Icon on the home screen blackBerry Smartphones

I have an ICON that looks like a browser with a 1 by him that I need to know how to get it acknowledged so it will disappear

Thank you

Yes, is a browser notification.

To remove the Notification, go to the folder main message, press menu, display folder, go to wap push messages and turn it off.

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  • Unknown icon on the home screen blackBerry Smartphones

    I've seen this question before but never the answer.  Is there a list of the meaning of the icons that appear at the top of the home screen?  It looks like this o_o but with the circle and the line connected, a little like lower cartridges of film of the former.  Any thoughts?

    It's your voice message indicator.

    * Edit: Krypto is quick!

  • Unposted icon on the home screen blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and looking for advice please.

    On the homescreen of my "BOLD", a new icon has appeared at the top of the screen.

    To the place where a yellow envelope symbol generally appears to show ago new incoming email or SMS, I now have a yellow globe with a number 1 next to it.

    I have no idea what this means or what to do about it.

    I tried to restart and which does not erase it.

    Apart from that, my "BOLD" functioning perfectly normally.

    I got the phone about 4 months and never seen that before.

    If anyone could enlighten me what it means, he appreciated woud.

    Thank you

    The yellow circle is a WAP message notification.

    Open your messages > Options > view folders > Wap messages and disable or delete the message.

  • Icon text Message on the home screen blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi all

    My Torch 9800 has developed a weird problem with the text on the home screen icon.  When I tap on it, my Office messages open instead?

    He used to work fine when I got on the phone.  The only way I can write a text is to select a contact in the contacts list, and then select send a text message to this person.  All works, but is a pain.  I'm sure it is just wrong to finger and a parameter has been changed from somewhere but where.

    What determines which opens when you tap on an icon?

    Any help would be great.

    Welcome to the forums, haysys!

    Have you tried a hard reset on your device?  With the unit powered on, remove the battery for a few minutes, then replace.  See if you are then able to access the text normally.

  • Unknown icon on the main screen blackBerry Smartphones

    I checked the other posts & not found it described.

    He sits to the right of the yellow envelope showing incoming emails.

    It is slightly smaller that the yellow envelope, seems to be a gray envelope, with a black 'joint' and a little red on the upper right circle, which may have the number "1" in it - all very difficult to see.

    I checked all my emails - all empty.

    No RIM messages either.

    No BlackBerry World update.

    Removed the battery & rebooted.

    Anyone got any ideas?  Please?

    From your home screen, go to your Messages folder.  Press the menu button, and then select the display folder.  Two likely candidates to look at would be browser Messages and WAP Push, even if it might be in other folders as well.  See if you can find it in these cases.

    This Council has worked for some and did not work for others.  This icon seems to be quite evasive as to its origin.  It's probably a third-party application by pushing the message on your phone, but nobody seems to be able to identify it.

    I hope that helps you.

  • Appointments on the home screen blackBerry Smartphones

    Hey guys, I expect assistance with a theme of home screen where you can see 2 or 3 of your appointments to come.  improvements or suggestions?  Thank you.

    Well yes that's all that you have to do... just follow promps after that.

  • Weird icon on my home screen blackBerry Smartphones... someone help!

    Hello... I have the torch 9810 and I just got an icon appears at the top of the screen where the voicemail and other message notifications show.  This icon, I've never seen before, and that is a black circle with a white arrow in it without a red astrik.  I went through my world app and all my apps are up to date.  Please help makes me crazy

    Access the application messages, menu, search, choose Advanced Options.

    Scroll down to see the and choose not only open and click on search.

    You can also check the App World, My World again.

  • Help on the home screen blackBerry Smartphones nothing will work!

    MY blackberry curve is locked on the main menu and I can move the trackball but I can't click on what whether, or type anything, I deleted it and put again but still nothing, also when the backlight turns off it won't restart! Help please!

    Is there damage to the water? Open the battery compartment and check indicators on the battery and in the Bay of roses. Apparently, you do not have dropped the phone in water so that he could get moisture damage and it plays havoc on the keyboard and trackball. If the indicators are pink and then remove the battery and place the phone in a dry place, for example in front of an air conditioner. Give him a few days to dry, and then try again.

