If I delete a backup iPhone preferences in iTunes, is this backup stored anywhere on my Windows pc?

If I delete a backup iPhone preferences in iTunes, is this backup stored anywhere on my Windows pc?

I think that removing it is remove it from the computer. Why are you trying to remove it from preferences? Can you explain what exactly you are trying to do?

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  • I deleted the backup but the iCloud space does not come back?

    Hello, I'm Edding:

    A few days earlier, iCloud warn me your iCloud-storage space is nearly full , so I check Storage manage my iCloud and I find backing up my iPhone and iPad are about 3 G of space above. So I delete the backup on iPhone.

    BUT!, so far, the backup space deleted do not come back?

    This is a shot of the screen of the Preferences system-> iCloud-> Manage

    Is there something wrong with that?


    Seems like you always have space reserved for your backup. One of the fixes that worked for me was to start backup until it becomes larger, then removes it again.

    I also heard that he did not work for some.

  • How to recover deleted notes on iphone 6 sec more

    How to recover deleted notes on iphone 6 s more?

    Admin, Pat wrote:

    How to recover deleted notes on iphone 6 s more?

    If your iPhone has been set to use iCloud as default handler for Notes on your other email accounts, you can Contact Apple for support and service - Apple Support

    Can you check what are the owners of this account by telephone and retrieve all the notes that could have been deleted accidentally. Your notes are managed by only iPhone, you can try to restore from a recent backup prior to the date on which you have noticed that the notes were missing. If they are managed by Yahoo or another e-mail service, you would like to contact businesses supported options.

  • I'm using Time Machine (1 TB), works very well, but because full starting to delete previous backups. Can I add another (LaCie 1 TB) HARD disk for backups? If so, how to proceed. Thank you!

    I'm using Time Machine (1 TB), works very well, but because full starting to delete previous backups. Can I add another (LaCie 1 TB) HARD disk for backups? If so, how to proceed. Thank you!

    You can add another drive to accept backups Time Machine... assuming it is correctly formatted for Mac to Mac OS extended (journaled), but things are not exactly "continue."

    You have not indicated if you intend to add the player to the USB port on the Time Capsule, or connect directly to your computer using USB or FireWire connections. Or the other method works, with the option to connect directly to the computer being the faster connection.

    Once the disc is added, you would go in Time Machine preferences (click the "clock" at the top of the screen on your Mac) to add the disk for Time Machine backups and delete the old Time Capsule disk, since backups will go is no longer this destination.

    Since you have a new drive, Time Machine will do a new full backup of your Mac and then go forward with incremental backups.

  • How can I retrieve a message deleted from the iPhone 6

    Accidentally, I got a deleted message when I was looking for a way to print my message I made a few moments ago.

    How can I retrieve a message deleted from my iPhone 6??

    you restore the last backup of your phone that contains this message.

  • How can I delete older backups to Apple Watch

    How can I delete older backups to Apple Watch?

    It is done on the phone that the watch is coupled to the.

    Settings - general - storage and iCloud use - scroll down - Watch - delete backup, choose the one you want to delete

    The data from the watch are a part of the backup of the iPhone

  • What happens if I delete a backup for an apple device is no longer used?

    My iCloud storage is running out of space, and I don't have the money to pay every month for extra storage space. I was wondering what would happen if I deleted the backup for my iPod touch that I have not used since last February. My iPod is also the first device I have with my icloud account, so I was wondering if I lose all my stuff? I recorded on my iPad, but I'm worried if I delete my backup storage iPod that everything will be wiped. I did not have a work computer so I can't download all about iCloud on a laptop. My devices are iPod touch, the ipad mini and iPhone 5 c. I don't want to lose everything I have downloaded.

    Deleting a backup to iCloud delete anything from your iPod, but if there is a problem with the iPod that you no longer have a backup of it. The following link has instructions on how to delete a backup and how to disable future backups to iCloud for a device. There is also other information on storage iCloud. Manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

  • How to retrieve text messages deleted from the Iphone 5

    How to retrieve deleted messages of I Phone 5?

