Instead of instantly transition down when I mousewheel down, Firefox has decided today to insert 10 images between the two ends of the motion. How to fix?

I didn't not settle anything. Firefox has just decided to act in this way today. It is very distracting. Wait a full second for the screen to fix is a terrible experience.


Hello, with the update on firefox 13 scroll smoothly has been activated by default - if you like you can always turn off the feature in firefox/tools > options > advanced > general.

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    Smilyfrowned wrote:

    Thank you very much. I did what you said and it worked. Is there a more effective way instead of scaling? as the photo would automatically put the scale itself

    Put scale by default to fit the size of the image in the preferences, its general slot.

    If nature does not have the same proportions that the sequence you will have small black highlight and then you will always have to scale.

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    You can get an overview of all the tabs opened using the functionality of the tab groups.

    You can see a miniature of a tab preview when you place your cursor on it using the extension of the scope of the tab.

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    When I Insert an image in the body of my email, it is replaced with an attachment when the recipient gets (also using OE).
    I did use the option of fixing , I used to Insert.  The reverse also occurs.  When someone using OE sends me an email with
    a peak inside the body of the email, it appears in the box and not in the body of the email. This happens only when they concern the
    my program.  Others using OE does this experience between them.

    My mail sending format is HTML and in its settings, I checked "send pictures with messages. In addition, in the tools of internet explorer, advanced, multimedia.
    I 'send photos' checked also, in the email window, under 'format', ' Rich Text (HTML) "checked.

    I have recently reinstalled cleanly win xp to address a system idle in general.  All updates are in place and tested it with antivirus and anti-malware programs.

    That is what it is?

    [Transferred from Internet Explorer]

    Original title: outlook express

    Tools | Options | Read. Read all messages in plain text it is checked? This it will make become an attachment.

  • on my key board when I try to type a letter that has a number or a symble on it it type the number or the symble how to fix this?

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    Make a lot of assumptions here...

    Keyboards only I know who have numbers/symbols on the letter keys would be a laptop or netbook without a numeric keypad.  Assuming that this is the case, the most likely cause is that you have the 'digital Locks' active.  To return to a regular keyboard, you must disable the NumLocks.  On a laptop, how to do varies from a Builder (in other words, if that doesn't work, download or consult the manual of your computer)... but usually this is done by pressing the "FN" key at the bottom of the keyboard while pressing the 'Num Lock' key, which is usually on the box at the top right of the keyboard.


  • Printer DELL3115cnB328 FC - Says PS in paper when there is paper in the tray, how to fix?

    Printer DELL3115cnB328 FC - Says PS in paper when there is paper in the tray, how to fix?

    Contact the Dell printer support. It is highly unlikely that there is a Microsoft fix for your problem...

  • When I download adobe after affects cc 2015 after approximately 87 percent done I get error and stop the download how to fix this?

    When I download adobe after affects cc 2015 after approximately 87 percent done I get error and stop the download how to fix this?

    Hi Giovannil27088677,

    If you're still having trouble installing it, please refer to the following thread Photoshop CC install hangs at 48%

  • printer 1815n lazer said paper when there is paper in the tray, how to fix

    I don't know what has changed, the printer was working fine and then started saying out of paper. I tried to put more paper, less paper, to take it in and out of the status bar.  Turn on the printer and restarting. I'm not savy with this printer, I recently bought, 2nd hand. Can anyone give me a suggestion, what else to try?


    This happens to you while I try to print a file in particular?

    Step 1: Check the media and print settings

    1. when the printer is turned on, remove the power cord at the back of the printer, wait 30 seconds and then connect the power cord to the back of the printer.

    2. If the printer is not already on, turn it on by pressing the power button.

    3. replace any paper that is torn, dusty, wrinkled or folded. If the paper is curved, sketching paper, folding gently in the opposite direction of the one who rolls up or replace the paper.


    Use plain paper in the unit until the problem is resolved.

    4. check that all the papers are the same size and type.

    5. press on the stack of paper on a flat surface to align the edges.

    6. check that the stack of paper to load into the device contains between 10 and 25 sheets of paper.


    Do not load too much paper into the printer.

    7. Insert the stack of paper into the printer and then gently push the paper guides comfortably against the paper.

    8. set the paper settings in the print driver. The paper in the printer driver settings must match the paper settings for at least one of the installed paper trays.

    a. open a document in the application in which it was created.

    b. click on file.

    c. click print.

    d. click on Properties. The printer properties dialog box displays.

    e. click on the paper/quality tab.

    f. in the drop is size , select the size of paper loaded in the device.

    g. in the drop type , select the type of paper loaded in the device.

    h. click OK.


    These changes do not change the default print settings. The print settings will revert to the default print settings the next time the application is opened.

    9. in the print dialogue box, click OK to print the document.

    10. try to print again. If the problem persists, continue with the next section.


    If the problem is resolved and you want to print on a different type of media, change the paper in the unit and repeat steps 2 to 7 for new media.

    Step 2: Clean the rollers

    1. turn off the product and unplug the power cord.

    2. open the access door for access to the rollers. According to the model, this is usually the rear access door. See the user guide for more information on the location of the rollers.

    3. clean the rubber with a non fluffy cloth rolls, slightly impregnated with water.


    Distilled, filtered or bottled water is recommended for cleaning the rollers. The tap water may contain contaminants that can damage the rollers.

