Impossible update of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


I write here because I can not install the new version of Ice Cream Sandwich for my Xperia.
I received it yesterday on the box it is well marked "Android 4.0. Scalable', so I followed this tutorial ( http://http :// - ics.html) and he said that the software was already up to date.
When I'm on the phone in "settings" then "phone information" I say my version is Android 2.0, not 4.0, whereas with the link given above I succeed and be the ice cream sandwich.
Also, I searched a bit and I found this link (, so I installed the software, then I followed the steps, even after he told me I had the software update. Then I reinstalled everything z as software with little or not data I have nothing to lose, I want the update before I do the rest.
So... Now what should I do?
What can I do?
There is a display problem and I am still under the most recent version? If so, how do you know which version you have?
If not, what is the solution, what is the problem?

Thank you in advance, good day to you all



Have you checked if your IF is listed for the ICS update yet?

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    Hi MEDIAN. TV,

    Welcome to the community of Sony!

    Sony mobile phones have their own separate community and are therefore better qualified to deal with problems or questions, you can have on Sony mobile phones. You can visit the community Mobile Sony here:

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    have you tried EXTRA

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  • Source code for ice cream sandwich

    Android is the operating system open source. But sony did not source after that they change it. Why sony doesn't have the source code of the ROM after each update of mobile phones? I think that people who know this programming could help solve bugs and find the error more quickly than a few developers of sony. This way users will be happier because bugs will be resolved quickly and we could better use our device we could we parameterization software. This way users will be happier because bugs will be resolved quickly and we could better use our device we could we parameterization software. I also think that sony would benefit from this since it would have more sales.

    I would be very happy if you give me an answer very enlightening and logic to explain why really the sony insists on hide the source even if sony has get the source code from google with permissions of open source.

    Visit this link to all your queries will be answered

    Please check correct/useful if you find my post helpful!

    too many programmers get the file manual.ftp and help the customizations add and remove bugs with ics! just you need to unlock the bootloader for it!

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