I have a pantech breeze 111 tm

It does not have my phone I have a pantech breeze I want to face pictuer


Contact Pantech support, or read the user guide. Nothing to do with Microsoft.

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  • have a pantech verizon (prepaid) phone. I can not install. What should I do

    I tried to install my phone but it says that it cannot find a driver so now what do I do

    exactly what are you trying to install?
    If it's a software package from Pantech, have you tried to download the software directly from the site of Pantech?
    Please provide more information on the issue.
    B Eddie

  • For Linux - Qosmio F30-111 RAID drivers


    I have a Qosmio F30-111 and I need the drivers for the Controller Raid for Linux. Can someone help me.
    I have RAID-0 and the laptop does not start. It displays the XP logo and restarts. So I need to boot from cd or USB key to access or repair the raid partition.

    Thank you
    Antonio Jose

    See also http://newsletter.toshiba-tro.de/main/

  • Designjet 111: HP Designjet 111. Cross any line put in place every time his tour on


    I have a HP Designjet 111 with a feed roller.

    The other day one of the printhead needed replacing I did. Now, whenever I turn on the printer, it goes through any line established the points of printing color page. It prints three times which takes about 5 minutes. If I turn the printer market again once he does all this again.

    I tried to replace the print head with one another but same problem. I always use the new genuine HP print heads and HP ink cartridges.

    Once set up over it print without any problems.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    This is because it does not have alignment.  It tries 3 times.  Look at the line with the X in the right margin.  It is the color, the origin of the problem.  Just look at the small boxes and you should be able to tell what printhead (s) must always be replaced. If the print quality is very good, then simply press the Cancel button as the first leaf begins to print and it will cancel the calibration.

  • Designjet 111 roll: problem with Hp designjet 111 roll


    I have problem with Designjet 111 roll. I reinstalled the driver delivered with CD, and the most recent Web site and the effect is always the same. When I enter the Properties window, I see this:

    There is no chance to put anything. How can I solve this?


    The System Maintenance Utility will not be related to a problem with the printer driver.

    Have you deleted the driver as explained on the following doc?


  • Qosmio F60-111 - HDD is dead

    I have a Qosmio F60-111 6 months ago and I have a problem with the hard drive.
    The computer expert my computer has a sensitive hard drive, even just a low vibration can destroy or damage my hard drive.

    My hard drive is now damage because of this sensitivity.
    Is it true that the hard drive from toshiba qosmio is easy to be damage?

    If it is true, I can able to ship from one place to another with damage them my hard drive?

    Hi mate

    I put t know if the Qosmio HARD drive may be damaged easily

    As far as I know that the laptop was equipped with one common 640 GB (5400 RPM) SATA HDD and the HDD is used in several different books of different laptop manufacturers.

    But the laptop supports the new future Toshiba called TOSHIBA HDD Protection (3D sensor) and this sensor stops the disk head HARD moving if the laptop would be moved or shaken to this future protect the HARD drive and helps save the life of HARD drive

    But he should know that the HARD drive is something that's going to die, sooner or later this has nothing to do with the laptop or laptop manufacturer, but with the use of the HARD drive
    I have had many computers and laptops in the past and three of my drive HARD died after awhile of use

    So if the warranty is still valid, you can replace the HARD drive for free, but if the guarantee is not valid more then you pay for the replacement

    Welcome them

  • F20-111: is it possible to set the time to stop the laptop?

    I have a Qosmio F20-111 and I am very qurious on the posibility to set the timer to stop the laptop, maybe I can install a special program


    Check it please electric saver tool. Here, you can set the time for hibernation mode. It's almost the same as a power option key. You can find this option in the basic settings.

  • BIOS password? (Satellite A50-111)

    Hello. I have a Satellite a50-111 with the bios to version 1.30. Everything works fine. I put a password (which I think is a BIOS password) Toshiba HWSetup and indeed, when I turn on the laptop, I wonder a password until the system starts.

    However, I tried to get into the BIOS (at Esc) and I managed to get in without having to type the password. But I thought that the whole point of this password is to protect the BIOS! I don't understand what the purpose of this password? Any ideas? Thank you.

    EDIT: Later, I realized that I can start the computer without the password only when I use the reboot. It works as it should when I stop/restart the laptop.
    I guess that I partially answered my own question... well that is not clear to me what happens in the following cases: the laptop is off; someone puts is a bootable CD with another operating system (such as Knoppix) and restart the laptop (not arrested...) without the need to use the BIOS pwd. Is it still possible?

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    you need to differ between the two paswords!

    There are the user and supervisor pw that are different.
    The IPL user protects the system to enter the operating system without pwto. Pw supervisor protects the BIOS!

    Normally the pw is requested after each new startup, restart too!