    Unfortunately there is no way to recover messages text deleted from an iPhone, unless you had a previous backup in iTunes before delete you messages. Restore this backup would be the only way to recover deleted messages. Once they are deleted they are gone forever, unlike the Photos that you can pick up if accidentally deleted by restoring their from the album "recently deleted".

  • Delete the backups on my Macbook Pro

    I backed up my macbook with an external hard drive. I did it to free up space by deleting things out of my macbook and just to have them on my external hard drive. When I did it that he asked if I wanted to use Time Machine and I just agree, I don't know if Time Machine has nothing to do with the problem or not, but that's just what I know, it happened when the problem started to occur. After that my computer has been backed up and I deleted everything that needed to be removed I checked my disk space hard and instead to have plenty of everything I have just deleted, I now 28 GB used by backups. I tried to remove my time machine backups but nothing happened and I want to know how to delete these backups because I am in College and making movies and really need all the space I can get.

    Maybe that's the problem you encounter:


    If this is the case, you can ignore the shots as they will be deleted if more space is needed for other data.


  • iCloud Installation hangs on deleting of backup files

    If I go crazy.  Tried to install a new version of iCloud in many different ways and it keeps hanging on 'delete backup files '.  I searched on the Internet and each suggestion appears to be for a few years, not always on Windows 10. But my problem is happening in 2016 and is still ongoing.

    I am running windows 10.  I completely uninstalled all the programs Apple. I'll try to reinstall iCloud and every time it stops on deleting of backup files. I did it in airplane mode and when you are connected to the Internet.

    Any help / thoughts?

    Hi ManowarNYC,

    Thanks for your question.  I'm not sure what you mean by

    Tried to install a new version of iCloud in different ways

    So, I'll start by suggesting the implementation of the instructions below:

    Set up and use iCloud for Windows

    Confirm that you have uninstalled the previous version to iCloud for Windows, and you install the 64 bit to iCloud for Windows version for your operating system Windows 10.

    Take care.

  • Deleting music from iPhone (impact on...)


    I deleted all the music and playlists from my iPhone camera 6.  And I have no music stored in iCloud.

    What happens to the music and playlists stored in my iTunes media (on my Windows PC) folder when I connect my iPhone via USB cable.  For example, is there a risk that music on my PC will be deleted if I sync.

    In the end, I want to replace the music and playlists that I delete on my iPhone with music and playlist from my computer.

    Thank you.

    There is no risk of any music being deleted on your PC if you have deleted the music on your iPhone. Music from your PC will be removed only if you drag voluntarily music in the trash

  • Add new Mac full time Capsule (delete old backups)

    So I have an old time Capsule (mini mac in the form). It is almost full. It backs up all three machines. We just be removed and replaced with a new one.

    The new machine will have to be added, but the TC is too full.

    I'm happy to delete the backups from the machine, it has replaced, however the machine is no longer on the network and does not remove its own backups.

    I can't delete the full backup set and leave all three machines.

    How can I delete just the backups of the machine which is now out of the network? SSH? tmutil on one of the machines still present?

    You can access a backup from another machine and work with it. The answer is here: visit Time Machine FAQ of Pondini helps with Time Machine. It is a vast site with almost everything that you need for using Time Machine. You will not find a better resource for Time Machine in one place. Due to the disappearance of James Pondini, the site is is no longer updated. Therefore, some information may be somewhat outdated.

  • Disable backups iCloud will delete old backups and free storage?

    I need to keep my current backup in iCloud for awhile (maybe a month, maybe more, until I have find a way to download it somehow) and I'm afraid that my phone re-writing it one night if I forget and leave it with wifi at a charge.

    Can someone check and to confirm disabling backups iCloud keeps intact old backups so I have access to them in the future.

