I'm trying to find the name of this font and where I can get it.



In fact, this is Vladimir regular Script. I think it's a font with the default installation of Photoshop.

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    I'm trying to locate the download of this program, so that I can remove it hello to my computer can you help me?

    As suggested by Imran, Microsoft removed the Windows Installer Cleanup utility of its servers to download because sometimes when this tool has been used (I think with MS Office), he took over he was supposed to.

    The Windows Installer Cleanup utility is always available from http://majorgeeks.com/Windows_Installer_CleanUp_Utility_d4459.html , or you can use the free Revo Uninstaller.  Before using or the other of these tools, create a restore point from the system, backup the registry with C:\WINDOWS\ERUNT, or (if you can afford) creates a full disk image or a clone - just in case.

  • The name of this font?

    Can someone tell me the name of this font, I used years ago please? I work on homework for my graphic design class and want to use the same font, but do not remember the name of it and it is not in my favorites or downloaded list.

    Panda Art.jpg

    KZ BLADERUNNER 1 fonts | WhatFontis.com


  • My win7 is not the driver for my epson stylus sx420w can I download one and where I can get it

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    If the Epson support site isn't a win7 driver and he only appears not one avilable via the add printer on win7 Wizard is not a

  • Trying to find the name of a particular style of menu


    The Microsoft website has a menu that I love. Please visit the following site and move your mouse over the 'All products' link in the nav menu. I like how it lists all products grouped by category. One of my clients has many different products and it works perfectly for them, so I would like to know the name of this style so I can Google how do, preferably with CSS. Can anyone help? Thank you!


    They are known as mega dropdown menus.





    http://www.Projectseven.com/products/menusystems/megavator/index.htm (commercial product)

    Love them even Jakob Nielsen


  • Looking for the name of this font or similar?

    I have tried to find this font and fail. Anyone happen to know what the police or similar? Thank you in advance.


    It seems that magic spells, you can buy it here:


  • What is the name of this effect and how to reproduce?

    Hi guys,.

    I just take the help of the community, looking for the name of cert effect and understand to reproduce.

    If you could take a look and help me.

    Thank you for all your help.




    It is without doubt filter > aesthetics > find the edges as well as Image > adjustments > invert.

  • What is the name of this icon and how do I add it?

    Too bad I can't reach a very small screenshot of this icon; that would go a long way to help you identify for me. < hmm >?

    In any case, I have two different profiles that I use, and it has an icon on toolbar (applet-addon-thingy) that I find useful and would add to the other profile. The 'magical' applet appeared in the upgrade to FF30. Its function is almost a replacement for the old Menu bar, including such items as aid (absent in the icon menu Australis!). The first two elements of the applet are: 'New tab' and "New private window" There are two columns of menu items, the latter in column two a "Help".

    The appearance of the icon: a firefox - the grey Fox and a small triangle to the right indicating a "pull-down".

    I can't find this icon in my add-ons/plugins lists, so I think it's NOT an add-on, but rather native applet FF.

    My goal: Add this functional applet even to my other profile.

    Again, I could do this much easier if I could include an attachment of bitmap, but... I do not.

    Note that you can put the Firefox menu button in the tab bar to have shown that the earlier version of the Firefox App button menu and give a background color (orange).

  • Hello. I have Windows XP Home Edition and I buy the new inspiriom N5030 Dell laptop with DOS system, but I can't find the drivers for this laptop and Windows XP. All drivers: video, Audio, network, Wireless__Help please?

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    All pilots would be obtained from the Dell website, specific to the model / tag #.

  • my daughter forgot the password on this laptop, and now nothing can be upgraded. How do I change and reset the password

    computer is without hope, without updates

    If you have forgotten your password, if you have another user who has administrative privileges account you can log in to that account and change the password of your account of origin of the user accounts applet in Control Panel. If you do not have another account like this set upwards or that you do not have the password which you will need to log on to the built-in Administrator account. In XP Home, start the computer in Mode safe. This, by repeatedly pressing the F8 key as the computer starts. This will put you in the right menu. Navigate using your arrow up; the mouse does not work here. Once in safe mode, you will see the normally hidden administrator account. The default password is white.

