I want to download firefox firefox 4 not 5. where can I do this? I just upgraded to 5 form 4 but Advisor to mcafee lost site I need

I had a previous version of firefox and was happy,
but when I got the message constantly to get firefox 5, I thought why not? Now I'm sorry that I said yes.


Because of security vulnerabilities, roll back to Firefox 4.0.1 is discouraged. 3.6.18 Firefox would be the safer choice.

Here is the process to roll back:

First of all, I recommend you backup your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong. See your backup information. (You can copy your profile folder Firefox together somewhere outside the Mozilla folder).

Then, download and save Firefox 3.6 on your desktop for later installation. http://www.Mozilla.com/Firefox/all-older

Firefox is closed 5.

You could install Firefox 3.6 on it (many have reported success) or you can uninstall Firefox first. If you uninstall, do not remove your personal data and settings, the entire program.

Unless you have installed an incompatible add-on, Firefox 3.6 should pick up where you left. If there are serious questions, please post back with details.

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