I need to reset my security questions


I need to reset my security questions, because I'v define the answers five years ago and I forgot them.

But the choice in my Apple ID account (forget your answers? send reset email security info to... com)...

is not displayed! so, what can I do?

I really need to reset my security questions

Thank you

If you get the reset link to your account, then you don't have an e-mail address of relief on this subject (a secondary email address is different), you will need to contact the Support of your country for the reset of questions: Contact Apple for the Apple ID account security support

If your country is not on this page, then try this form to contact Support: https://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html

When they have been reset then you can add an email address to relief for possible future use: manage your ID primary Apple, rescue, replacement and notification e-mail addresses

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