iPad Pro screen light leaks

I just got my new iPad Pro 9.7 128 GB. After unpacking and open the unit, I found a white spot on my screen near the front camera. It will appear only when my background is white and will not appear when the background is black. I think that my device screen light leaks. I fear it has become worse as more big white point? Help, please! What can I do?

The United States, you can return it to Apple "without question" within 14 days of the purchase.

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  • The iPad Pro keyboard light up?

    I just bought the iPad Pro cell! Unfortunately, I have to wait five weeks for the pencil and keyboard!    So, I bought the software keyboard for the iPad Pro to see how I like it. It seems to do a little heavy Pro. However, I don't like the fact that the keyboard lights up and I was wondering if the iPad Pro keyboard lights too?

    The smart keyboard for iPad Pro is not a backlit keyboard.

    The Logitech keyboard you are currently using is backlit.

  • Line number is missing from the keyboard on the iPad pro screen

    Hi all

    When I used my iPad pro, I noticed the line number included in the on-screen keyboard. I know that some applications do not support, but I found that the number line is completely absent when I use any application (including the mail and Safari). Thoughts? All software is updated, I rebooted without results.

    Have you tried an another hard reset of your iPad by pressing the sleep/wake and Home buttons simultaneously until your iPad goes to the dark and restarts with the Apple logo, then release them buttons?

  • Question: on the sketch with a pencil to Apple iPad Pro

    just from Adobe sketch.  When my apple pencil touches the iPad Pro screen a blue circle on a half inch across shows on the screen and following the pencil point, and then disappears when I pick up the pencil.  How the circle go?  It's distracting and useless that I try to focus on the details of drawing.  Don't know what I did to make it appear to be.

    complete novice,


    Go to iOS "Settings", scroll down to 'Adobe Sketch' > uncheck "show the button.

  • All users 12.9 inch screen iPad Pro noted that it seems difficult more hard/more to own footprints on the screen?

    I use a cloth towel style is aggresiive a little more than a Microfiber cloth, because the Microfiber cloth was not a good job at all, the cleaning of the finger prints/finger oils out of my big iPad screen and even the fabric, I use now takes some time washing and wiping my finger oils of the my big screen iPad Pro.

    Anyone else noticing this problem since the time of purchase?

    If so, what are you using for more quickly and efficiently clean the screen bigger?

    Now, I have had my iPad Pro for seven months, and screen cleaning problem is to start getting anjoying / irritating.

    I use the same type of towel fabric on my iPad 1, 2 and 3 and the screens clean quickly and easily my finger paintings. No problems.

    What gives with the new Pro iPad models and the hardest screen cleaning?

    Thank you all!

    I use my iPad 2 Air and iPad Pro both, every day. I can't find the screen Pro harder to clean than the Air 2. I use the same clothes on both Microfiber, with a little water. I'll put a few drops of water in the center of the screen when laid flat, work-around with the light finger tip pressure suit and then use the Microfiber, finish by wiping in strokes a path across the screen.  Works very well on both devices.

  • Woman updated its iPAD Pro 10.0.2 and is now locked screen display "Enter Access Code, contact ID requires your access code when you restart the iPad." She has no idea what is an "access code". Any help is appreciated.

    Woman updated its iPAD Pro 10.0.2 and is now locked screen display "Enter Access Code, contact ID requires your access code when you restart the iPad." She has no idea what is an "access code". Any help is appreciated.

    If she don't remember: If you have forgotten the password for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • MacBook pro screen does not light

    Hi, I have a macbook pro 13 inch edition at the beginning of 2015. A few days when I tried to turn on my computer, screen not turn on including the lamp to the rear logo. but I heard the startup sound with the keyboard backlight on. I plugged the computer to an external monitor, then I saw in this computer monitor works fine. I tried to make configurations LANDAU and SMC. screen still does not work. but sometimes laptop screen lights up, then when I restart the computer, the screen will come up again. help me guys what should I do? Thank you

    If you're lucky, the connection to the screen is not correctly connected or must be replaced.  If you are unlucky, the display needs to be replaced.  Make an appointment at an Apple store genius bar for a FREE evaluation.


