I have created a script for the activation of show and print option in the text condtional. It works very well in most of the chapter, but it does not activate some chapter. Please advise for that matter

Please see the below script

myEventListener = app.eventListeners.add ("afterOpen", placeFilesOnDoubleClick, false) var;

myEventListener var = app.eventListeners.add ("AfterClose (AprèsFermeture)", placeFilesOnDoubleClick1, false);

function placeFilesOnDoubleClick()


app.conditionalTextPreferences.showConditionIndicators = ConditionIndicatorMode.SHOW_AND_PRINT_INDICATORS;



Set this property to app relates to a new doc created from that moment.

Set this property instead of the app activeDocument.

app.activeDocument.conditionalTextPreferences.showConditionIndicators = ConditionIndicatorMode.SHOW_AND_PRINT_INDICATORS;

Be awared that afterOpen is triggered two times: after opening a doc and after opening a window for this doc.

However in your case he just defined same property twice, so is not serious


Tags: InDesign

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