IBook OS 9.02 work. How can I delete data?

I have an iBook with the CD that came with it.  I'm eager to dispose of the computer, but would like to wipe the hard drive correctly.  There seems to be nothing in the help on the computer or the manual that comes with it.

I have an iMac G5 in good working condition.  I'm not how to get rid of this material "left on".  Any help would be appreciated.

The proper way to 'clean up' a computer before selling it is to reset the hard drive. This will make all your data unrecoverable.

Steps to resetting the drive disk utility:

1. Insert your Mac OS X CD-ROM disc or the DVD restore disk, and then restart the computer while holding the C key until you see the spinning gear.

2. Once booted from the CD or DVD, choose disk utility from the Installer menu.

Important: Do not click on continue in the first screen of the installer. If you do, you must restart disk to access disk utility.

3. choose the entire disk (icon at the top).

4. choose the tab clear.

5. click on Options

6 choose "write zeros".

7 erase

This will take some time because the computer physically writes zeros to each block.

You must then reinstall the original OS from system disks and deliver the Mac to the new owner with the disc system bundled with it.

If you want to start as new start-up, proceed with the installation of Mac OS X and follow the prompts on the screen until it asks you to enter a user name and password to create your first account. Quit Setup, shut down the system. The next time the system is turned on it displays the same message of welcome and be ready to install OS X.

"I'm not how to get rid of this" left on "material".

If you are in the good will we will take them off your hands.

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