I've updated Windows 8.0 Windows 8.1, since Firefox run a bit oddly. In particular, when on the sites with lots of images like Facebook, etc.

Hello, I am writing because I have a few problems with my favorite browser after update to 8.1 Windows. Here are some details. I've updated Windows 8.0 Windows 8.1, since Firefox run a bit oddly. In particular, when on sites with lots of images like Facebook. It's as if there is some sort of effect of Flikr between the office and the images, as well as between the images and the browser (a bit like old flikering of 16-bit video games). It's not too bad, but it's a question. I tried to reset firefox and restart the computer. I have not tried a repair, and I haven't done an uninstall.


Hello, disable hardware acceleration in firefox should a restart of the application is taken into account. have you tried that too?

Please also see if there is an available update your graphics drivers ...

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