I need common Module and Power Saver for Satellite L100-117

My sister has an older model L100 and I can't find the drivers on the official website of Toshiba.
The energy saver is installed, but it reports an error message (+ cannot run, because you do not have access rigts... +.)


I didn't find the common modules for Sat L100, but the power of Eve for Windows XP is available on the European driver Toshiba page.
It seems to be a v7.03.07Q version.

PS: Are you sure have the administrator right to launch the energy saver?
The error message indicates that you have no permission to use the energy saver. I think you should check your user account rights.

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    Dear all,

    Is there a version of TOSHIBA Power Saver for windows Vista that do not check the model of the computer before installation because I Satellite M45-S265 and I know that it is not supported for Vista, but I got vista successfully work on GST on it to help I will be grateful.

    Kind regards
    * Fr. Mohamed Hussein *.



    You're right about the support of Vista. AFAIK there is no version of universal power saver, but in my opinion you don't need it at all. Tool for Vista does not seem like the old version and Vista many parameters were taken over from Vista itself.

    Because of that I'm sure you didn't need at all. Be happy that Vista works well on your laptop satellite. Optimize the operating system and enjoy.

  • Utility TOSHIBA Power Saver for Satellite L40 - 17R

    Hi all...

    Firstly, thank you for the answer to my previous question, which got much help. I have another question. I had a laptop Tecra A4 before that ships with Toshiba Power Saver utility that can control the brightness and the different profiles of power for Windows. I now L40 - 17R computer laptop, which I cannot find the same utility for?

    Can someone tell me if there is a tool for the management of power supply for model L40 - 17R profiles, and where can I download it?


    As you know for Toshiba WXP gave Toshiba Power Saver utility, but for Vista, this tool does not exist in the same format. Many functions now is in the Vista power settings. Utility TOSHIBA Power Saver is also there but just with several options.

    You can find it if you open the power options > change plan settings > change advanced power settings. You will find Toshiba Power Saver Settings V8.02.00.

    Good bye

  • Where to download Power Saver for Satellite A110-159 with XP


    I have this laptop for two weeks now.
    At first, I got toshiba power saver as an icon.
    But since about 4 days ago I have no more.

    I have not marked in my msconfig / startup but I did not remove it.
    I tried to mark it again, but he disappeared into the system startup.

    Toshiba power saver is in the Dutch language, can I download it somewhere in the Dutch language?
    I hope someone can help me.

    with respect,


    See the Toshiba driver page:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-> support the Dowloads & -> support home page-> download drivers

    You will find pilot energy-saving and utility energy savings. Before you begin to install power saver utility of the driver must be installed!

  • Where can I find Power Saver for Satellite A300D?


    Where can I find saving for my Satellite A300D?


    Do you mean the Toshiba Power Saver?

    The Toshiba Power Saver as stand-alone application is only available for Win XP.
    But using the Vista or Win 7 you can find some settings Power Saver power management in Vista or Win 7 Power Management.

    For that you must install the package of value added on the page of European driver of Toshiba.

    Here is also an interesting way of Toshiba for:

  • I need documentation of field replaceable unit for Satellite L100-108

    Hello, I need documentation of field replaceable for Toshiba Satellite L100-108 unit because I want to disassemble the screen.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you.

    Srca sorry but manuals Maintenance is not a public document. It is created for the service only.
    Sorry :(

  • Need drivers WXP Power Save for Satellite P105

    I have a Satellite P105, packed with Vista, I had to replace it with Windows Xp SP2.

    My only problem is that Hibernate/standby doesn´t work, since I was can´t find drivers appropriate in my opinion. When I press Fn F4 I get a blue screen and suspend switch off the screen but the power light is ON (blue led).

    I followed the link on this site to search for drivers, but I don't know who should be installed and in which order.

    Thanks in advance if anyone of you knows the answer.


    I imagine that you have the laptop model US and because of this, you must download and install all the drivers in the United States support page. Here is the link http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_home.jsp

    Good bye

  • Satellite A110-178 - Toshiba Power Saver for Vista?

