloaded a zip file of the interenet and when I try to open an error message keeps coming up that it is not th file in zip format or the file is corrupted, I use zip easy to try to open the file.


    Its probably a bad zip as it says, corrupt. Or it could be a file format that is not ZIP, was
    renamed with the ZIP extension. Try to use 7 - Zip to open the file. Try it on another computer.

    7-zip - free

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Error message: drive does not have the ability to access this service.

    Trying to convert pdf to Word Doc.  Error, said that drive does not have the ability to access this service.  I use this program all the time.

    Download and install Acrobat Reader DC.

  • I get error code program does not. What should I try?

    Every program I try to use rpet "program does not."  Cannot use the computer at all.  I already have

    tried all the suggestion of help: reset the onboard computer, closed & restarted, installed all updates.


    (1) have you made any changes to the computer before the show?

    (2) what operating system is installed on the computer?

    (3) what antivirus application do you use?

    If you use Vista operating system follow these steps. If not, answer us with more information we will help you further.

    Method 1:

    Step 1: Try to restart your computer in safe mode and check if the applications are working fine.


    If it works fine in safe mode, try to perform a clean boot in order to find the root cause.

    Step 2: Perform the clean boot using the suggestions mentioned in the link mentioned below.


    NOTE: once you check the clean boot feature configure Windows to use a Normal startup using step 7 proposed in the above mentioned link.

    Method 2: Run a full scan of the computer by using the following antivirus applications.

    Microsoft Safety Scanner: http://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-us/default.aspx

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Method 3: Optimize Windows Vista for better performance


    I hope this helps!

  • How to fix error message SOS does not not free if possible?

    correct the error message of sos for free if possible.   my email is * address email is removed from the privacy *

    Probably means that you have uninstalled some backup software, and it left a residue

  • I am trying to download/install Photoshop and receive an error message that does not have an update

    Specific error message says update failed - the download is corrupted. Please try to download it again. (U43M1D204)

    I uninstalled and downloaded/installed twice. I use CC on Windows 7 Professional

    Hi Katherine,

    Please check the help below document:

    Error download or update Adobe Creative Cloud applications

    You can also view the nets below where the issue has been addressed:

    Creative Cloud connection update error - U43M1D204

    Re: update the file size difference U43M1D204 error code

    Kind regards


  • HP Pavilion M8200N Ctr Media: Get Error Message When I run as the recovery disc for my HP M8200N media center pc

    When I ran the disk recovery software, I keep getting error screens, they all started "a problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your system.   I re-ran about 10 times about 5 different error messages.  None of the proposed solutions would work since I coundn't get to Windows.  Safe Mode respectable and cmd failed after loading files. Could not get to checkdsk /F. could not get t check material are another anywere in windows.  I tried Yes No. and recovery of the plant.  Has been a long path towards the resumption of the plant.

    Reminder of my problems with my HP:

    My HP Pavilion M8200N Ctr Media had a blue screen in the past and I've never had a problem wiping the drive, refomatting it and my running recovery disks.  I had Crypotolocker beginning of the year and cleaned the machine and manually deleated 35 k corrupt (masked and not masked).  The PC then worked for a month when a blue screen frooze it and I could not reset the registry.  I tried to clean the disc, but it wouldn't work.  Records recovery and rescue, did nothing.  Finally, I tried and old version of XP that leaves me in the drive, but the drive size 1/2 gig would only up like 131meg.

    I tried to buy a new drive for teribyte 1, but recovery software would not rcognize it.  Then, I took the reader to original HP and connected to my Linux box with Gparted on it (a powerful software partitioning and recovery).  GParted fixed the HD.  I created 3 partitions on it.   I then tested all partitions to copy files and pictures in them and then get back them.  3 all partitions functions correctly. Then I reinstalled the HD in the HP M8200N.

    When I would run recovery disk, which has always worked in the past, I got these error messages:



    Make sure you have enough space


    on behalf of those that I remember well.

    Someone at - it solutions to this problem.  My wife loves his HP desktop computer and cannot use the new laptop, so any suggestion is appreciated.

    You have focused on potential problems with the hard disk have you considered maybe it's memory? If you know how to run gparted, I'm sure you can use memtest86. Make the bootable media and run a full test at startup and see if the RAM is good.

Maybe you are looking for