    Deactivation of the iCloud backups will prevent only future backups to take place. To delete older backups, you must remove them manually.

    See you soon,.


  • Can't see or delete the backup data

    I am struggling with what follows. I keep getting messages that my icloud storage is almost at capacity and I don't want my 5 GB storage capacity.

    When I go the app iCloud on any of my devices (1 x 5, 1 x iPad, Windows with iCloud App iPhone), it shows a graphic that the vast majority (about 4 GB off the 5 GB used) capacity is used by backups (a few photos, some mail). However, when I click on 'manage storage', he told me that the backups are "0 Kb". I can't select the data for backups and therefore cannot select or remove what it contains.

    In short, I don't need my devices stored in iCloud - I have a server at home and iTunes for this. I like to keep my photos and email on there, but it is there no space left. I had an old MacBook that went wrong and had several libraries of iPhoto on it that I think got corrupted who took loads of space, so it may be the culprit. But I no longer access that material so cannot connect to iCloud from that device.

    I did a temporary fix to my box with smaller letters, but don't see why I should limit myself to about 1 GB of data in iCloud when they offer 5!

    Any help most appreciated.

    same problem here, except instead of backups it says it's documents

  • Supprimer delete photos on iPhone, keep on mac using ICloud?

    Hello! How do I remove photos from my iPhone and always keep them on my mac? I use iCloud and have about 50 GB of Photos on my phone. My plan is bigger than that, but again, I don't want to have that many photos on my iPhone (but keep them on my mac). Is this possible? I tried to import on my Mac, but it doesn't show me all the pictures are on my phone. It shows me about 3000 instead of 11000... TIA

    Julievite g ' Day,.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you want to remove photos from your iPhone, but still keep the photos on your Mac. Use the article import pictures and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to import all the photos from your iPhone to your Mac, more specifically, this section:

    Import into your Mac.

    You can use Photos for OS X to import photos from your iOS device to your Mac without using iCloud photo library. This procedure also works for the import of images from digital cameras and SD cards.

    1. Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or digital camera to your Mac with a USB cable. If you use an SD card, insert it into the SD slot on your Mac, or connect using a card reader.
    2. You need to unlock your iOS device using your access code. You can also see a prompt on the device iOS asking you to Trust This Computer. Tap the confidence to continue.
    3. On your Mac, the Photos app automatically opens. If not, open the Photos app.
    4. The Photos app shows a screen of import with all photos and videos that can be found on the connected device. If the import screen does not automatically appear, click the Import tab at the top of the Photos app, or click on the name of the device in the sidebar of Photos.
    5. To import a selection of photos, click the ones you want, and then click Import selection. To import all new pictures, click Import all Photos again.
    6. Once the import is complete, a message asks if you want to delete or keep the photos on your device. Click on remove items to remove photos or click on keep items to keep them on the device.
      If you select keep items, you will need to remove them directly from your device when you want to remove.
    7. You can now disconnect your device from your Mac. If you imported photos from an SD card or USB, safely eject the device first device.

    Imported photos appear in the album last import of the Photos app.

    Photos and videos that sync you from your computer on your device iOS through iTunes can be imported to your computer.

    Know what to do If you can not import pictures from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer.

    Once you have made sure all the photos have been imported to your Mac, you can then safely remove them from your iPhone. The iPhone user guide has the steps to remove photos from your iPhone, in particular, this section:

    Delete a picture or video from pictures. Click on the Photos tab, tap the photo or video, press on , then press to remove the Photo or video delete. Deleted photos and videos are stored in the album recently deleted on iPhone, with a badge showing the remaining days until the item is permanently deleted from the iPhone. To permanently delete the photo or video before the days expire, tap the item, tap on delete, then remove the Photo or video delete. If you use iCloud photo library, deleted photos and videos are permanently removed from all your devices using iCloud photo library with the same Apple ID.

    See you soon!

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