    Toshiba Power Saver doest exist for vista? I liked it when you work under XP, but now I switched to Vista Ultimate, and the version of XP does not work under Vist...
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    Toshiba has also developed and Power Saver for Vista and will be installed with added Vista package.
    But the energy saving of Toshiba for look of Vista doesn t as the saver of energy for Win XP.

    TOSHIBA Power Saver for Vista belongs to Vista power options, and you can find some additional entries in Vista Power Options.

    But you won't find a stand as only Toshiba Power Saver for Win XP.

    Good bye

  • Satellite C850-1E7 - need Toshiba Power Saver for Windows 8 64 x

    Where can I download Toshiba Power Saver for Windows 8 x 64?


    C850-1E7 satellite was already pre-installed with Win 8.
    All Toshiba drivers and tools must be preinstalled too so I t understand your request because the energy saver

    However, Windows Notepad 8 preinstalled don t contain the value added package plus this package was for Win Vista and Win 7 and Win 8 upgrade, but there is no PPV for units that are already pre-installed with Win 8.

  • Satellite A210 - cannot install common module and driver display

    Just down to XP, downloaded drivers from toshiba and the installation was completed with an error not saying no driver found for my hardware. That's happened with the common Module and ATI Display Driver.

    I mean, I need em both!



    I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and it seems that XP drivers have not been to this A210 series!

    I think that you just tired to install common Modules is not supported on this laptop.
    That is one reason why you can not install it.

    With regard to the display driver.
    Try to install the drivers for the laptop models:
    PSAEJE satellite A210
    Equium A300D PSAK2E
    Equium L350D PSLE2E
    Satellite P200 PSPBLE
    Satellite L350D PSLE0E
    Satrellite L300D PSLC0E

    In my opinion, one of the pilots freed from these series should run.

  • Is there a Toshiba Power Saver for Vista?

    I can't find a version of POWER SAVER for vista. This is only for XP?

    You are right.
    As far as I know Toshiba Power saver for Vista doesn t exists and it is not released.

    You probably noticed that own power options of Vista are very similar to the Toshiba power saver. You can control several power settings and create profiles of different powers. An additional tool such as energy-saving is unnecessary.

    Best regards

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    2. Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    3. no error message

    4. it is not a problem, but its had a new graphics card, new ssd, another hard drive, removed the 500 GB hard drive, and that's all I think.

    Hi, I want to get a new case and power supply for my office

    If I want is http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/antec-one-0-761345-15970-8-atx-full-tower-pc-case-black-13374257-pdt.h...

    The power I want is http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/zs650w-uk-zs-series-ocz-zs650w-uk-atx-psu-650w-11342059-pdt.html

    Is 650 Watt most the jury can take? I read somewhere that most can take is 650 watts.

    My only concern is that, how do you take the I/O shield? I've never done before.

    Yes, it will fit your card mother Μatx.

    PS > remember to toggle the toggle SOLVED / SOLUTION to the right of MY post/reply.

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    Original title: Canon i-SENSYS MF4450

    I need a driver, and the Toolbox for Canon i-sensys MF 4450 printer. It was fine when I used windows xp in my old computer. But now when I bought a new one, who have Windows 8 (x 64), I don't know what to do.  Please help me!


    Have you tried to contact Canon for a compatible driver?

  • How to get the recovery for Satellite L100 bought in China cd?

    I just buy a satellite L100 in China, the language of windows is Chinese... How can I change the language to Chinese to English on my windows. Or how can I get thecd recovery for satellite L100 innglish language... Thank you...

    Hi Santo

    If you use the advanced search of this forum you will find a lot of comments on a similar theme!

    In any case, I'll explain it once more ;)
    Usually the recovery CD, you can get the Toshiba ASP. BUT you bought the laptop in China. In this case you will not be able to order the CD image of Toshiba in the English language. You can only get a restore CD in the same language, where you bought the laptop.

    But if you want to have the English language operating system, install the Windows from the original CD of Microsoft English.
    You can download Toshiba drivers and utilities form the Toshiba site and install it.

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