  • Use the iPad pro as a second screen on a Macbook Pro 2009 with OSX running on it.

    I am to buy an iPad Pro and I would like to know if there is a chance that it might be connected as a second monitor on a Macbook Pro 2009 running Mac OS x Snow Leopard 10.6.8.
    Thanks in advance for your help.



    You cannot connect them with wires. You can, however, all these 2 combinations of applications, use using your wifi home network:



    However, they all need two OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later, which means that the configuration is not possible under Snow leopard.

    Your Macbook Pro supports the latest OS X (El capitan), you can update, although it will significantly slow down your computer as well unless you add an SSD.

    See you soon,.


  • Satellite Pro M70 - stopped screen lights


    My Toshiba Satellite PRO M70 screen lights.
    I don't know why, but sometimes when the screen is broken and I put it up it turns on, but after a few seconds it stops.

    It started a few days without something strange in my pc like hitting or something like that.
    I tried to connect an external display and it works weell.

    Anyone know why it cant pass or how fix it?

    Thank you




    The Fn keys work?
    You can increase the display button narrowly by using the FN + F7 combination?

    Please also check the energy saving profile.
    Maybe the display brightness is set to a lower value in the power saver profile.

    But if you will not find anything unusual in the settings of the software, so I guess that the brightness display problem is related to the failure of inverter FL.
    The FL inverter controls the brightness of the screen, and this part needs to be replaced.

  • How can I lock you the screen to turn on an iPad Pro?

    With an iPad 3, you can lock the screen turn by going to the "General" settings and by activating the switch on the side locking screen turn. On the iPad Pro there is no option to lock the screen to turn or switch on the side. Someone at - it any information on that?

    Have you tried using the control center? -as you know - you can call it by sliding upwards from the bottom

    It has an option to lock the screen - it looks like a padlock with a circle around it

  • The ipad pro supports multiple monitors with different content on each screen?

    I want to replace my laptop with an ipad pro.  Currently I drive three screens with my laptop, all with different content (VGA, HDMI, laptop screen) with no additional adapters.  The Ipad pro has a video card that will allow me to run multiple monitors (3 including the pro) with different content on each monitor?

    Given that the pro iPad running iOS and iOS do not supports multiple monitors, I would say no. I may be wrong, so feel free to correct me.

  • Anyone have a screen problem black solution for ipad pro frozen in ios 9.2.1

    The black screen of the ipad pro frozen problem is existing also with ios 9.2.1. Y at - there no official statement Karl?

    Try the steps here:

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond or won't turn on - Apple Support

  • Is there anyway in the light of the keyboard for the iPad Pro?

    Is there anyway in the light of the keyboard?


    Buy a combo of different case/keyboard has a backlight for the keyboard, as in the case of Logitech.

    http://www.Apple.com/shop/product/HJDW2VC/A/Logitech-create-backlit-keyboard-CAs e-for-ipad-pro-black? FNODE = 9 a.

    Good luck!

  • What is a screen protector for IPad Pro?

    What is a screen protector for IPad Pro?

    There is no such thing. Back to Apple only or sell screen protectors while they have nothing to say about them. It would seem that their unspoken and unofficial position is that they are useless. Myself and many were used on iPhones and iPads and have no problem with our devices, so that they are purely optional. If you want to use one, you can choose no matter which one you like.

  • Hide the gray bar at the bottom of the screen of the iPad Pro

    iPad Pro; Is it possible to hide the gray at the bottom bar, as I do with my Mac laptop?

    If you are referring to the iOS at the bottom of the screen of welcome, no docking station.

    There is no way to hide.

    You can familairize yourself with your iPad Pro and iOS using.

    iPad User Guide for iOS 9.2 by Apple Inc..

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