    If this isn't the problem then this is may be defective. You're under? Generally, you are covered for 1 year then try and get a replacement.

  • Strange symbol on the home screen blackBerry Smartphones

    I have no idea how to get rid of cant anyone help me?

    It's a 2 with a circle to the right of it.  On the inside of the circle resembles a small tip of arrow & there is what looks like the red asterisk looking logo that appears when you have a new text/email.  Anyone know what it is & how to get rid of?

    tcw722 wrote:

    Anyone know what it is & how to get rid of?

    Yes, if you were looking around this forum, you would find that it responded to hundreds of times.

    The notice says you have an application that you previously downloaded or purchased in App World > My World, which is ready for an upgrade on your device. Look there for the upgrade.

    To clear the notification on the screen, find the alert message in your main folder, read or delete it.

  • BlackBerry smartphones AOL mail icon on the home screen / globe upstairs with the #2 to the left of it does mean?


    I just got my phone this week. I loved this day! I am just confused with some things...

    First of all:

    I have my email to work for me and I have a gmail icon just to mail on the home screen. Is there a similar app AOL mail? or is the AOL Search icon only downloadable icon to the home screen?


    On my phone, there is a world high above with the #2 in the left of it... My sister and my brother has the exact same phone me as long as they don't have it. what it means?



    If you use Gmail app. As much as I know there is no BB AOL application itself like Gmail app.

    But you can incorporate into your AOL via BIS account (http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/software/internet.jsp) and gmail account can be integrated in the same way. This way, your e-mail will be pushed the same corporate e-mail, without having to chk mailed on the app.

    Can you be a bit more descriptive on your 2nd quest?

  • Icon from the home screen to the new blackBerry Smartphones

    Using a Verizon BB 8830. A new icon in the home screen just shown: a small blue rectangle with a red star on his left side. The number "1" (without the quotation marks) appears in front of her. I have no e-mail, SMS messages and or waiting for voice messages. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

    You are using BlackBerry Messenger Chat groups?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones unknown and unwanted icon on the home screen of bb 9320

    I recently acquired a new icon on the home screen of my BB Curve 9320, which is just irritating down. This is a notification of an application developer, namely fonts IT DAN headed, informing me that there is another application that I could buy if I wished. As I am not so, I tried to erase the icon off my screen by reading the message and then delete, as with any upgrade or any notification from BB app world, however, the icon will not go away. She persists, and when I restart the BB completely by removing the battery, the message reappears in my Inbox. Even when I delete it again it will not disappear. I also deleted my cookies, just in case. How can I make them disappear? Help, please. I HATE SPAM.

    Thank you

    Remove any other application that you have this developer of spam.

  • Smartphone blackBerry Bold 9790 icons in the home screen

    I've updated my OS to 7.1.0 Bundle 2039 and I have noticed a few changes. Today my homescreen has a line of icons appeared downstairs. In the previous version, you can turn off the icons and have only a small arrow showed that you could choose to show the icons.

    How to turn off the icons on the home screen?

    On the features of contact you can also simply drag the bar just above the row of icons up and down.

  • BlackBerry smartphones "BOLD": change the icons on the home screen

    The normal screen shows message, contacts, calendar, media card, att navigator and media. I would like to change so that the icons appear.

    Can I change/how change what's on the screen?  Thanks for your help!

    You can move any icon in the home screen, press menu, go to the icn that you want to move and press menu, and you have the cahnace move to the right, left, up and down.

    If you want to move any icon into any folder, do the same thing and you have the chance to go to the home screen.

  • How is the best way to change the label of an icon on the home screen

    When I place an icon on the home screen I want to change the label, I wish it were.

    I don't see in an integrated way to do this.

    You can name a bookmark all you want, but when you a site now pressure on the home screen and click on Edit, bookmarks are not always suggested as matches. The only way I can assure you that a referenced site is listed is to add some unique characters for the name of the bookmark that don't arise in the history of this site. Of course, this is taking away total control...

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