Is it possible to install minPCI WLAN on Satellite A60 Pro


I have a Satellite Pro A60 which was purchased for me around 2002/03. [Satellite Pro Model A60EN number PSA65E] I have always used the net via a USB dongle, which is really annoying and often unrealible. So I was wondering if there are any Wireless internal PCI cards that will be compatible with the laptop?

I know that I have not already installed, and where the switch for Wi - Fi should be is just a piece of plastic covering a hole.

Please help me!

Thank you


Hi Craig

I'll try to clarify some things:
To my knowledge, some of the Satellite Pro A60 machines are scalable WLan and others not!
I think that your laptop is not Wi - Fi scalable because there is no such thing as your antenna switch on the side of the laptop.
> and where the switch for Wi - Fi should be is just a piece of plastic covering a hole

In my opinion, there are only two ways to use the WiFi network on this laptop. You will use the same USB WLan stick, or you buy a PCMCIA WLan card that is compatible with your location.
But these cards are more expensive and USB sticks.

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    Thank you


    Are you sure that your laptop has a wireless installed minPCI network card?
    What status appears under network adapters Device Manager?

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    I advise to use the Atheros Wlan utility to configure the WiFi connection, because it is an Atheros Wlan card.
    Of course, you can also check the availability of updates. If the new driver has been on the Toshiba site so you can try to install it.

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    Best regards


    It should be possible to install Vista 64-bit on the laptop but I could be that you will get not all drivers.
    For now, doesn t support and 64-bit drivers Toshiba offers but you can search on other sites:

    Here are some examples:
    -Intel chipset: []
    -Realtek sound chip: []
    -WLAN driver:

    Good luck!

    Good bye

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    I am a four-day-happy-user satellite a100-529. I wanted to know if it is possible to install internal mini-pci WiFi card on my laptop. I called three service providers different toshiba authorized in Poland and one of them told me that they do not know if it is possible, it is impossible and that it is possible (they have even told me the price for it).

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    I found the info Satellite A100-529 has no WiFi and LAN Wireless / WiFi is not extensible. I assume that there is no WLAN antenna inside. You can use the small key USB WiFi.

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