Is - this firefox for mobile (on android) supported adobe flash player?

I would like to see videos on you tube using adobe flash player to my HTC Desire Android 2.2, but need to know if this browser supports adobe flash player.


Hey, Firefox. If you see so much from firefox for other browsers for this reason, why don't add you it? It's February 19, 2012. Still no Flash on my firefox Tablet Xoom. Hurry, fast!

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  • Can I register for the automatic download of Adobe Flash Player

    Can I register for the automatic download of Adobe Flash Player, and how do I do this?

    Hello Kenneth

    Adobe Flash Player is a free application, you can download Adobe Flash Player install for all versions

    Thank you


  • The content of this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player?

    The site works but when I googled for ( the content of this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player? ) ) it always seems that I can remove it.

    I already tried to remove the code in dreamweaver and nothing and it is preventing the page name should appear when you search the Web site. I need help


    But what do you mean by 'create the site with the help of the publishing flash feature'. Do it in flash without using dreamwer?

    Yes, if you enter the flash itself and open the fla file you'll see an option in the file menu, click "Publication settings" reviews on this and select the html tab, (select the required options) then the "formats" tab make sure you have the html option selected.

    This way when you publish your flash site it will also create html code without having to use dreamweaver.

    It can also help make sure you have optimized your flash site for both search engines, see -


  • I understand that you no longer support Adobe Flash player, you have another plugin for my games?

    If you think that Adobe Flash player is not a suitable plugin, you have a suggestion for an alternative? I've been using Google Chrome, but I told myself that they will not prohibit Adobe as well. I play 'King' of games such as Candy Crush, as well as others, and I will not renounce my games. I tried looking for an alternative a few months ago because Adobe crashes every day, but I went to the wrong site and downloaded a virus instead. Any suggestion that you can give me would be great. Thank you for your time.

    Price of leila

    Everything you've read that Mozilla has declared no longer supports the Adobe Flash Player is incorrect. Mozilla supports still Flash but currently has all previous versions on a deadlock due to critical vulnerabilities.

    Mozilla puts only versions of Plugins (and Extensions that are malicious software) which are serious security (criticism), as well as reasons of stability. Unfortunately just about every version of Flash player is on red list since December because feats experienced Sailor and in current versions of time.

    Current versions of the plugin base of Flash player for Windows and Mac OS x are not listed but Linux version is due to Adobe not having an update still which is unusual.

    As you can see Adobe has been busy trying to solve the exploits in their Flash Player at the last moment.

    Regarding the Flash alternatives that may or may not work or partially according to the operating system and the site used are Unity Web Player, GNU Gnash and Lightspark.

  • How do resolve you this error message that keep popping up - "Adobe Flash Player Update Service 11.3 r300 has encountered a problem and needs to close".

    I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player and reinstalled and still receive the message.  Any suggestions?

    In the forum of Support Adobe their Chris Campbell has announced that they are aware of the problem and are working on it.  As an interim solution, he suggests to change the automatic update to "notify me" when updates are available.  Go to the control panel.  Right-click on the Flash drive.  Click Open.  Click the Advanced tab.  Select the second option "notify me".  I made this change in a few hours and so far no errors arise.  Since they are working on it, I guess that they will release an update to fix the update service!

  • UC browser supports adobe flash player?


    I need your help guys I think, individually, I can; Please help play video on uc browser apk thank you so much display allow Dev help me please play video on browser.

    Thank you!!! Adobe! happy!

    Flash Player support is back in 2011.  The old versions running means that you are literally missing fixes hundreds of important security to security problems known, which leaves you open to infection by malicious software.

    The only decent solution I know for content using Flash on Android at this point is the following:

    Puffin Web browser - the fastest mobile browser with Flash support on cloud on iPad, iPhone and Android.

  • My mobile phone android does not support adobe flash player, I am not a technophile and don't understand how it works... I am very happy when it does!

    I need to turn on CSS, I have no idea how. Passage in desktop mode would do that?

    If you want to watch the video using flash player you must have Adobe Flash player
    Otherwise, you will need to switch to desktop mode

  • Adobe Flash Player 11 Support Windows Mobile Devices Q & A


    The Adobe Flash Player 11 supports Windows Surface tablet or laptop?
    What operating system does Windows support Adobe Flash Player 11: Windows 7 or
    Windows 8?

    Notify me as soon as you get this message.

    End of message.

    Yes, Adobe Flash Player 12/11 supports Internet Explorer on Windows 7. Internet Explorer on Windows 8 is already bundled with Flash Player installed.