    In XP Pro, you don't need to go to Safe Mode. In the home screen, do Ctrl-Alt-Del twice to get the classic Windows logon box. Type in "Administrator" and the password that you assigned when you set up Windows.

    If you reset the password of the account administrator integrated into house or have Pro and don't remember the password, use NTpasswd to change the password of the built-in to a white administrator account. Download the bootable CD .iso image file, burn with third-party burning software such as free ImgBurn , Nero or Roxio. Burn as an image, not in the form of data. Start with the media that you have created. You need to maybe change the boot order in the BIOS or obtain a menu of boot command temporary with the pressure of a special key. NTpasswd will run. Follow the instructions carefully.


    Then, go to the user accounts applet in Control Panel and set passwords that you remember and other changes. WRITE THE PASSWORDS DOWN AND PUT THEM SOMEWHERE YOU WON'T LOSE THEM.
    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Switch MXL blade 10/40GbE - what is the latest firmware, and where I can get it?

    Hi guys,.

    I logged into the site to support Force 10 today and found virtually useless.  Where can I get my support, documents and firmware for my MXL going on these days?

    The number is actually: 800-945-3355 for Force10.

    Apparently my sales guy forgot to add that switches M-Sereis to my Force10 load site profile.  It's a shame because it's been over a year since I bought the 2nd battery of them and he never even he added the first time.  If the support guys, that I just talked can not do the job, I'll have to track down this sales guy and her dog by doing this.

  • What ist the "architecture" of a laptop and where I can find the right one

    I have a laptop with older Satellite (1800-750) and I try to install Linux on it. The problem is that there are different downloads depending on the 'architecture' of my computer. SPARC, PowerPc, Intel what ever...

    Can someone explain to me what it is and how can I know what 'architecture' my laptop has?

    Link: [http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual]

    Thanks in advance,


    Some architectures are not known to me as Alpha, SPARC,

    But for your Satellite 1800-750, you need the Intel x 86 version. This version is for all s PC with 32-bit processor.
    AMD64 is for laptop and PC with AMD64 processor and AFAIK Intel IA - 64 for the new Intel processors with 64-bit support.
    All other versions are not known to me, but the Intel x 86 version should work on your laptop.

  • What is the name of this tool?


    Could someone tell me what the name of this tool and what is the shortcut for this, please?

    Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.33.00 AM.png

    He called the "Blob Brush Tool". The keyboard shortcut is SHIFT - B.  If you place your cursor on any tool you will see a tool tip with the name of the tool and in brackets the keyboard shortcut for the tool.

  • Can I hold ThisContext go a step and use it in a later step to find the name of the current stage? Error 1 when retrieving the name of the step.

    I am trying to create a generic message using LVOOP logging class.  The recorder would include information on stage during execution (name, sequence, etc.).  I would like to create the message object log and then move it into another object (communication, controller of oven, etc.).  Everyone should get its own copy.  None of this is a problem to date.

    I found ways to gather the necessary information to ThisContext.  However, this only seems to work if ThisContext is spent in running step.  If I want ThisContext in LVOOP, the next step to try to use causes an error 1 "an input parameter is incorrect."  Is it possible to get this kind of information (name, sequence, etc.) without ThisContext in at each stage?  It would be inappropriate to do so, but if necessary I will.  It does not go against LVOOP.

    Summary: Can I hold ThisContext go a step and use it in a later step to find the name of the current stage?  If not, is there an effective way to do this?

    My solution was to store the reference to thread.  At each step, I can retrieve the current context.  This is valid only in a thread, but meets my needs.  I could also move something to a higher level, but it would need to know the thread that interests me in any case.

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    Hi JulietHutchinson,

    You can review the article and check if that helps:

    View and connect to available wireless networks

    You may also refer to article and check if it helps:

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Photosmart C410

    I have a Photosmart C410 which worked perfectly until today.  Today I had an out of ink message, changed the cartridges and now get traffic jam everytime I try to print.  I have checked the transport and the paper path and all eyes.  The printer take