I have rearranged the bookmarks (by keywords) and I lost my manual sorting original, crucial who left their jobs?

I create clusters of related bookmarks within each file, each set out from separations. For the first time, I have sort by key words, and when I went to manually sort name / my site, all the work was gone. It is all sorted by alpha now. I guess that cannot be undone, but I hold no hope.

Have you tried organize > Cancel in the Manager of bookmarks (library)?

If you did not close Firefox again then see if you can use "organize > Cancel ' in the Bookmark Manager (Bookmarks > show all bookmarks) to cancel this action and restore the bookmark (s).
Hold the button is the first of three buttons next to the back and forward buttons on the toolbar in the library (Bookmark Manager).
If it does not work so that you can restore bookmarks from a JSON backup in the folder bookmarkbackups.

  • Bookmarks > show all bookmarks > import and backup > restore

This will replace all current bookmarks and you lose the favorites that have been added since the backup was created.

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