Is there an event to find out when a reading of his judgment?

I'm developing an ActionScript 3.0 for Playbook.

I want to know when a sound has finished playing. All sounds are 1 second length.

This is my code:



private var yesSnd:Sound;
private var noSnd:Sound;

// Class constructor.
yesSnd = new Sound();
yesSnd.load(new URLRequest("assets/sounds/yes.wav"));

noSnd = new Sound();
noSnd.load(new URLRequest("assets/sounds/no.wav"));
// Another method;

By the way: can I play sounds on PlayBook?

I'm agree with peter that even a simple search could have answered your questions I already had an example avalible. You must use the SoundChannel returned by the play() function to add.

channel.addEventListener(Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, );

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