IMovie theater show or play.

I did not open iMovie in awhile.  But I have about 7 or 8 films I've done and have been recorded in the theatre of iMovie.  When I go to the tab 'Théâtre' in iMovie, it is empty.  The cloud at the top right contains the symbol bit not connected.  I don't know why. When I click it, the iCloud system preferences window opens.  The iCloud drive is checked, and in the Options button, the iMovie is checked.  But the symbol of the cloud in iMovie never changes.  As if it is not able to connect.

If I go into Finder / films, there is an icon of iMovie Theater (which resembles tickets).  If I get information on this icon, it is watch size is 2 GB, so there there movies... my iMovie is simply not connect to it.

I am connected to iCloud.

I have an internet connection.

iMovie is verified in iCloud drive.

I back up my laptop.

I spent a LOT of time to do these movies... and I just want to watch again.

Regardless of iCloud, you should see your movies in the THEATRE tab. First thing to try is to open iMovie, hold down the command and option and delete the preferences. See if that helps.

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    Larry and 99ion,

    I think that the process simpler for Larry try is a slight variation on the last paragraph of the post of 99ion.  If it is possible will depend on what variation of Windows is installed. And the process can be even simpler by using only Windows Movie Maker not - rather skip the output of the editor for PES Windows DVD maker slide show. Even if this isn't my normal process, I tried it on Vista Home Premium and it worked.


    1. If you have a burner, DVD, and Vista Home Premium (or another variant of Windows that supports the creation of a DVD-video), I think that the simplest action plan is to use Windows DVD Maker.

    -In the PSE slideshow Editor, make an output to the file, save it as a WMV file and choose the size setting of the DVD, and the United States on DVD NTSC, PAL if your country TV is PAL.

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    3 - Returning to the question of what no doubt spent in your first attempt with your CD - RW and the PSE slideshow Editor

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  • How can I change my clips still 406 in iMovie 10.1 to play longer

    I try to use iMovie 10.1 and cannot figure out how to do all the clips even longer. They are now less than a second. I changed the length in preferences, but that doesn't change anything. Help, please. I was very competent in IMOVIE 09...

    Changing preferences doesn't change the duration of still images alreadput in a project calendar.  What you can do is choose stills all affected in the timeline (click on it while pressing the command key) then clicking on information (little ' i' in a circle above Viewer), typing in the desired time and then pressing return.


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    iMovie is not built in sharing on Flickr. Share your project file and save it to the desktop. Use Flickr download app which is available in the App store.

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    The latest version of iTunes 12.4.0 is not compatible with iMovie version 9 and will appear only in iMovie 10.1.x. You must export the music that you want to use in iMovie 9 and made drag in iMovie. Also, be aware that iMovie 9 is not compatible with El Capitan, so you could experience problems with frames display, black picture in the viewer etc.

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    When I place a cd in my computer, nothing happens.  I open 'my computer' and click on my 'E' drive and he invites me to install a disc and ejects the disc, that I already inserted in it.

    The following links may be worth a visit:

    (982116) your CD or DVD drive is missing
    or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • some of my photos do not show to the iMovie media browser

    I'm working on a project in iMovie 10.1.2 using media of a 1.5 Photo album that I took on my iPhone 6plus.

    The media in iMovie browser shows all the photos that are in the album. All of the photos are visible on the Photo, but a lot are missing when displayed in the browser of iMovie media.

    Tried to restart it, nothing.

    Tried to mark the missing photos as Favorites in the Photo, and then click Favorites instead of all media to iMovie research field, nothing.

    The only thing is that when I tried to apply transitions all I received a message that "the clips do not have enough media for the transition." but I managed to manually insert all the transitions.

    The problem with transitions is because you didn't "handles" on some video clips. Clips video to have the alternative media outside the portion of the element that you use to build the transition. Not a problem with pictures. Just select a part of the clip leaving 1s on each side when you add to the timeline. This question is not related to your media missing in the photo album. As for the missing media is video or pictures, or both, that are not displayed? Using iCloud library in Photos app? The correct procedure is to select Photo library in the library list, and then select my albums in the menu drop-down. Is that what you did?

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    You can group the videos in folders in the Finder, but even I know there is no way to do within the iMovie app.  I'm sure someone on this forum will correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I'm not in the land of Monitor 2 for the moment (pending the new main monitor), but there is an option in the slideshow appearing If 2 monitors are attached, which allows you to select the one that the slide show is running on. Impromptu slideshow settings are based on the most recent settings in slideshow, so this may solve your problem. As I said, I have no way to check here what told the Committee.

  • BUG theatre iMovie does not work since the Sierra

    A clean installed on my iMac end 2013. Since iMovie Theater connecting to iCloud does not work. Spinning Beachball. iCloud in the iMovie Theater tab symbol is not white. His gray-wash with a wave in it. It's still a bug in connection to the cloud. Same thing happened with the update to El Capitan or was he Yosemite? Rest of the app works, but cannot connect to my films.

    IMovie last Version.

    in the hope of a quick update

    Best regards


    Maybe after the upgrade, you must re - connect to iCloud.   You could try to go to Apple system/preferences/iCloud and see.

    I don't have not yet upgraded to Sierra pending the resolution of any problem of bug.



  • Quarter playback controls when the 3rd party app plays

    When a 3rd party application plays on my iPhone (Audible, Castro,...), my Apple Watch does not show the playback controls to it. Wait for the watch to show the same controls as the control center on my iPhone. But it shows a Play button and gray < <>> / buttons. Volume controls work well and when I press the play button, the 3rd party app is dimmed and the iOS app music begins to play.

    I'm doing something wrong?

    iPhone 6 s more - iOS 10.0.1

    Apple Watch series 2 - Watch OS 3.0


    Audible or Castro iPhone applications currently include an app for Apple Watch:

    I suggest that you see the respective developers support resources and/or consult the developers directly on the contribution of functionlity for their applications on Apple Watch:

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