    4. make sure that the rolls of paper based on the feeder, which lie behind the reels back, is cleaned. A cotton swab slightly moistened with water, may be necessary to achieve these rolls.

    5. close the access door and plug the power supply cord.

    6. try to print again. If the problem is not resolved, continue to the next step.

    Step 3: Repair the unit

    If you have followed all the steps and you are still experiencing a problem, service your product.


    One of the following problems may cause the error message:

    ·    The paper is curved.

    ·    The printing side, or shiny side, the paper is not loaded in the feeder upside down.

    ·    The paper can not be engaged with the feed rollers.

    ·    The width of the paper guide is adjusted too tightly against the stack of paper.

    ·    The paper tray is not completely inserted in the product.

    ·    The paper in the printer driver settings do not match the paper loaded in the paper tray.

    ·    The driving rubber rollers are covered with dust.

    NOTE: You can also contact the manufacturer of the printer as it can also be a problem with the printer settings.

    Step 4: Turn off bidirectional printing and search for the issue.

    Here's how:

    a. click the Start button > click on Printers and faxes.
    b. right-click on the printer icon, then select printer properties.
    (c) in the Properties window, click the Ports tab.
    d. clear the check box for enable bidirectional support.
    e. click on the OK button.

  • When opening email and clicking to open a web page, it opens in the browser, how to open in Firefox?

    Want to go to a web page my e-mail address and would like the webpage to open with Firefox instead of Explorer?

    Thank you.

    Make sure that firefox is set as default browser on your system. refer to these articles: Make Firefox default browser & setting Firefox as the default browser does not work - what to do

  • When I updated to firefox 6 I lost my lock of safety at the bottom right of the page when I enter secure sites. I still have security? of

    When you connect to secure sites, there was a lock on the lower right part of the page that shows that the site is safe and secure. If the secure Web site wasn't sure a red line would cover the lock. I don't have it more since I've updated from 3.8 to 6. Are my secure such as banking etc. always secure sites. Why have I lost this lock symbol?

    Padlock is therefore more part of Firefox; It has been removed from Firefox 4 the cadenas watch there is a secure connection, but provides no additional information. You could make a typographical error, and have always been connected to a secure connection. The lock was replaced in Firefox 3 with the Site identity button. Familiarize yourself with the Site identity button at the left end of the address bar:

    You can install this module if you want: *

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

    Not related to your question, but...

    You must update some plug-ins:

  • When my fax is in use, that I get a fax newspaper indicating that my image of page 1 is set to off, how to fix this

    image on fax send report is set to off, I believe that when a fax is coming through, we get this report and no real Telec. Thank you


    ·         If it works well before, if yes, then remember you of recent changes to the computer?

    I suggest you follow the steps in the link:

  • When I reply to an e-mail message, the response box is the left side of the screen, how to fix this?

    I can't see the left side of the screen to answer.  That setting can do so sometimes, in the middle of the screen.

    You see enough to recover the blue banner at the top and drag it? If so, after clicking on answer, close all windows other than to this one via the taskbar. The drag and resize with the cursor and when it is correct, close the window. Windows will remember the size of a window, but only if it's the last window closed.

  • my computer shuts down if a person is on the phone how to fix?

    I have DSL on my pc.  My old compacq worked fine when the phone has been used.  with my new I am disconnected if the phone is in use.  How can I fix it?

    I had a problem recently where my dsl disconnected whenever the phone rang. It was a problem in the lines... AT & T had to repair.

  • Last update of firefox has disappeared from my bar of task and the toolbar when on the internet. How should I do?

    After the last update of firefox toolbar at the top of the screen and the taskbar at the bottom of the screen no longer appear. How can I get back them?

    Wingfield said

    After the last update of firefox toolbar at the top of the screen and the taskbar at the bottom of the screen no longer appear. How can I get back them?

    I solved this problem by clicking the 3 horizontal bars (open the Menu) at the top right of the screen, then clicking on "Menu bar" in the options presented. All of a sudden my bar of task and the toolbar appears on the screen and remained.

  • After update of December, I can't pull it up to full screen. When the taskbar is removed there is always a Board of 3/4 inch at the bottom of the screen how to fix this?

    I already changed the taskbar settings and used the taskbar fix him.

    Hello sully 7890.

    Thank you for using Microsoft Windows forum.

    You have installed the latest display drivers?

    Check in the Device Manager, if your screen needs the latest drivers.

    Try the following steps:

    Step 1:

    Display drivers

    You must be logged on as administrator to perform these steps.

    (1) open Device Manager by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or click on continue.

    (2) in the Device Manager, look for the accession of the display and then double-click the device name.

    3) then click on the driver tab, click Update driver and follow the instructions.

    See the link on how to update a driver: ' t-work properly

    Step 2:

    Change the screen resolution

    Screen resolution refers to the clarity of the text and images on your screen. At higher resolutions, items appear sharper. They appear also smaller, so more items adapted to the screen. At lower resolutions, fewer items adapted to the screen, but they are larger and easier to see. At very low resolutions, however, images may have serrated edges.

    1. open display settings by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, on appearance and customization, personalization, and then clicking display settings.

    2. pursuant to the resolution, move the slider to the desired resolution, then click on apply.

    Change the screen resolution:

    Also check the settings of your monitor horizontal/vertical display provided by the manufacturer of the system, or contact with them.

    Hope this works

    Kind regards
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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