I see msiexeec.exe have crashed when you install the "update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB 2164913)." this morning?

Use 32-bit Edition Vista Home premium with Service Pack 2 for Vista

I have my computer set up to check daily microsoft updates

This morning I noticed that my Microsoft updates had detected an update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB 2164913). »

So, I advanced and downloaded and installed. But I noticed my Norton security showed that


ran around the same time.

Just checking to make sure that this should have happened (the msiexec.exe have disclosed as having executed) I have just never that seen before what installation monthly microsoft updates or when the other microsoft updates race

Don't know but perhaps because KB2164913 is a Silverlight upgrade, not a status update (e.g. v3.x-4.x Silverlight online-Silverlight).

You could ask in the forum: http://forums.silverlight.net/forums/13.aspx

Or contact the Norton Support.

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