    Campino Bye

  • Qosmio F30-111: no sound after the update of the 3.40 BIOS & Vista installation


    I have a Qosmio F30-111, originally with Windows MCE and all devices works fine, but I made an update of firmware BIOS to 3.40 (before was a version 1.x).

    Later, I installed Windows Vista Ultimate and all devices has been recognized very well (with Toshiba Vista drivers), but the sound was not working!
    The situation was:
    -The sound device has been recognized;
    -The MIC works (but I can't hear it);
    -The speakers do not work!<- the="" real="">

    Now I installed the recovery CD and I'm new to Windows MCE, but noise have the same problem... is recognized, but the speakers do not work.
    I have no idea what to do... I don't know if it is possible to restore the firmware (I think that was the problem).

    Don't forget: the audio device works, the works of Media Player, but I can't hear the sound (Yes, the volume is high and is not dumb)

    Sorry for my bad English,
    Thank you very much!


    Hello Md2

    You can hear the noise if you plug headphones into the audio?

    If there is his helmet and then the audio device works well.

    If not, then disconnect all devices external usb and start a clean installation of vista (not upgrade, but booting from the vista cd)

    don't forget to put the RAID driver on cd or diskette or usb flash key before doing the clean install of vista.

  • Qosmio F20-111 PCI TV Tuner for Vista


    I have a Qosmio F20-111 and I can't find the driver Toshiba PCI TV Tuner for Windows Vista on page drivers in this Web site. The XP driver is not compatible with Vista. Is - a Vista driver exist somewhere? Can I use the tuner TV on Windows Vista?

    Thank you


    You can't find the driver Vista because Vista is not supported on this series laptop. As far as I know that Vista is supported since the series Qosmio G30/F30 and early models Qosmio don t support Vista.

    Unfortunately, nothing to do.

  • AC adapter does not work with the Qosmio F50-111

    Hello world

    I bought a Qosmio F50-111 this morning.
    The power adapter does not work on my computer (no led lit when connected), but he's working on a Satellite A300 for a working partner.
    And his power works on mine.

    I would like to know if people here have a Qosmio F50-111, the model of power that I have a model 3290-3AC3... I would like to know if it's good.

    Thank you all

    Before you expect an answer here, contact your local dealer and clarify this situation. You can also contact the nearest authorized service provider. They can say with certainty if the power adapter is one that suits or not. If you have the wrong I'm sure you get the right one for free.

  • Re: Satellite L505-111 - cannot turn on WiFi

    I have Toshiba Satellite L505-111 and I have a problem: I can not activate the Wi - Fi (sensor Wi - Fi available (off), the setting is a WiFi Enabled in BIOS)
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    All the drivers are installed (at least in the Task Manager is no 'iron' no driver found). They stand like Toshiba as ConfigureFree especially of Radar programs.
    The Fn + F8 key combination (activation / deactivation of the Wi - Fi connection) also lead nowhere.

    What to do and how to do? Help please.


    Have you checked the Device Manager If WLAN card is listed here correctly?

    Usually you can turn on/off wireless card using the FN + F8 key combination. If it doesn t work I recommend updating the driver WLAN. The latest version, which you can download here:

  • Satellite A50-111: I get an error: cannot install MBR disks

    I have a satellite A50-111. The system with the error would not start a system disk and tried to boot from the network.

    To get the pc working, I tried to reinstall Win XP Pro, but I get an error: cannot install MBR disks

    How to solve this?



    Have you tried to install the unit using the supplied restore CD?

  • Satellite L650-111 is not in support of Toshiba

    I have the Satellite L650-111 (number PSK1JE-00E00PY4) and when I try to access my computer Toshiba support page
    There is no success. Even if I try to use "detect your laptop" there is no success.

    In full (x) of Toshiba I could not find my model of laptop.


    I am very disappointed whit this situation, still more because as I got Toshiba Satellite A80-129 and together
    all drivers and support are listed.


    disappointed with the user

    There is no reason to be disappointed.
    If you are looking for drivers and for some reason any correctly detect works option doesn t there is also a way to find all the drivers manually.

    You have the Satellite L650 with PSK1JE model number. That s all that you need to know.
    Please check again, and if you still have the problem of finding the drivers I will explain how to find them.

  • Aspire eRecovery ES1-111 Medium

    Hi, I have an Aspire ES1-111 who had a breakdown of its Members, the recovery partition is slaughtered and the bios has trouble booting from the recovery key. The acer store does no stick eRecovery for ES1-111 and repair-page said that the SNID is not eligible for the service.

    I'm basically left with a brick because there is no legal way to get another copy of 'Make 8.1 with Bing', because it is OEM stuff and I'm obviously not a reseller. Short buying win 8.1 for half price the unit, what can I do?

    Have you checked in with the SNID and the serial number on the appropriate regional site.

    If your computer is under warranty, you can contact Acer German technical support here support German Acer

    You can contact them directly and check the warranty information and send it for repair.

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