    Flash Reader Questions | Windows 8 - adobe Systems


  • Adobe flash player for 7 2800 slate

    Slate 7 2800 support adobe flash player

    I just installed Adobe Flash on my Slate7 11.1 using the directions of this site.

    NOTE: HP does not officially support this option.  I tried it and it worked.  Use at your own risk.

    It would not download for me when I used Chrome, but the stock browser worked!  Go figure... Once installed, it would play the Flash videos in stock and FireFox browser, but the browser of the boat is not 'compatible' for download from the game store, so don't bother.

    Flash would not work with chrome at all.


  • Adobe Flash Player not supported in the bike e

    Most often, this problem arises, so that online streaming videos or games the player displays a message

    "Missing Plugin", then when you try to install the plugin and then a message appears that "adobe flash player only is not supported for your device.

    Yep, check "flash browser" Google game... you get firefox or chrome/chrome fork supporting adobe flash 11.

  • Adobe flash player on android-based Tablet

    I have a tablet based on android and adobe flash player needs to run a program, but adobe says that my Tablet does not support this help please

    Flash is not supported on any current mobile platform.

  • Since firefox has blocked Adobe flash player how can I veiw videos online?

    My computer and the operating system are archaic - xp - and a very old computer, but flash player ran in the past. Firefox blocks any attempt to update adobe flash player citing vulnerability. And yet, they don't give NO option to watch videos on your tube or any other site. What can I do? I click on the box always allow, but Flash Player is still blocked.

    On Windows XP, you can consider using the Extended Support Release - Flash Player New versions of Flash offer features that Windows XP cannot use - features only available in Vista and more recent operating system of Windows.

    Scroll down about 3/4 of the way to the bottom of this page.

    Enter the windows > browsers Plugin-> EXE installer version.

    But before you install it, you must first run the uninstall program Adobe Flash to get a clean install of Flash.

  • Adobe flash player unstable and disabled by Firefox

    Adobe Flash plugin stopped working on YouTube and other sites. Firefox claims that flashplayer is "unstable" and therefore disabled. It says I need to update, but the update crashes. Things were fine until that Firefox missed this morning. How does a FIREFOX PROBLEM?

    Hello aregeejay, you have not a firefox problem, but update your flash plugin. Adobe just released a critical patch for a vulnerability in the plugin, which is apparently already exploited in the wild. That's why firefox will block the precarious versions which run by default on Web sites for your protection.

    Please update Adobe Flash Player version as soon as possible, that you can download from (use the windows exe for plugin-based browsers).

  • Page updated Firefox always said 'you need to update Adobe Flash Player now! ", but identifies the missing plugin update process which I am unable to find.

    I click the button to update Flash Player on the web page updated to Firefox that brings me to the Adobe Flash Player download page. By clicking on the download button now takes me to a page of instruction poster screenshots to wait during the process. The InfoBar at the top of the page says it has a missing plug in, but by clicking on the button "install the plug-in missing" translates to "not found any plug-in." There is no other button or active link on the Adobe page that allows me to move forward with the process. This same thing happened the last several times that Firefox has updated. Flash Player has not been updated for a long time.

    Is easier to use the manual setup programs to install Flash, for details, see

  • Adobe Flash Player download the Plugin for SCUP issue 32-bit/64-bit

    I get download failed trying to download Adobe Flash Player Plugin and Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit 32-bit/64-bit ActiveX to my server SCUP.

    PublishItem: Retrieves the content for the software update successfully ' Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit ActiveX (UpdateId: provider "dc3d262e-f15f-40b2-8436-ff43fb0cb0dd": "Adobe Systems, Inc." product: 'Adobe Flash Player')' to the local file: C:\Users\ < username > \AppData\Local\Temp\\gsd3kesd.fki\install_flash_player_17_active_x.msiUpdates Publisher12/05/2015-12:49:4812 (0x000C)
    PublishItem:-Digest verification failed on the content for the software update "Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 32-bit/64-bit (UpdateId: provider"dc3d262e-f15f-40b2-8436-ff43fb0cb0dd":"Adobe Systems, Inc."produced: 'Adobe Flash Player')'."Updates Publisher12/05/2015-12:49:4812 (0x000C)
    PublishItem:-publish software update ' Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit ActiveX (UpdateId: seller "dc3d262e-f15f-40b2-8436-ff43fb0cb0dd": "Adobe Systems, Inc." product: 'Adobe Flash Player')' FAILED.Updates Publisher12/05/2015-12:49:4812 (0x000C)

    I just tried to go back and loading with IE as I did originally.

    Except that this time IT WORKED!

    You guys must have changed something.

    Thank you very much for your help!

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