iPhone 6 s think is store songs, but the music app does not work

I've upgraded to an iPhone 6s, and I restored it to my backup so that all my contacts on my phone.

I do not keep the music on my phone because it takes place, and I can just listen to my library of music to iCloud. However, each song that I play, my phone displays I'll keep the songs on my phone, but the music app always said that I don't have any songs downloaded on my phone. I'm especially worried about it because I had a problem with my previous phone where I didn't keep all the music on my phone, but for some reason any much space was taken over on my phone. I fear that my phone will fill with songs, but not recognize them (which can be irrational, but who knows). In any case, here are a few screenshots to show you what I'm talking about is about, what happens to someone else?

1. you can see it says there are "59 songs" on my phone

2. when I go to music app and search for downloaded music...

3. it's screen (which indicates that I did not download the music on my phone)

4. after a few minutes of songs, has increased the number of "Songs on my iphone..."

... And when I go to the "manage storage" section in the settings, the music app does not appear as an application that takes place (because apparently there isn't any music inside)

I'm worrying needlessly, or is my phone slyly fills with music?


So I discovered that after turning off "iCloud music library" under the "Music" tab in the settings, it displays much fewer songs on the 'About' page (although I still have none), and it showed that I had more than about 1 GB of storage space. So, I concluded that indeed, while I listen to music from my library iCloud, he should secretly Store songs on my phone (and perhaps easier streaming later?), and turn off streaming iCloud removes these songs. This is exactly what I wanted to know, but at least I can the hypothesis a little more on what iCloud music is streaming.

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